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  • MoonYah!

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    You've been busy..I've been busy..BUT MAN..I haven't mooned you in weeks!

    (photo by Dave Kallaway)

  • Make the Trip...

    Posted by Dave Kallaway

    Make The Trip...


    Recently have had quick conversations that all have led back to the capitol building in Madison, Wisconsin. First story..Julie Lasa. She's working on getting the seat held by Dave Obey forEVER! That or he held it for 40 or the other. Also..teachers looking for something to show their kids..leading to field trips to the Capitol. And I recently went and shot pics there. Even when I was there I noticed a ton of people with the same plan..see and capture the Capitol's beauty. In fact, when I was there..people were handing me THEIR cameras and saying.."can you snap a photo of us in front of capitol..or in the middle of the dome part"...everybody was diggin' it. If you get the chance..make the trip! (photo by Dave Kallaway)

  • Headless Tanning SnowMan??

    Posted by Dave Kallaway

    Headless Tanning SnowMan???


    What a weekend for snow in MAY!!! And with all the weather people I follow on Facebook and talk to and hear's not over yet. The forcast right now STILL has snow in the forcast for the northwoods through Tuesday night. But..the great thing's not stopping Wisconsin from having fun. Took this pic downtown Wausau at the "Square Up Brewfest" on Saturday. Even after heavy snow had flattened their huge beer tent...they put it back up and had the event. Good thing too...they were busy! was a fundraiser for the renovation of the 400 block. As a community we love the Square/400 block. Lots of concerts and events happen there and the updates will look great. For 'bout that Headless Tanning Snowman!!?? Love it...(my favorite photo taken this Dave Kallaway)

  • My Dells People!!

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    My Dells People...


    WIFC has been giving out Wisconsin Dells discount cards for years. Every year without a doubt it's the biggest giveaway event we do. All during the month of May we go to various locations through Central Wisconsin..hang out for an hour or 2 and dish out the cards. Listeners save hundreds of dollars with these they are super valuable! With that said..some people are just my favs when it comes to doing these stops. These are the people that I talk fishing with. These are the people who bring out chairs and sit in the parking lots even though, as in the case of Saturday, we were chillin' big time from a snow storm that happened the night before and temps were struggling to get past 40 degrees with wind or so. These people you see here could care less about that. These people can handle anything. And even though one of 'em in the picture is a Bears fan..I still love 'em! You guys are the reason I'm in radio..thanks for being so nice and having fun AND getting the coolness of our Dells Stops!! (photo by Dave Kallaway)

    Also...quick note. The 3rd guy over is kind of a double exposure..funny mistake on making the picture. I keep telling people that he was really, really cold and was shaking like crazy! LOL

  • Your Scholarship comes from these...

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    Imagine Your Scholarship Coming from These....


    WIFC has been helping out the Wausau Conservatory of Music for years with their annual "Rose Sale." Love to help because the money raised goes to creating scholarships..very, very cool! This year they sold 1200 dozen roses. When I stopped by there were delivery guys picking up bundles of roses and some folks stopping by to get theirs. Perfect timing on doing this right into Mothers day weekend for sure. Thanks to Ann Dahlke and the Wausau Conservatory for doing this. It's so easy to spread the happy! (photo by Dave Kallaway)


  • Get Me To The Church On Time!

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    Get me to the church on time!


    2 points today on the blog..first..dig this pic! I saw a wedding party just after the ceremony truckin' down Grand Avenue in Wausau. Everybody in the wedding were on motorcycles on the way to go celebrate. The Bride and Groom were on the motorcycle out front with the groom driving and the bride in a sidecar...very cool! ALSO...the other thing is..for any wedding you might be planning coming up..get creative and buy local!! Flowers, the event hall, the catering, all that are important and there are plenty of people who do a great job for weddings and for your big special day. My focus for you is on getting a good local photographer too. I talked to a couple of people in the last couple of days that used photogs from Wausau & Stevens Point at their wedding and local photogs appreciate that. I'm not one of them just so you know. That takes a uniquely qualifed person to do all that..BUT I KNOW WEDDING PHOTOGS GALORE!! And even if you're going to Mexico, Vegas, Florida, or the Bahamas to get married..take the wedding photographer from here with you! Do'll be glad you did! ((photo by Dave Kallaway))

  • Nashville Under Water...

