• Weekend!

    Posted by Stacy Cole

    Yes...we made it to Friday.  Your keyword is "FRIDAY"

    I will be glad when this football hoopla is over.  It wasn't my year so let's move on, ya know?  I'm looking forward to the spring and to planting some flowers.  It's going to be here before you know it!

  • Why Not Do Something Good?

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    Just like in a recent TV commercial, seeing someone perform a good dead often leads to another charitable act.  That's according to research done by psychological scientists at the University of Cambridge and UCLA.  Researchers gathered volunteers and had them watch TV clips.  Some were uplifting showing good deeds being done, some were humorous others were just neutral clips.  They discovered focus group participants who watched the uplifting clip were more likely to volunteer for another research study than the others.  Your keyword is "NICE"

    In the end it was determined seeing someone help another person makes us feel good.  Many study participants reported feeling a warm, fuzzy feeling in the chest.  The positive emotion often leads to the viewer performing a positive act themself.  Full study details are reported in the journal "Psychological Science."


    Posted by Stacy Cole

    Move over Jesus, now anyone can walk on water.

    The Water Walking Ball is a giant, see-through, inflatable ball that allows anyone to walk on water by simply getting inside.

    You unzip it, crawl in, blow it up, and voila — you’re in a floating human hamster ball.

    Edvard Daztyan from — makers of the miracle worker — says the device uses a special high-strength plastic capable of supporting a person’s weight while staying afloat.

    Because the ball does take some getting used to, Daztyan says most people walk on all fours like hamsters inside before getting their sea legs.

    Although running around in the ball is a great workout, the contraption probably won’t spawn a new fitness fad. your keyword is "live"

    That’s because the air needs to be changed every five minutes or else the ball will fill with carbon dioxide, causing the user to pass out.


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    An actor from the TV show "Boston Legal" has been found dead near his crashed Jeep in rural Iowa County.

    The sheriff's department says 27-year-old Justin Mentell of Waukegan, Ill., was killed when his Jeep went down a steep embankment off Highway 39 near Blanchardville and hit two trees. The crash was discovered by a passer-by about 8:30 a.m. Monday. Your keyword is "LEGAL"

    Mentell portrayed attorney Garrett Wells on "Boston Legal" from 2005 to 2006.

  • What's That Behind Me?

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    (Punxsutawney, PA)  --  The animal rights group PETA would rather see a robot doing the honors on Groundhog Day.  The group is calling for the creation of a robot version of Punxsutawney Phil.  That's the groundhog who comes out of his hole every year and predicts how close spring is by whether he sees his shadow.  The animal rights group believes the creature is stressed by the large crowds, flashing lights and human handling he receives during the annual forecast.  Your keyword is "robot"

    But not everyone is a fan of the idea of a robotic groundhog.  Fox 29 in Philadelphia quotes William Deeley, president of the Inner Circle of the Punxsutawney Groundhog Club, as saying Punxsutawney Phil is, quote, "treated better than the average child in Pennsylvania."

  • You Should Know This, Right?

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    Emergency vehicles
    When an emergency vehicle approaches with its siren on you must yield the right of way as quickly as possible. As soon as you see or hear the approaching emergency vehicle you must pull to the right and stop your vehicle.

    You should position your vehicle as if parking, next to the curb, if there is one, or as far to the right as is safe if there isn't a curb, but don't block an intersection. If you have not entered a roundabout, pull over and allow emergency vehicles to pass. If you have entered a roundabout, continue to your exit, then pull over and allow emergency vehicles to pass. Remain in that position until the emergency vehicle is well past you. Your keyword is "law"

    Don't "zoom out" right after the emergency vehicle has passed. There will be other vehicles in the road, those previously passed by the emergency vehicle, and you'll have to pay attention and be careful to merge with these vehicles.

    As of December 2001, a new law in Wisconsin requires motorists to shift lanes, where possible, to give stopped emergency vehicles or tow trucks a safe zone in which to work.

