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  • The Road Less Traveled...

    Posted by Dave Kallaway

    The Road Less Traveled...


    Sometimes the road less traveled is way more entertaining, more exciting than the one where the rest of the "tour group" goes. I remember going to DisneyWorld years ago and I only had one day to visit. The guy at the ticket counter said "go to these 17 different things in Disney Park and will have seen Disney." They had it all planned out. But I always wondered what if I had gone to stuff that wasn't on the short list. What if I went this-a-way when the rest are going that-a-way. It's one of the reasons I trek up Rib Mountain. I can count on one hand the number of people I see up there on any given weekend. And ya know what..that's PART of what makes it cool. It feels like you're a member of an elite corp..people that do what others don't. My dilemma though is this blog. I love it the way it is. I love to share my photography, but this forum maybe not the place for all that. I've just seen a bunch of numbers that show people are all over a ton of stuff we do on the web site. People love the contests, the videos..all that..just (not really) this. I'm way okay with that. the goal is find the right forum for people who give a rip about what you're passionate about..right? With that in mind and blogs being blogs...this one might be due for a change soon. We'll see. Your thoughts? E-mail me at And please..tell me what things you'd like to see on this blog. I'm nothing if not a reporter of what's out there. (photo on the Red Trail up on Rib Mountain by Dave Kallaway)

  • Always good to see the Wiener!!

    Posted by Dave Kallaway

    Always good to see the Wiener!!


    Went to what might be the "World's Largest Brat Fest" in Madison, Wisconsin Saturday! I say "might be" because the jury is still out. They want to be the world's largest, but we won't really know until they crunch the we'll see. BUT was a great time and they had a great system for getting you in the parking lot, picking you up with a golf cart and getting you right to the brats, music, and beer. AND HEY..looky here..we saw the Oscar Meyer WeinerMobile!!!! It has some kind of special powers..always love seeing it. This baby was parked right in the middle of Brat Fest. My quesiton is...okay...Oscar Meyer's got this super happenin' ride...where's the Brat Mobile, huh??? C'mon Brat makers of the world..let's get on it if it doesn't exsist yet! And when you me...I'm ready to ride the brat!! (photo by Elaine Kallaway)

  • Idol's Double Edge Sword...

    Posted by Dave Kallaway

    Idol's Double-Edged Sword...


    Lee Dewyze won American know that by now. NOW comes the double-edged sword of HIM winning and not Crystal. I was all team Crystal to be honest, but Lee Dewyze is good..good pipes..I like the guy. My only problem is what America says it wants for the Idol winner and what radio ends up playing. You already have Daughtry and Kris Allen..will Lee Dewyze be any different at all?? My guess is no. I hate to say it, but no. We're stuck with this template for Idol winners. He has a great story..worked in a paint store in Chicago. Yeah..ya know that right now. Remember back when Daughtry worked at Best Buy? You may not. It doesn't matter now..ESPECIALLY in Daughtry's situation. Radio loves him. All top 40 stations automatically give him a chance when he releases new music. What our challenge in radio will be now is not playing Lee Dewyze, Kris Allen and Daughtry back to back to back on the air..because you might be able to tell them apart.

  • My Nickelback Experience...

    Posted by Dave Kallaway

    My Nickelback...


    Dear Nickelback...I came to see your concert Friday at the Bradley Center in Milwaukee and it was a pleasure to meet you. The only thing you missed was my story about how I became a super fan of you guys. Several years ago I brought 3 bus loads of listeners to Eau Claire to see you at an outdoor concert. You were the headliner and were to go on at 9:00pm. We had been there all day hearing other bands when it came...the thunderstorm. Man it was ugly. Thunder & Lightniing all around..scary. And we all thought "there was no way that you'd come out with this storm. I was wrong. You guys came out and Chad said "'re here so we're going to play." At that very moment I went from being a sort of fan of you to a super fan of you. You took one for the team. You knew we'd been waiting ALL DAY LONG. You delivered. My friend Joe Malone, who used to work at WIFC, and I golfed our way to Milwaukee to see you INDOORS this time. You must have been missing the thunder and lightning from mother nature since you provided SO much pyro and fireworks INSIDE the Bradley Center. We loved it. Sorry we wore golf clothes. We weren't looking very rock n' roll that night, but you guys did and you rocked the frickin' house. Thank You Thank You Thank You for being there for the fans...Love, Dave Kallaway..WIFC Morning Dude.

