• Back to Work

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    One of the ways I beat the Monday blues is to listen to happy songs – a tune can affect your mood. Let cheery, happy songs be the soundtrack to your Monday. Having to deal with the meetings and co-workers can really wear you down so I suggest music as the remedy. Good luck today....I think we're all dealing with the blues today.  Your keyword is "stress"

  • Attitude is everything...EVERYTHING

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    manner, disposition, feeling, position, etc., with regard to a person or thing; tendency or orientation, esp. of the mind: a negative attitude; group attitudes.

    One of my goals this year is to distance myself from negativity.  From the random caller that says mean things to the person close to me that voices a negative opinion for no apparent reason.  A person that enjoys crapping on other people is not worth my time. Don't you agree?  Your keyword is "positive"


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    The American Dairy Association today will attempt to set a new world record by unveiling the world's largest mug of hot chocolate, containing nearly 500 gallons.  The World's Largest Mug of Hot Chocolate is seven feet in diameter and 40 inches tall and is capable of holding 487 gallons.  It weighs more than 41-hundred pounds.  (your keyword is "end")

    Members of the American Dairy Association and Dairy Council anticipate handing out between six-thousand and ten-thousand free cups of hot chocolate to chilly New Yorkers throughout the day. Can you imagine the size of the marshmallows? ;) 

  • I Want My Blanket!

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    (New Haven, CT)  --  The failed Christmas airplane bombing has certainly brought airline safety to the forefront, and has likely raised people's fears of flying.  Yale University Psychology Professor Doug Mennin is also director of the Yale Anxiety and Mood Services Clinic.  He says the fear is understandable, but they need to work through it and get back on the plane.
    Mennin says people should not avoid flying, and they should not cancel travel plans because of the failed terror attack.  He says people should send themselves a message that they will get through it, and do their best to get on with their everyday lives.

    Your keyword is "blanket" Just dress in warm clothes since they won't allow you to have a blanket for part of the flight....Story from Metro Source News

  • Just as we thought...

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    Report: Tiger's Thanksgiving Details Revealed 

    (Atlanta, GA)  --  Longtime Atlanta Journal-Constitution sports writer Furman Bisher has revealed information from a secondary source regarding the incident between Tiger Woods and his wife, Elin Nordegren, on Thanksgiving night.  According to the blog post, Woods was texting Rachel Uchitel during the afternoon.  He cleared his message box on the phone, except once, when he left his phone at his house as he went to play poker with friends.  When he returned home, Nordegren confronted Woods and hit him in the face with a nine-iron during an altercation, knocking out two teeth.  Your keyword is "angry"tiger

    As Woods ran down the hall to leave, Nordegren allegedly continued swinging, damaging items in their home and then damaging the Cadillac Escalade in which Woods attempted to escape.  After Woods crashed, Nordgren panicked and called Woods' agent Mark Steinberg, who  eventually met the couple at the hospital.  According to the source, Woods was told about a plastic surgeon and dentist in Phoenix who would correct his injuries, and Woods was in Phoenix when Florida police went to his home to question the couple.  The source also says Woods and Nordegren have been in intensive marriage counseling every day since the incident. 


    quoted from Metro Networks

  • Happy Holidays!

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    I'm sitting on the couch on this snowy holiday...and I've witnessed a miracle.  My husband and I visited a friend who just had brain surgery.  You know how people claim that a mundane task, "ain't brain surgery?"  

    Well...when a person actually has brain surgery, there is a risk of not waking up...of not being the same person when you wake's scary.  Our friend went into surgery at 7am this morning and the doctor announced at 4pm-ish that they had to close after not completing their mission.  It was not what we had hoped to hear.  The surgeon said it would take a while for him to wake up...again, scary.  So, we hugged his family and left the hospital feeling apprehensive and uneasy.  

    We went about our business and settled into our christmas eve mindset on the 6:30pm the phone rang.  It was our friend.  The one that JUST CAME OUT OF BRAIN SURGERY.  He was joking and talking a mile a minute. It's Christmas eve.  We just received the greatest gift we could have imagined.  No material gift could ever compare to this...A family gets to celebrate a holiday together-not quite how they imagined but this will work...yep, this will work!  Your magical keyword is "miracle"

  • Have a nice holiday

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    May your holiday be filled with kindness not wickedness.  May your thoughts be full of love, not hatred.  May your mind be filled with positive thoughts, not negativity.  That is what I am wishing for.  Bless you-those who set out to make others feel good and worthy.  I'd like to believe that good exists-sometimes, it can be very difficult to find.  


    It played like a scene from a holiday movie -- a mystery couple, who didn’t leave their names or numbers, walked into a restaurant, finished their meal and then set-off a chain reaction of generosity that lasted for hours.

    That’s just what employees at the Aramingo Diner in Port Richmond said a man and a woman did during their breakfast shift last Saturday morning.

    “It was magical. I had tears in my eyes because it never happened before. I’ve been here for 10 years and I’ve never seen anything like that,” said Lynn Willard, a waitress. 

    The full story can be found here-- your keyword is "evil"

  • Coolest Gift EVER!

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    Dave gave me and Tom a mini amp for our mp3 gift ever... your keyword is "amp"

  • Looking For A Gift For A Pet Lover?

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    Animals’ unsightly rears are getting covered up.

    Rear Gear is a plastic charm that attaches to a pet’s tail, covering up a furry friend’s brown eye with an adorable little picture.

    Instead of seeing Fido’s gross rear, pet owner’s can gander at a cute flower, disco ball, cupcake, heart, or other eye-catching designs.

    Creator Lauren Shumaker invented the charms after her cat would show her “all her business” when sitting on her lap. (your keyword is "rear")

    Though she admits pets aren’t always “too thrilled” to cover up their butts, the aesthetic function does give them a boost of confidence since Rear Gear hides their most unsightly area.

    Despite the charm being unscented for health reasons, Shumaker thinks the product may become the hottest new accessory with pet fashionistas like Paris Hilton.

    She says, “It’s cheaper than one of those tiny fur coats, and less annoying.”


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    The Consumer Product Safety Commission and industry officials have issued a massive recall for several types of popular window coverings.  The recall includes roughly 50-million roll-up blinds and Roman shades.  CPSC Chairman Inez Tenenbaum says the cords on those window coverings can be dangerous in homes with small children.  Officials say eight children have died and at least 16 have almost been strangled after their necks became tangled in the cords on roll-up blinds and Roman shades. Your keyword is "recall"

    The recall applies to many products commonly sold at major retailers including Wal-Mart, Target, IKEA and Pottery Barn.  The Window Covering Safety Council is offering a free kit to made the products safe for children.  Consumers can request those kits at or by calling 1-800-506-4636.  In the meantime, the CPSC is urging parents to remove any blinds or shades with cords that could pose a danger to children.  The agency is also considering new regulation for manufacturers of those products.

  • hmmmm

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    Had a nice weekend in MPLS (that's your keyword) and I'm glad to be home. MN will always be my home but life is simple here.  Less busy, less congested...

  • Can You Help Me?

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    Last year, I had the privilege of going to Europe.  I found so many great products over there and have been fortunate enough to find the great coffee I had in Germany (Illy) and some other stuff.  There's ONE item that I can't locate on the internet...Florena Handcream...I've looked everywhere.  Anyone know enough German to find out how to order it and have it shipped to the USA?  Your keyword is "florena"