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  • Keep it Simple...

    Posted by Dave Kallaway

    Keep It Simple Stupid...


    If you're new to the relationship world..take it easy on Valentine's Day..okay? Guys especially can go CRAZY with elaborate gifts and surprizes..and I'm all for that, but if you're a rookie then trust don't want to create a Battle Plan with maps and compasses where your Sweety has to find you in a giant lock box in a fancy restaurant and if she arrives at exactly 6:37pm on Valentine's Day that it will magically open with the help of some babe-sensor that you had an electrical engineer friend make so that it looks like a ring box with YOU AS THE PRESENT INSIDE!!! Actually..hasn' that been done?? Wow. So for Valentine's Day. Keep it Simple Stupid. She doesn't need the tricks...she needs you. ((Bonus Keyword: "Nice")) Photo by Dave Kallaway

  • And the hand says...

    Posted by Dave Kallaway

    And the hand says....


    I'm wondering if this will be trend, and old trick that will catch back on again!? You've seen the footage by now of Sarah Palin, the next president of the United States((??)), using her hand for notes to hot topics to hit during a recent speech and Q & A session. She wrote down "Energy, and Tax Cuts" things like that to remind her what to say. BUT MAN..she by no means started that trend..she just brought it back. Kids write the pledge of allegiance, class schedules..all that on their hands. Mommies write "Get milk" on their why is it so bad that Sarah Palin writes notes on her hand?? I will say this for her though. She needs to find a way to NOT make it so obvious that she is using notes from her hand. Even though Pres. Obama uses a teleprompter and notes...he's just way too smooth and doesn't look like he's using any of those script tools at all! She'll get it figured out...when's the election?? ((Bonus Keyword: "hand"))

  • New Term for Drivers...

    Posted by Dave Kallaway

    New Term for Winter Drivers...


    Listener came up with new term for winter drivers that slow down until you wanna pass and then THEY SPEED UP!! The term is SNOWING MORONS!! Funny! Photo taken by Dave Kallaway ((Bonus Keyword: "Moron"))

  • We were LAZERed

    Posted by Dave Kallaway

    We were LAZERed!!


    The Badger State Games! Did 'em, had 'em, and now they're just a memory. But along with the actual part where the atheletes actually go out and do the sports..the gravy part was good too. That's where the lazers came in. Stacy Cole and I were hosting the Torch Light Ceremonies in downtown Wausau Friday Night and all of a sudden BOOM..we see our logo for WIFC up on the Grand Theater!!! WOW that looked cool!! Big props to Brian Jojade for doing that. Props to our long time friend Keith Dupuis for kickin' bootie as one of the chief coordinators and let's hope the Badger State Games comes back around these parts again next year!! WITH LAZERS!!! Photo by Dave Kallaway ((Bonus Keyword: "Badger"))

  • Win Roses Now!

    Posted by Dave Kallaway

    Win Roses Now!!pretty

    Unless you're a HUGE Colts or Saints fan then you don't have a horse in the race today..meaning team in the Superbowl so..we might as well have a little fun, right?? Here's what I'm doing with my blog today. I'm giving away ROSES!! 6 DOZEN ROSES!! BEAUTIFUL ROSES from FLORAL MAGIC at 840 South 3rd Ave in Wausau, Wisconsin!! And by the way..thank you guys at Floral Magic for hooking us up with such a cool prize! Valentine's Day is a week away and this is PERFECT!!! For the chance to win..simply Tweet or Post this phrase exactly on Twitter or Facebook:

    "Win Roses from Kallaway On The Rise with Dave Kallaway & Stacy Cole WIFC.. "

    AND THAT'S IT!! Good will be notified this evening during the Superbowl!! Offer good today only 2/7/10. Must be a follower of Dave Kallaway on Twitter or Facebook. Winners notified will recieved one dozen roses from Floral Magic in Wausau, Wisconsin. 6 winners will be chosen.

  • Win Roses on Superbowl Sunday!