  • Memorial Day Weekend Karma...

    Posted by Dave Kallaway

    Let the road trips begin...


    I feel you feel it? It's time. Time for road trips. Memorial Day isn't even here yet and people are ready. All the listeners we run into at those crazy Dells Cards Stops..they're ready. I"m ready. It's road trip time. Next week Stac' and I are going down to scope out the new things in the Wisconsin Dells. We'll have a lot to report. One of the things we'll see and try is the new water roller coaster ride at Noah's Ark! We'll hopefully have pics and video. We're broadcasting down in the Dells June yet..another road trip! It's summer all of a sudden. Road Trips. Get Ready. (photo by Dave Kallaway)

  • Hip News Coverage coming soon???

    Posted by Dave Kallaway

    Hip News Coverage Coming Soon?


    I watch A LOT of news! Normally it's Fox News by morning and CNN News by night. No real reason for why it breaks out that just does. But on CNN it sounds like prime time host Campbell Brown is pulling her own plug. She's been 4th in ratings for a while and decided to get out of her contract and drop out. She's good but not super exciting. She recently went on maternity leave and they had Roland Martin sit in. Roland is featured mostly when there's politics to talk about. When Roland sat in for Campbell he was given kinda free rein to do what he wanted to least it looked that way. He used hip music going into and coming out of commercial breaks which added a hip factor. He actually had FUN with guests who were on the show. I mean "lets laugh since we're here together debating" FUN! And it was "News with Flavor" "News with Flair." I liked it and I predict..he'll be the guy who'll replace Campbell Brown. We'll see.

  • What is it about barns in Wisconsin?

    Posted by Dave Kallaway

    What is it about barns? I mean really?


    I recently looked at a book from the library that was all about "Barns of Wisconsin." Very nice, beautiful pictures, textures galore. And since I saw that book..I really haven't shot a lot of pics of barns because in the world of photography it's like "Done that been there plenty." Soo many people have taken pics of barns..I figured there was no way to personalize a photo of any barn. Well..quite the eye opener on Facebook the other day. I posted this pic of a barn I took up in the Antigo area..thought it was okay. Just okay. But my Facebook peeps were LOVIN' it!! I showed it to Pat Peckham over at the City Pages and asked "what's the big deal with barns?" Pat also shared this with a friend..Rick..who loves barns. Rick said "As for barns, I dig shots of them, too. Perhaps it’s the sense of time and place they convey. They speak to bygone days; to some, perhaps even of simpler, more carefree times. Then again, maybe some just think they’re pretty. Which kind of sums it up. As a photographer I'm trying to wrap my head around the whole barn thing. I'm even thinking big opportunities perhaps....hmmm...the gears are turning on how to show the barns of Wisconsin my way. (photo by Dave Kallaway)

  • It's Bee Time!!

    Posted by Dave Kallaway

    It's Bee Time!!


    I was just saying to my wife that the good thing about winter is that bees, bugs..they're not around. But now that they I come..I'm here to photograph you. That is..if I can avoid getting stung by 'em!! The other thing, especially people who work in the forest, the ticks. Cripes I hate these little blood suckers! The other day I was golfing and one of our guys got one and fortunately got rid of him quick. Remember..the way to get rid of a tick is light a match, then blow it out and use that hot match tip to touch on the tick and he'll pull out. Then find someone who owns a bulldozer and run over him several times. Well..the first part is true. Be careful out there....(photo by Dave Kallaway)