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  • Why Jerry Wunsch is the man...

    Posted by Dave Kallaway

    Why Jerry Wunsch is the man...


    Jerry Wunsch had his annual golf outing at Trapp River near Brokaw, Wisconsin Friday. I always help out with P.A. and announcemt stuff..and YES we try and golf it too! But Jerry told us one of the stories that makes everybody go "I'll be here at this outing forever." Jerry had taken some kids...all dealing with bad health Disneyworld and Universal Studios. He was at the "Spiderman" ride when a girl who has a brain tumor started looking pretty bad. Bad to the point that Jerry thought he was going to lose her..right there. Her eyes were rolling in the back of her head and Jerry stayed right there until she got back to normal. Then she said "I wanna go back on Spiderman." Jerry was stunned. He thought he was going to lose this little girl, but she said she was fine and wanted to go back on Spiderman. So they went. His point was "these kids don't matter we don't quit." Jerry Wunsch's foundation and his circle of friends raise money to help kids be kids and do fun things even though their dealing with cancer and other bad health problems. God Bless ya Jerry. Whatever you need..just holla. (this is me, Marc and Marv from the Fabulous Beer Pigs Trivia team, Jerry, and Timmy the Crazy Guy!)

  • Weekend Notes...

    Posted by Dave Kallaway

    Weekend Notes...


    Okay...Tornado Watch..stay on top of that..Camera Batteries charged for Gus Macker..have fun and do P.A. work at Jerry Wuncsh Golf Outing Friday..Host Harley Davidson Ride for St. Jude Saturday night..okay focus Dave..FOCUS! (photo of my scribbles by Dave Kallaway LOL)

  • Not even thinkin' about him...

    Posted by Dave Kallaway

    Not even thinkin' about him...


    It's a weird time for golf..heck ME watching golf. With all that Tiger Woods has been through it's changed HOW I watch and who gets my attention. I used to be the biggest Tiger fan, bought all his books, watched his documentaries that went over his tremendous rise to fame..getting his game together with the help of his father, Coach Butch Harmon in his early professional career..all that...and then ofcourse all the crap that happened with his sexual affairs and his marriage falling apart. Now some still cheer him on and boy you sure have that right if that's you. But I can't anymore. You either have passion for the player or you don't. Something clicked. His talent and ability to put fear in all other golfers was legendary..I loved watching him.'s no big deal whether he's in a tournament on tv or not..I don't watch FOR him anymore. Not sure if that will change with time or not. But I'm in the group that feels like we knew this guy. That he was a role model. And now..not so much. This weekend it's time for the U.S. Open at historic Pebble Beach in California. I will be watching for sure...but not for Tiger.

  • Gary Coleman's Wife...

    Posted by Dave Kallaway

    Gary Coleman's Wife...what the??


    I'm trying to figure out the phychology on this. Shannon Price was married to Gary Coleman. True..they were together then they broke was a rocky road. BUT..if your husband dies is your first thought "I better go on Entertainment Tonight"...?? I can't figure that out. What could possibly make anyone think that THAT is a good idea? It, to me, shows the ultimate in disrespect for a person. Plus, there's talk about Shannon trying to find buyers of the pictures from the hospital of Gary Coleman after he died. She was right there. Pictures were being snapped. Did she know ahead of time that the purpose of the photos was to sell them to the highest bidder?? If that's the case...that is shameful.

  • Where's the B ???

    Posted by Dave Kallaway

    Where's the "B" ????


    Tee far as I can see...that IS the ONLY thing MISSING!!! ((Photo by Dave Kallaway))

  • Wisconsin Golf Outings Are Fun But...

    Posted by Dave Kallaway

    Wisconsin Golf Outings Are Fun But...


    If you haven't been in a golf outing this guess is that you'll be in one soon or you at least know someone that will be in 1, 6,  or 20 of them this golf season. I'm not sure if the figure is still correct, but just a few years ago, Wisconsin had the most golfers per capita than any other state. Isn't that amazing?? Wisconsin! Yeah!! And along with that comes the opportunity to golf for a good cause. It's a great vehicle for raising money. Wisconsinites love why not do something you were going to do ANYWAY and make a few bucks for charity while you're at it. Charity Golf Outings are one of the few things I can think of that really don't need a lot of dressing up. They don't need extra bells and whistles to get players to come out. A prime example is this Friday June 18th. Jerry Wunsch, who played for the Seattle Seahawks and the Tampa Bay Bucs..AND who is from Wausau originally..has his chariity golf outing at Trapp River. Jerry is on a mission to raise money for kids with cancer. He brings kids to the area during the winter to snowmobile with 'em, bowl with 'em, ski with 'em...something they never get enough of when going through cancer treatments...and that's be a kid! So it's truly a no-brainer to help him out. I do all of Jerry's P.A. stuff after his outing..always a good time. AND HERE'S THE' not changed in years. It doesn't need to. Other great outings coming soon include the LeRoy Butler outing in July and the Aspirus Women's outing in August and the "Rally for the Cure" outing in Eagle River in August as well. This year will mark my 10th year hosting and having fun with Anita Fritz and the crew at Eagle River Golf Course. Hope to see you at one of these great outings soon! (photo taken at Mystique Meadows near Stratford by Dave Kallaway)

  • What would WE do with an oil spill...

    Posted by Dave Kallaway

    What would we do with an oil spill...


    Questions. What would Wisconsin do if we had an oil spill here? Would we handle it the same way that it's being handled in the Gulf of Mexico? Would we allow an oil company to break that many regulations and stay in business here? Would we invite the government to see our oil spill and then say "Well..what are you gonna do about this?" Would our media show our muskies, northern pike, large mouth bass, walleye, perch, trout, white bass, catfish, deer, bear, and birds, birds, birds dipped in oil on t.v. every night? Would Anderson Cooper from CNN broadcast nightly from the shoreline of say...Lake Wausau? The frustration in the Gulf is unimaginable..but STILL on Day 52 of the BP Oil Spill it seems like we have many more questions than we do answers. That has to change soon. (photo by Dave Kallaway)

  • Super Sunrise this morning...

    Posted by Dave Kallaway

    Super Sunrise this morning...


    Favorite times of the day are absolutely at sunrise and sunset. The light is best outside. I parked, shot this, went and did the show...This is how you start the day! (photo by Dave Kallaway)

  • Hey Wait I'm trying to get the shot!!

    Posted by Dave Kallaway

    Hey Wait..I'm trying to get the shot!!!


    Love this because I WOULD LOVE to be one of them! Taken at the last space shuttle launch!