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Still Looking for Hot Dry Weather

by Mike Austin

As I'm writing this entry its raining...not real hard, but just enough to raise the level of frustration we are seeing among growers in Northeastern Wisconsin. Even though nationally three quarters of the corn crop is rated good to excellent...and here in Wisconsin 72% of the corn has that same rating that is just not the case in Northeastern Wisconsin. On the 4th of July weekend when most of the corn should of been waist to shoulder high, most of the growers we're grateful to see it knee high. And some growers were just starting to plant their corn hoping to get some form of silage out of it Here we are two weeks later and the crop is still all over the place anywhere from knee high to shoulder high, and much of it competing with the weeds that never got sprayed because the fields were too wet for the sprayers. Also as a result of that, a lot of the corn looks yellow from the lack of nitrogen which has been affected by the wet soils.

Now we are half way through July and many growers are wondering aloud what type of corn year will this be. July is the month that corn is made and so farmers are looking for some hot dry weather, but so far that has not been the case..and this weeks forecast has us below 80 once again.

Now we can still have a decent crop, but it will be a late one and all growers are hoping that mom nature doesn't add to their woes by giving them an early frost as well.

No matter what it looks like the value of corn for grain will be down. The USDA'S latest WASDE report was considered bearish and local corn for harvest is already down to that $3.35-$3.50 range.