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  • Laughing so hard I'm crying seeing this!!

    Posted by Dave Kallaway

    Kristen Wigg and Will Ferrell! Put them on any stage and watch them have fun! You will laugh til you pee!! This is from this year's Golden Globes where they were presenters with a problem...not really knowing the movies that were!!

  • Tom King just showed this video to me..Gotta See It!!

    Posted by Dave Kallaway

    I couldn't be more over Tiger Woods than if Nike paid me to be his fan! But I have to say..this video is great and shows that he understands there's more going on in golf than just himself. Love this video!!

  • Normally I hate the Oscar Nominee Announcements But...

    Posted by Dave Kallaway

    When they do the Oscar Awards Nominations..they do them in the morning and they normally are pretty boring. That is until you get Seth Mcfarland & Emma Stone to do the announcing. Thought this was great and fun to see them together on stage and to find out who will take on "Lincoln" for Best Picture!! Watch!!

  • Is the Debate On? Or just the Yelling?

    Posted by Dave Kallaway

    You can't escape the stories in the news. Just from this morning we reported on the Movie Theater Massacre in Aurora, Colorado, the anniversary of those killed in Arizona and Congresswoman Gabby Giffords was shot. And last was just a yell fest on the Piers Morgan show on CNN. Listen and see if you think this is a gun debate or just yelling...

  • My New Favorite Band!!!

    Posted by Dave Kallaway

    How 'bout this!!! A Robot band!! Who went to their lab and made this happen?? And how many hub caps were hurt in the process..LOL!

  • The shortage escalator!

    Posted by Dave Kallaway

    I love those long, long escalators at O'Hare International Airport. This on the other hand is the shortest escalator ride...what's the point?? Think of the power it takes to get you this far!!!???

  • Nothing you see today will be as cute as this!!

    Posted by Dave Kallaway

    Nothing you see today will be as cute as this!!

    Anybody get a puppy for Christmas?? THIS is how you film 'em! I thought this was absolutely the cutest puppy video of the year!! Dig it..and have a great year pickin' up popp!! LOL

  • Happy New Year..Let's Make it a Good One!

    Posted by Dave Kallaway

    Happy New Year..Let's Make It A Good One!!


    Hey was good to recharge and get some vacation in but here we go...New Year..Back on the Air with Stacy's time to make 2013 a great year. All the best to you and your family! Since everybody across the planet were shooting off fireworks for New Years..this is my favorite fireworks pic to take in 2012. It was down at the AirVenture/EAA Fly-In in Oshkosh. They do a spectacular night show with planes and fireworks..this was the finale!

  • See different stuff during the holidays!

    Posted by Dave Kallaway


    Hey Guys..Stacy Cole and I are back from vacation next week to start the new year. Right's time to see new things and go to places we haven't tried yet. This is from Ella's Deli in Madison, Wisconsin. Great place to take kids, see tons of antique and motorized toys and cool things! Try the Corn Beef!! ((photo by Dave Kallaway)