    Posted by Dave Kallaway

    Wanted to share this video about the Nashville flood. A photographer I read about who lives there took pictures, video of essentially..his neighborhood. The guy's name is Michael Deppisch. His take on the flood:

    The human element to this story is vast and far-reaching. Lives have been lost, homes and cars destroyed, entire neighborhoods underwater and their inhabitants displaced. The news media had focused so much on the water rising instead of what the rising water was directly affecting; people. I didn’t set out to capitalize on a tragedy. I didn’t set out on a vast humanitarian effort. I set out to take pictures of people in my neighborhood and I ended up getting caught up in the emotion of what I was capturing. I wanted to share what I was seeing and experiencing and I did it the best way I knew how.

    Also..hopefully by now you've heard about the absolute simpliest way to give money. Simply text REDCROSS to 90999 and $10 goes to help Nashville Flood Victims. You'll see the $10 show up on your phone bill. Late word'll take 3-4 months to get the Grand Ole Opry back in working order...

  • Double Rainbow..good consolation!

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    Double Rainbow..good consolation!


    We have NOT had very many storms this year. So when they come to town and you want the cool lightning picture..ya gotta be ready. Man I thought I was. I heard my friend up north, MIke Mahalak, who does the "60 Second Angler" series on TV say "weather is the great equalizer" meaning that you think you know what it's going to do so YOU can react, but in the end..ya really never do. Our Tuesday afternoon storm zoomed in. Chad Franzen over at NewsChannel 7 was on speed dial. I'm ready for lightning and before you knew..the storm had passed. So..a good consolation is the stuff after the storm. The Rainbow!!! The DOUBLE Rainbow!! Sooo..Chad...I'll be standing by. Let me know when the next storm hits and I'll slide down the Lightning Bat Pole and go catch 'em! (photo by Dave Kallaway)

  • Kayak Hotties!

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    Kayak Hotties!


    Wow it was fun, it was wet, it was zoomville, it was Kayak Central this weekend downtown at Wausau's White Water Park. I love taking pics at stuff like this. You're challenged on gettting everything just right..water splashing, the racer's look of determination, great action through the's good stuff. AND THIS ONE..I posted this on Facebook and everybody wants his number..LOL! Say there Wausau Kayak Club..if you haven't thought of it need a "Kayak Hotties" calendar. Let me know when you're ready to put that together. That thing would sell like Hot Kayak Cakes!! Whoo!! (photo by Dave Kallaway)

  • How to make listeners happy...

    Posted by Dave Kallaway

    How to make listeners happy...


    I think I figured it out. We're all a little bag fetish, right? I have a facination with camera bags, backpacks, luggage..WHAT IS THE ATTRACTION??? I don't have that figured out, but I do have the purse thing figured out. It's like when you hand a baby something to play with and they go "ooooh I like this"...THAT'S THE SAME REACTION when you hand them a purse. They oooh and awww and that's all it takes. Whatever it works. Note to self!

  • C'mon Ride the Moon Train...

    Posted by Dave Kallaway

    C'mon Ride the Moon Train...


    Had a fun yet quick time shooting pics last night. Only had like 20 minutes to find cool things to photograph. So with a train approaching and the moon RIGHT THERE..I pulled off to the side of the road. It's a habit now-a-days..everything I look at can be a photograph. and turn the car back on...let's go see this on the computer at home. It's the MOON TRAIN!! Hope you like it!! (photo by Dave Kallaway)

  • An example of funk...

    Posted by Dave Kallaway

    A guy called us last friday on FEELIN' FUNKY FRIDAY..A Kallaway On the Rise exclusive. He asked us to play something funky.."You the Beach Boys!!" I was stunned. The Beach Boys? Funky? They're on opposite ends of the musical spectrum!! Here is an example of funk from the great Chaka feel it...don't just listen...feel !!