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    We're touring with the "Drive of your Dreams" Mazda 3 giveaway! First stop was Tailgatez in Weston fo the awesome game night featuring the Packers vs. Bears game! a chance to win the car, good food, and WHOA..100 ounces of beer..that should do the trick!! ((photo by Dave Kallaway))

  • Mom Dancing while Sleep Walking...

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    This is a great video of a Mom who sleep walked right out into the kitchen to dance and then say "I'm trying to open the tomato cage"..all while her son was recording this! You see the actual video of her sleep walking up in the left hand corner..the main part is of the son showing his Mom the video he took of her sleep walking!

  • We Remember...

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    We Remember...


    This past Saturday they did the 2nd annual "9-11 Memorial Climb"  in Wausau. These firefighters along with several others climbed the stairs of Corporate Cove building in memorial of those lost on 9-11. It's very moving to be there. A quiet time to reflect on that horrible day..and when you sign up for this climb..they give you a picture of a firefighter lost in 9-11. So you are climbing "for that person" so to speak. Hearing this bag piper going in the building and each climber ringing this bell you see on the's a fitting memorial that I hope continues for years to come...(photo by Dave Kallaway)

  • My Storm Footage..!!

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    Thought you'd like's my video footage of that nasty storm that came right over Rib Mountain the other day. I set up the video camera and then shot a ton of pics of the lightning..WATCH for the cloud to it goes by..scary!!

  • Styx Trivia..what song was Tommy Shaw's STYX debut?

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    STYX plays the Central Wisconsin States Fair Friday night..I'll be doing the intro! Our trivia question to win tickets to see them this morning was "Name the STYX song that debut-ed Tommy Shaw as lead singer? This Video is the answer! See you Friday night!!

  • Mommies..does your baby look like this when they're mad??

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    One of my favorite, favorite, favorite pictures of a baby is one of my photog friends in Wausau..she is Lindsey Marie Photography. Her little boy had that "grumpy" look one day and she captured it. Check out these photos...does you baby pull this face??

  • Win Styx tickets on Kallaway on the Rise!

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    Win tickets to see STYX live at the Central Wisconsin States Fair on August 31st in Marshfield!! We will have more trivia, our interview segments with Ricky Phillips..the bass player & vocalist with Styx..and tickets tomorrow on Kallaway on the Rise! Until then..have fun with this awesome version of "Come Sail Away!"

  • The Most Incredible Edit Job of Baby Got Back!!

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    You love the song "Baby Got Back" right?? Check out all the stars in the movies doing that song! My high praise to the edit junkies who puts things like this together!! You have made edit skills!!

  • Packer helps out with "Extreme Makeover Weight Loss Edition"

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    Ahman Green helped out an ex-football player get his body back in shape on the ABC TV show "Extreme Makeover: Weight Loss Edition." We talked to Chris Powell who hosts this show..he gave us the Packer connection, tips on "making that first step" to weight loss, and much more. We'll have Chris back on Kallaway on the Rise for sure! Check out this clip!!

  • Talk of the Day..Miley's Haircut!

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    Talk of the Day..Miley's Haircut!


    Man..never heard so much talk about hair in my life. All day..kept hearing people in the office and on the air sayin' "Do you like Miley's new hair???" she decided it needed to go and I for one LOVE IT! Why..look at any of the successful artists out there with hair like Miley's new doo! Gwen Stephani, Annie go girl!!