• Out of Character?

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    I'm not a big Ozzy music fan but after the reality show, I kinda like the guy.  He shows such love and compassion for his family (now that he's sober--when he was a drunk, he was rather violent).  I gotta respect that...thinking of buying his book.  I looked for it as an audiobook but it was someone other than Ozzy doing the voice. Yeah, I guess it would have to be...he'd be stuttering all over the place, right?

    Ozzy Osbourne continues promoting his recently released autobiography, "I AM OZZY" with in-store appearances.  The heavy metal icon drew a big crowd to a book signing in the Phoenix area over the weekend.  Reps at Changing Hands bookstore in Tempe, Arizona say three-to-four-thousand people turned out to see the singer on Saturday.  After indulging the press with a brief photo op -- in which he struck a few classic poses -- Ozzy met his fans.  He was particularly generous with the children, and even signed one boy's leg cast.  Osbourne spent more than four hours at the signing, and autographed nearly 17-hundred copies of his book. Your keyword is "coffee"

    Osbourne has a couple more appearances on the horizon.  He'll be at the Barnes & Noble on North Kendall Drive in Miami on February 26th, and at the Barnes & Noble on West Northwest Highway in Dallas on February 27th.


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    The following story made me tear up.  A man who understands what it means to be in charge.   This guy gets it.  And, it sounds like he has "gotten it" for a while...

    red mill

    Bob Moore celebrated his 81st birthday with an announcement he had been waiting years to make. He told his employees on Feb. 15 that Bob's Red Mill Natural Foods was now an employee-owned company.

    "It's been my dream all along to turn this company over to the employees, and to make that dream a reality on my birthday is just the icing on the cake," said Moore, who with his wife Charlee founded the company in 1978. Management announced the new Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP) at an all-company meeting at the headquarters office in Milwaukie, Ore.

    Moore, who is active in the day-to-day operations of Bob's Red Mill, said there would be no changes in the makeup of the company. "To me, this is the ultimate way to reward employees for their contributions to our ongoing success and growth. We have many loyal and longtime employees who I expect will be joined by many new faces over the years to run the company."

    "By creating the ESOP, Bob and the partners have fulfilled their ultimate quest for sharing success among all employees," said Roger Farnen, quality assurance manager. "And it provides tangible incentives for optimal achievement no matter what their position in the company. Bob is basically passing the entrepreneurial torch on to his employees and is instilling in us that hard work provides rewards."

    Another employee, operations VP Dennis Vaughn, said, "The partners could have sold this company many times for a lot more money, but to them this company is about so much more than the money. I'm just proud to wear the Bob's Red Mill logo because anywhere I go in this country, people say nice things about the company."

    Bob's Red Mill, a leading provider of whole grain natural foods, has averaged an annual growth rate of 20 percent to 30 percent over the past 10 years and, in that time, its mostly North America distribution has expanded internationally. The company offers "Whole Grain Foods for Every Meal of the Day®" with a diverse line of all-natural, organic and gluten-free flours, cereals, meals and mixes for breads, cakes, soups and pancakes.

    "The company has been experiencing a period of years of excellent performance, and it is through programs like an ESOP that we will continue to prosper and attract the best manufacturing, distribution and salespeople available in the industry," said John Wagner, chief financial officer and a partner in the company. "Another significant benefit of an ESOP is that it sets up a platform for a succession plan for Bob's Red Mill to help ensure the company's long-term viability and profitability."

    Bob continues to be involved in every facet of the company, combining a tinkerer's interest in Old-World stone mills with a passion to evangelize the goodness of whole grains. He has made it his mission to move people back to the base of the food pyramid, and the company's continued success is proof that consumers are listening. Your keyword is "wow"

    Building an international food manufacturing company of 200-plus employees hasn't been easy. Most CEOs might have called it quits if they watched their entire operation burn down in an arson fire at age 60, like Bob did. But rather than quit or retire, Bob persevered and rebuilt his company into a multimillion dollar leader in whole grain natural foods. As a testament to his resolve, on his 78th birthday, Bob signed a 35-year lease on a 320,000-square-foot building that was three times bigger than his previous space.

    Three years later, the business of manufacturing whole grain foods has found the perfect facility with ample room for growth. Not only does the new facility -- which includes 17 acres of land with 7 acres under roof -- allow for expansion of the company's manufacturing, packaging and distribution capabilities for the more than 300 Bob's Red Mill products, but it also provides for a new 23,000-square-foot (soon to be 30,000-square-foot) dedicated gluten-free manufacturing facility that effectively quadrupled the company's gluten-free manufacturing operation.

