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  • Woody the Woodpecker is Real!

    Posted by Dave Kallaway

    Woody the Woodpecker is Real!!!


    No big secret..I walk up Rib Mountain every weekend. Normally when we arrive we can only hear the woodpeckers, but as we start walking..we see where they've been. This photo here shows what those little guys can do to a tree. Took this along the Red Trail near the top of Rib Mountain. Quite the chunk, huh? (photo by Dave Kallaway)

  • Elantra Drive Time

    Posted by Dave Kallaway

    Test Driving Everything on Kocourek...


    Stacy Cole and I have been test driving cars from Kocourek Hyundai/Kia on Grand Avenue in Wausau for a few weeks. The latest one is this car..the 2010 Hyundai Elantra. Fun car..great lease program..5 star safety rating..all that and then some! The fun part for me is when we go get the car..2 things stick out to me. First..the staff is ROCKIN''!! Very nice to us..always positive and loaded with info so we can share on the blogs. Plus, I always see families transfering their stuff from their old cars into a new Hyundai or that's good..the campaign is working! Also as a's always fun to see what I can do some unique angles on the cars. It's an art form and I don't have it down yet..but I will! Check out our test drive blogs here on if you're in the market for a new car! (photo by Dave Kallaway)

  • One of my fav photogs gives inspiration

    Posted by Dave Kallaway

    Chase Jarvis is one of my favorite photographers. He works on commercial stuff mostly. When he did this project with this woman..she asked "if they could leave her up on the snowy ridge you see in the piece because "she rather liked it up there." She's a very experienced climber and had plenty of food and water to actually stay up there for like a few days...great inspiration.

  • Spring Clean This!

    Posted by Dave Kallaway

    Spring Clean This!


    Well..there it is. See that long portable tv set there in the front of the picture. That was my folks tv set that they had with them in a van for road trips. It's so had a tuner for the TV..where you have to rotate a knob to tune in a tv channel. That sounds so retro, doesn't it? Well there were a lot of memories of electronics especially from my Dad that shaped me into loving tech gadgets. Portable battery-operated tv sets, CB radios, Shortwave radios, walkie-talkies...oh I had to have them all. But I think I got that from my Dad. He loved all those things too. But the reason you see this tv in a big junk box is because I threw it out in the Wausau Spring Cleaning last weekend. How could I throw this out with all those memories attached????? Well that's just it. I threw out the tv...that's true. But I still have the memories. I'll never throw those out. (photo by Dave Kallaway)

  • He had to go...

    Posted by Dave Kallaway

    He Had To Go...


    Looks like a modern day Osmond, teeth that double as headlights in any room, was time for Tim Urban to be kicked off Idol. I can't remember in recent memory more people on Facebook and Twitter and on Kallaway on the Rise CALLING for him to get the boot! It happened, but if there's any Tim Urban fans..don't worry...there's always the Idol tour. He'll be on it...

  • What are these??

    Posted by Dave Kallaway

    What are these things??


    At some point don't cha think that somebody will ask you "Daddy, Mommy..what are these flat round things??" I saw these this past weekend while answering phones for the World's Largest Trivia Contest. An update in the world of "commercial" radio like WIFC..I can't tell you the last time I played a record. Used to use them and ONLY them. One of my favorite radio memories was when you had to put a coin on top of the tone arm..where the needle give it enough weight to stay on the 45 or the album. And my ABSOLUTE favorite story is from when I worked at Tom Brokaw's station in Rapid City, South Dakota. Yes..I worked for Tom very cool. I was working overnights and went out to check the Associated Press Wire Service out by the elevators. The door to the station closed behind me and I was locked out of the station!! On the air at that point I had just started playing side one of the album "Grand Illusion" by I knew that there would be some music on-the-air for a while. But how do I get back in???  The station was on the 6th floor of a bank building!! So..I took the elevator down to pay phone and called the only guy whose number I knew on our staff that could get me back in. He arrived in about 15-20 minutes and we both rushed back in just as the album was finishing. So I jumped on and said "that was something new..side one of "Grand Illusion" from Styx..hope you liked it."

  • College Radio..the way I remember it

    Posted by Dave Kallaway

    Wish I would have had this in college...


    Quick story about working at a college radio station..MOST of them don't operate like the one on the campus of the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point. When I was in High School I was ready. I wanted to work in radio. I called the School of Mines and Technology in Rapid City and said "hire me." They did! That was when I was a sophomore in High School. BUT MAN..we just went in and free formed it. If I had worked the "World's Largest Trivia Contest" like they do at 90-FM in Point..might be a whole different story. It's a well-oiled machine. Perhaps you've heard of Oz and John and the gang that put this massive 54 hour trivia contest together. It's an undertaking, but it keeps them on the they know they have to do it. This pic I took was when I was doing the celebrity phone shift at their phone bank. Steven Point Mayor Andrew Halverson, radio peeps, and all..we did our shift because it's tradition. 419 teams this year. My team, the Beer Pigs were in 14th when I left. GO BEER PIGS!! This beats my old shag carpeted walls college station all to heck and then some! (photo by Dave Kallaway)

  • Snow Countdown...

    Posted by Dave Kallaway

    Snow Countdown...


    While wondering the other day when it was 73 degrees and I was starring at my snow shoes STILL in the back of my car..I thought..hmmm..wonder how long the snow will stick around. Meteorolgists locally love to ask the question, I do too. Any idea?? I just took this last week from downtown Wausau of Granite Peak Ski Area so let's see..(photo by Dave Kallaway)

  • I found the moon...

    Posted by Dave Kallaway

    I found the moon...


    I have climbed up Rib Mountain either on the ski side straight up, on the main road or on the many trails that surround Rib Mountain State Park. BUT..on my 50th trip up the mountain this past weekend I went a completely different way. It's the west side, the quarry side, the OTHER side. Man does it look so night and day different over there. First of looks like the moon over there. Plus, there are a mess of Turkey Vultures flying around this area...don't see those everyday! should try it sometime. Enjoy the color, the hike, and other side of Rib Mountain. I will for sure be back up there...(photo by Dave Kallaway)

  • The reason for the sneezing...

    Posted by Dave Kallaway

    The reason for the sneezing...


    Amazing that anybody could hold a camera still to take a picture of the culprit and one of the big reasons for SNEEZING YOUR FOOL HEAD OFF! Tree buds are blooming everywhere and tons of people are dreading it. I can only imagine how much kleenex, allergy meds, eye drops, sudafed, and aspirin is being sold right now to handle the "Sneeze Season." This pic I took also looks like the monster plant in "Little Shoppe of Horrors!" Remember his main line in the movie "FEED ME!!" Love THAT..hate the sneezing! (Photo by Dave Kallaway)

  • Perfect Ipad Case that you wear...

    Posted by Dave Kallaway

    Perfect Ipad Case That You Wear...

    Watch this's a company that I love that has created a vest with 22 pockets and one that is big enough for an Ipad! And just a note...I own one of these vests. It's something you should consider wearing on your next vacation IF YOU'RE FLYING and carry a lot of stuff. A lot of photogs have told me they use THIS VEST instead of carrying an extra bag..TSA does not consider this vest a bag! Since I have the vest..I guess all I need now is the Ipad..LOL!