    Under the new law, when approaching an authorized emergency vehicle or tow truck stopped within 12 feet of the pavement and which has its emergency lights operating, you should shift lanes, if possible, leaving the lane next to the emergency vehicle open. If shifting lanes is unsafe, motorists are required to slow until they are past the emergency vehicle.

    Want the "legal" version?  

  • Barefoot? Really?

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    Serious sprinters may want to think twice before they shell out the big bucks for a fancy pair of running shoes.  A new study published in the journal "Nature" says running in bare feet may be the best way to go.  The study was conducted by researchers at Harvard University, the University of Glasgow in England and Kenya's Moi University. 

    They found that runners who wear shoes tend to feel a strong impact collision because they usually land on their heels.  Barefoot runners, on the other hand, have much softer landings because they put the well-padded balls of their feet on the ground first. 

    That gives runners who say "no" to shoes an extra spring in their step and makes them a lot less likely to hurt themselves.  (Your keyword is "blog") The researchers point out that runners need a few calluses before they can go shoeless without damaging the skin on their feet.  They also say it's important to slowly strengthen the calf and foot muscles before ditching running shoes altogether.

  • Pick Me, Pick Me

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    How well do you blend in with your co-workers?  A new CareerBuilder survey shows that 39-percent don't think they really "fit in" on the job.  More women feel awkward among their colleagues than men, with 42-percent of the female respondents saying they don't always feel like they're fitting in amongst their co-workers, while 37-percent of the males also feel like outsiders.  Those who work in health care, sales and professional and business services feel most out of place among their fellow employees.  Many of those in the leisure/hospitality and IT industries also feel like they don't fit in. Makes you wonder if ANYBODY fits it ANYWHERE, doesn't it?  Your keyword is "fit"

  • 35 Year Growth

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    Emmet has been growing this thing since 1975.  He made a promise that he wouldn't shave until the Vikes won the Superbowl.  Poor guy.  He may die before it happens.  Your keyword is "beard"

  • What Now?

    Posted by Stacy Cole


    It hurts.  Again.  This is what it feels like to be a Viking fan.  Those of you who joined the Viking bandwagon as a "Favre Fan," I say a sarcastic "WELCOME!"

    I'm bitter.

    I'm angry.

    I'm exhausted.

    In years gone by, I saw a few glimpses of greatness but nothing Super Bowl worthy.  

    This year was different.  We had a QB who HAD a ring...had the experience. You know how the story goes.  You watched it unfold.  We just didn't think it would end like this, did we? Or, DID WE?

    And one more thing...To the several mean spirited people who got in my face via Twitter, Facebook, and email, I say this...go find something productive to do with your time.  The keystrokes you used to belittle me and my team could've been used to text a donation to Haiti. Or email your mom--she hasn't heard from your sorry-*ss in a long time.  She'd love to hear from you once in a while.  

    I'm sick to my stomach with the negativity.  Shame on you mean people.  There is pain everywhere you look on this earth-why try and create more?  Be kind to one gentle. Life is fragile and the jabs and ridicule get old.  Really.  Instead of being rotten to the person next to you, how about a smile or a nod to encourage them?  Today, I am tired of it. Hope to be my jovial self tomorrow but today, I had to vent.  Your keyword is "BENICETOPEOPLE" 


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    This song was written by one of my all-time favorite musicians.  Not his best...What do you think? Your keyword is "ugh"


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    About one-and-a-half-million baby strollers made by Graco are being recalled.  The Consumer Product Safety Commission cites concerns over severe fingertip injuries to children posed by the canopies on the strollers.  Seven reports have been received of two fingertip lacerations and five fingertip amputations as a result of the hinge mechanism on the canopy.  The recall includes Graco's Passage, Alano and Spree strollers as well as some Graco Travel Systems.  The strollers were made in China and sold at numerous stores throughout the U.S. including, Babies "R" Us, Kmart, Sears, Target and Walmart between October 2004 and December 2009.  Consumers are advised to immediately stop using the strollers and contact Graco for a free protective cover repair kit. Your keyword is "GRACO"