    Posted by Dave Kallaway

    Win Roses Here on Superbowl Sunday!superbowl

    You'll be watching the pre game, the game, the commercials, the hoopla ANYWAY and surfing on the net on Superbowl why not have some fun winning a DOZEN ROSES for your Sweetheart!! Here's how you do it. Just check my blog right here on Superbowl Sunday. As of noon on Sunday I will post a phrase for you to tweet or put on facebook. I will select 6 winners of Roses ((a dozen per winner)) and contact you immediately! That's all you do. Have fun and I hope you win!! ((Bonus Keyword: "Roses"))

  • The GO RED Lunch...

    Posted by Dave Kallaway

    The GO RED Lunch...


    Every year we get together with the great leaders of the health community and movers and shakers for "lunch." But it is sooo much more than that. The GO RED lunch with the American Heart Association is a staple part of American Heart Month. They always get somebody with an inspiration jump start that people can take with them and spread the good word of being a heart healthy woman. This year the keynote was Kristin Sneede from the TV show "The Biggest Loser." Great choice for inspiring anybody. Kristin has lost 167 pounds!! That's a person!! How many bowling balls is that??? Stacy Cole and I had a visit from Kristin this morning on the air and then we all attended GO RED! ((Bonus Keyword: "Important"))

  • Spread the Love...

    Posted by Dave Kallaway

    Spread the Love...


    Been having fun posting pics on Facebook & Twitter. Good to get feedback on what photos I make and which ones listeners really like. I have NEVER been able to pick the ones that I KNOW listeners like. I'm always surprized. One of the things I've done now for a while is post a "Ripple Pic of the Week" on Facebook. What is that?? It's an effect I've added to my pictures after I take the shot. I just love it and I know I'm geekin' out about it! I KNOW!! But the words of one of my favorite people in the music business, Maurice White from Earth, Wind, and Fire, "If there ain't no beauty..You gotta make some beauty." Spread the love! Use Facebook and Twitter for good!!! ((Bonus Keyword: "Spread"))

  • Bundle Up and Go Dig it...

    Posted by Dave Kallaway

    Bundle Up and Get Out There!


    I made my 42nd trip up Rib Mountain this past weekend! Took this shot on top of the observation deck up there. 2 things to know. First..sounds like snowshoe freaks will be getting a cool opportunity to dig the mountain the weekend of Valentine's Day. Heard that on the evening of Saturday February 13th they'll have a bonfire get-together and candlelight snowshoe event that would be great for beginners. If you own But if you don't it sounds like they'll have snowshoes for ya..not sure on cost if any. But I encourage you to try it. Early in the morning or just after can't beat how beautiful it is up there!

    ((Bonus Keyword: "Mountain"))

  • Pink took Grammies to New Level

    Posted by Dave Kallaway

    Pink was just outstanding on the Grammys! I think she took performing to a new level for that show! ((Bonus Keyword: "PINK"))

  • I'm Hair For Ya...

    Posted by Dave Kallaway

    I'm Hair For Ya...


    Getting ready for Wine, Cheese, and all that Jazz. The gig happens at the Palladian..that really cool BIG room upstairs at the Jefferson Street Inn. Stacy Cole and I are doing the announcements through the night AND I PROMISE...I'll have "THIS" fixed by this evening. I'm serious..I took this photo of myself at 4am 2 days ago and I thought.." hair has a life of it's own...I look like something Einstein and Bozo the Clown's hair dresser came up with..cripes!" See you this weekend..((Bonus Keyword: "WineMe"))

  • Frozen Eyelashes...

    Posted by Dave Kallaway

    Frozen Eyelashes...


    This is what happens when you take on the cold weather!! Heather Stone, my walking buddy (pictured here), and I trekked up Rib Mountain Wednesday. It normally takes about 45 minutes for the trip, but when temps are 5 degrees or lower..then you get (DRUM ROLL!!)) Frozen Eyelashes!! We laugh about it and then keep walking. It was my 41st trip up Rib Mountain! ((Bonus Keyword: "Frozen"))