    It's been a meteoric last couple of years for Bob and his people. Fresh on the heels of being named the CEO of the Year in his field by an Oregon business magazine (at nearly 80 years old), Bob exulted over his company's entry and eventual victory last year in Scotland at the 16th Annual "Golden Spurtle" World Porridge Making Championship, the winner proclaimed to have the best oats in the world! For more information, visit

  • COME ON, MAN!!!

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    RIB MOUNTAIN, Wis. (WSAU-MATT LEHMAN) –Congressman Dave Obey has not taken a stance on a radio performance tax that is pending in the House of Representatives.

    “I am neither a supporter nor an opponent,” the Wausau Democrat said during an appearance in Rib Mountain Thursday.

    “I have the old-fashioned idea that legislators ought to hear both sides of an issue before they make up their mind,” he said.

    The tax, which is written in H.R. 848, would force radio stations to pay record labels for the music they broadcast.

    Broadcasters, including Midwest Communications, oppose the tax because they already pay rights fees to the songwriters associations ASCAP and BMI and because the tax could force them to lay off employees to cover the costs.

    Obey doesn’t think the bill will come up for a vote in the full House even though it passed the Judiciary committee 21-9 in May.

    “It’s not moving on the floor because there’s substantial opposition to it,” Obey said. “And I do not know whether that opposition will include me or not.”


  • Like, Oh My Gawd!

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    Be sure to listen to WIFC at 8AM-9AM tomorrow for a special discussion on the future of local radio!  Your keyword is "special"





  • What's YOUR weakness?

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    little house

    We just talked to Melissa Gilbert...I'm in awe.  I watch Little House daily...What is your TV weakness that you are a little embarrassed to admit?  Hers was Friends...she said she could watch ten straight episodes of Friends...I'm that way about Little House...I also watch I Dream of Jeannie and Bewitched.  Your keyword is "FAVE"  Feel free to share your guilty pleasure here in comments or

  • We WERE the WORLD

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    I liked the original...Here it brings back memories...

    Your keyword is "ORIGINAL

  • Where Is YOUR Money Really Going???

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    Doesn't it drive you crazy when YOUR hard earned money goes across the pond?

    Those of us who love radio are very concerned about what could happen if this the link below and help us...PLEASE.  

    This is a serious concern for local radio.

    Your keyword is "HELP" 

  • Footed pj's

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    There's a video floating around about footed pajama's for adults and how you can't buy them in stores...seems people really want them...So, I did what any normal human would do...searched the internet for a place to buy them. 

    Remember YOUR footie pj's?  MAN, I remember the fabulous warmth of my pink fleece PJ's BUT, in the middle of the night, you'd wake up drenched in sweat...yuck.  Bet you forgot that part, right?  uh huh.... Your keyword is "sweat"

  • My Opinion

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    The issue of Sports Illustrated with body painted women bothers
    me...I'm for equality and recognizing women for their achievements,
    not their body. I get irritated when Tom doesn't report some of the
    girl's athletic stories.  We live in a world that is stubborn and
    change is slow.  Women have brains and talent.  Wouldn't it be nice if
    success didn't involve looking at her breasts? Why does the dialogue
    have to include her looks?  How about how well she plays her sport?
    How long she's trained? How many tireless hours her parents drove her
    to and from practice? How much she sacrificed to attain her level of
    competition.  No.  We see her butt up in the air over the logo of the
    mag.  Yes, I'm aware that's the position they are in regularly for
    their sport.  It bugs me, as a woman.  It's inside the mag that irritates me. 


    your keyword is "bummer"

    It makes me sad for young, talented girls-especially the less
    attractive girls.  It doesn't go unnoticed that the good looking, sexy
    images get the most attention.  What if you are not a gorgeous woman
    with talent?  It's a fight that will probably never go away unless we
    draw attention to it.  It's my opinion.  I'm entitled to it so keep
    your angry emails polite...Believe me, I've lived the inequality. It's
    not enjoyable and can often feel like a kick in the gut. Why go to
    college?  Why work hard?  If you have great boobs and a nice butt,
    isn't that what will make you successful?  Sadly, for some, that's the
    case.  We have so far to go.

  • It's that time of year again

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    Do you think Valentine's Day is a big deal?  Would you care if you're significant other blew it off?  Feel free to vent  I won't share your thoughts unless you give permission...sometimes, a good venting helps...your keyword is "valentine"

  • MVP

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    The fur was flying at the yearly canine competition this year with dogged defense, puppy penalties and fido first downs.

    Straight from local shelters, this year's puppy players were filled with hustling hounds and tackling terriers that all vied for the title of MVP! 
    (Your keyword is "JAKE")
    One little pup stood out above the rest, Jake the Chug (that's 1/2 Chihuahua, 1/2 pug).

    Not only did Jake win the Bissell MVP award, but he also took first place in their online Viewer's Choice poll! Thanks to the Animal Planet for this article...