• How Dare YOU, Sir!

    Posted by Stacy Cole

    The FCC regulates radio.  The government runs the FCC.  The Vice President drops the F-bomb.  Stacy gets mad.  

    Do as I say, not as I do.  I hate that.  Just hate that... Lead by example or don't lead at all.  

    So, in the words of Jack Ryan in Clear and Present Danger, 



  • How Happy Are You, Really?

    Posted by Stacy Cole


    I saw an interesting article in Prevention Magazine about the secrets of happy people. I wonder if the deluge of news and rules are pulling the happy out of people.  I think that's a real possibility and I guess I am speaking personally.  I get a ton of text alerts on my phone-what catastrophe just happened...missing child alerts, what the senate just did, blah, blah, blah.  You open your email only to find you weren't doing as well as you had hoped you were. Somebody has to poop on your parade...Seems there are fewer "happy" people around. Somebody decides to make a comment about your hair, your pets, your health, your clothing...Whatever they say, it comes across as criticism and makes your scratch your head.

    Why has it become easier to be critical of people instead of compassionate and kind?  Instead of saying thank you for all that you do, you kick the person in the gut.  I don't understand. It seems to be the norm, not the exception.  I don't want to see the world through these eyes but I'm being realistic and seeing things for what they really are...It saddens me that it feels this way.  All you can do is your best and you can only change your reaction-not their actions. How people treat you is a reflection on their own sense of self.  

    And with that, I leave you with the link to the article that got me to thinking what you just read.  If you make it a good day for someone else, it will automatically be a great day for you.  It's your decision, isn't it?


  • UW Student Arrested During Class!

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  • She Sends How Many Texts????

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    Staying in touch with friends has resulted in carpal tunnel syndrome for one Chicago-area teenager.  The local newspaper is reporting that Annie Levitz developed the affliction after sending approximately one-hundred text messages a day.  The 16-year-old Lincolnshire Stevenson High School student says she first started experiencing numbness in her hands.  A doctor eventually diagnosed Levitz with carpal tunnel, requiring her to wear braces on her arms whenever she is in pain.  Levitz, who may need surgery on both of her wrists, says she has since reduced her text messages to about 20 or 30 a day.  She states, quote, "Never think (carpal tunnel) can't happen to you, because it can."


  • Look What We Found!

    Posted by Stacy Cole


    We had the honor of the Weinermobile this morning! I was so excited, I could barely work! What a piece of American history!!! How fun!!!

    It's going to be in Central Wisconsin this weekend...keep an eye out for it!!! 


  • You've GOT to be Kidding Me???!!!!

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    A woman from Queens, New York is taking legal action over defective clown shoes. reports that Sherri Perper is suing a costume company and other businesses over plastic clown shoes purchased in 2008. The 56-year-old alleges that she was injured at a Halloween party on October 31st, 2008 while wearing the shoes and taking a fall. Perper's attorney - Catherine Monteil -- alleges that the novelty footwear was dangerous and that her client's legs were badly hurt. Perper's suit seeks damages from Forum Novelties in Melville, Long Island, and other affiliated businesses. Monteil has confirmed that Perper did not work as a professional clown and seeks no "additional publicity."

    I personally have a great fear of'll never see me around a clown.  Ever. 

    Listen on air for more keywords!  

  • Honest, I'm Working!

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    A lot of people say they don't get much done because of March Madness...Well, I've found something for animal lovers that will certainly help you lose productivity.  You'll have to copy and paste the links but it's worth it...

    Your keyword is "CAM"

  • Good Movie?

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                          jon heder

    SNL funny guys Horatio Sanz and Chris Parnell have been cast in an untitled Comedy Central sitcom starring Jon Heder. The show, led by Will Ferrell’s production company, stars Heder as a guy with big dreams who loses his job and has to move back home with his parents. Sanz and Parnell play his buddies, one an ex-convict and the other a burned- out high school teacher, respectively. The series begins shooting March 31. Can't wait to see this movie!  

    Your keyword is "popcorn" 

  • Can't Figure It Out

    Posted by Stacy Cole


    Most days, you just push on and get through your crud.  I've really hit my threshold.  I've been "sick" since Christmas.  Sneezing, stuffed up, chest pain, headache, and wanting to fall back into bed the minute I wake up...It's getting hard to function and I'm getting grumpy.  I want it to stop.  

    So, if I frustrated any of you with my accidental duplicate keyword on Friday, I am sorry.  I just wanted to go home and go back to bed and rest. Had a fever most of the weekend and barely left my bed. So, if I have another lapse, please forgive me.  I'll do what I can to keep my brain on task.  Your keyword is "sneeze"


  • Think About It!

    Posted by Stacy Cole

    Today's wake up call wasn't, you get to think about it over the weekend!


    The question is:

    Back in the 1800's, this was originally a torture device...a lot of people use it daily now! 

    What is it??? We try again-on air-Monday at 6:10AM

    Have a great weekend and enjoy the early spring weather! 

    The answer was TREADMILLS!!! 

  • South Park Fans, REJOICE

    Posted by Stacy Cole


    Dave let me take this sweet package home for a few days...Cartman is a horrible kid-- a deplorable person.  I love him.  He says anything he wants to, he shows very little a lot of ways, I wish I had his boldness.  I would never say the rotten things he does--never.  But, I appreciate his rudeness and disgusting behavior for what it REALLY is...foul-mouthed and for adults only-brilliant writing and they stay true to character...I need a little break from reality so tonight, between American Idol and dinner, I'll be watching this DVD set.  Your keyword is "headlights"

    By the way...I don't condone anything out of his mouth.  He's horrible.  He's Archie Bunker in cartoon form...yet, I find myself looking forward to the season premier next week...odd.

  • Another Hollywood Death-a young one

    Posted by Stacy Cole


    Corey Haim collapsed in the bedroom of his mother's apartment and four prescription bottles were found nearby ... law enforcement sources tell TMZ.

    We've learned Corey had been sick the last couple of days with flu-like symptoms. The medications recovered, however, were not related to his illness, sources tell TMZ.

    We're told no illicit drugs were found in the apartment.

    Sources say Haim got out of bed just before 1 AM and collapsed in front of his mother. She called 911 at 12:53 AM and Corey was taken to the hospital where he was pronounced dead at 2:15 AM.

    Corey's mom told authorities he had been battling prescription drug addiction for years.

    Authorities believe -- though are not certain -- Corey died of an accidental drug overdose.

    Your keyword is "hug"