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  • When's the I-Dave coming out....

    Posted by Dave Kallaway


    Today's a big day for geeks like me. I drink the Apple Computer Koolaid. I buy the products. And now today..the so-called "I-Tablet" is coming out. Steven Jobs, leader/creator of the Apple Computer, says "this is the most important thing I've ever done." THAT STATEMENT stopped me in my tracks. Really?? Most important?? This is the same company that gave you the Ipod, the Imac, the Iphone. Especially the Iphone!!! Now Steve...wasn't THAT the most important thing you've ever created??? If this new tablet is the coolest thing they've ever come up with..then it will be a WOW. A wonder of electronic enjoyment. Could it kill the laptop? Will pants need to be re-designed with 10 inch pockets to hold the I-Tablet?? You'll know in about a day....((Bonus Keyword: "Tablet"))

  • You Need An Escape Favre Fans...

    Posted by Dave Kallaway

    avatar made it through the Favre weekend. Try to call it anything else, but it all keeps coming back to him. Okay, okay...the Vikings lost. Maybe now the bandwagon Favre freaks will be tested. If you're still on board next year, if he comes back..then you are true fan. But hey..this blog is a little suggestion. With everything that happened with the shake out of who is now going to the Superbowl and that not including Favre...go to the movies. Go to Avatar. Avatar is something I experienced last Friday and I was sucked in. We've heard reports that some people have actually suffered depression because they want to live in the world that James Cameron has created...Pandora...and not in their real lives. Man..I can see that. And especially if your world has been filled with Favre...sometimes it's best to retire for the evening to to an alternate universe. Worked for me! ((Bonus Keyword: "Escape"))

  • Facebook Fun...

    Posted by Dave Kallaway


    Since I, as a Packer Fan, have no team in the post NFL season now..ya gotta have fun somehow, right? I became a reporter for Facebook on Sunday when Jets, Colts, Viking, and Saints fans were all sweatin' bullets. Hope I didn't tick anybody off, but I had to find a way to "interact" with facebookers instead of just doing the "Post Status Update..then wait for comment, comment, comment" Ya know? Great to hear all the feedback and actually have a conversation on Facebook. It's the one thing I wish there was more of there..conversation. By the way..did you team make it to the Superbowl?? ((Bonus Keyword: "Super"))

  • Heal Up Because...

    Posted by Dave Kallaway


    Working around a few people that are illin" including Stacy Cole. Sounds like when you go to the hospital doctors are just shaking their heads on the amount of people who are sick right now. Colds, Flu, Walking Phemonia, Bad Prince songs for the Minnesota Vikings..lots of ways to make you feel bad, ya know? advice. Get better. Heal Up. I'll give you a few days, but you gotta get your health back. WHY? Because this coming week WIFC will be doing Wine, Cheese, and All that Jazz, The Badger State Winter Games, and Mind, Body, Spirit Expo 2010....ALL THIS COMING WEEK!! ((Bonus Keyword: "Heal")) By The Way..this is a picture of my mean french onion soup...good medicine baby!

  • The 21st of every month...

    Posted by Dave Kallaway


    Today is my 28th Wedding Anniversary!! Elaine & I do a crazy guess is not many do this...but on the 21st of every month..not just on the 21st of January every YEAR..we tell each other "Happy Anniversary." First of anniversary a year seems like too little..and the key to marriage is "don't wait to do something nice for that one you love." Make dinner, get out of town throughout the year, breath each others air on a regular basis..not just on your anniversary. The coolest person on the planet is my wife Elaine. Happy Anniversary Sweety!

    ((Bonus Keyword: "Together"))

  • Photo contest....

    Posted by Dave Kallaway


    Have you ever entered a photo contest? I just did with an online photography website. You know..the kind where you normally can go buy cameras, and the 18 million accessories you "Need" to go with the camera. The prize is $1000. I keep thinking...hmm..what new camera gear can I buy with that kind of money..hmmm. So we'll see. This is my entry. I took a hand full of fondue forks and held them up to the camera. Then..I found a great program with my favorite effect...THE LAKE RIPPLE!! In fact, I love this effect so much that I do a "ripple" pic of the week and put it on facebook and twitter. So we'll see what happens. I hope to be giving you a FANTASTIC I WON update soon. ((Bonus Keyword: "fondue"))

  • Brett Time...

    Posted by Dave Kallaway


    Can't begin to tell you how much hate mail I got from "Brett Favre" fans when I jumped off his bandwagon. I was all about Brett, loved Brett when he was a Packer. When he became a Jet I said "that's what Brett Favre does for retirement..he signs with a different team..that's all...AND no big deal really. He was just staying in shape waiting for an opportunity to re-join the NFC North Division. So now's his chance. He's a solid true purple Viking. You can tell. He's walking the walk..proud to be a Viking and going into a game that will be deja vu for most Packer fans. This NFC championship game coming up against the New Orleans Saints will be pretty much exactly where Brett had the Packers when they played the Giants a few years back. And's the one the Packers lost and made it so we did not return to the Superbowl. BUT HERE WE GO AGAIN. Brett has the unique opportunity to take the Vikings to the Superbowl if they win this weekend. Even though Brett isn't a Packer can't help but watch him can you Pack fans, right? ((Bonus Keyword: "Dome"))

  • Jack Hanna at the Grand...

    Posted by Dave Kallaway


    I've seen Jack Hanna on every talk show on the planet..haven't you? Letterman, Ellen, Leno, and Larry King. He was very generous with us. Showed us HUGE cockrooaches, an aligator, wild cat, and all the while..sounding super passionate about telling you about them. Loved seeing him at the Grand! ((Bonus Keyword: "Hanna"))

  • Can't get there from here...

    Posted by Dave Kallaway


    Takes a lot of cogs in the wheel to make it roll right. That is the case in Haiti. Today we learn that the main problem getting supplies and relief to earthquake victims is simply runway backups and distroyed roads. So the supplies are ready. the planes are arriving. Ships are arriving BUT the problem the airport they only have one runway. It normally handles 25 flights a day. Now they are taking in twice that many. For ships that want to bring supplies..they can dock okay, but the road leading out to the cities is busted up so bad that trucks can't go anywhere from the ports. The reality right now is that they can't get there from here. TONS of people are working on this right now. We checked with the Red Cross and what is needed now is money. To donate to the Red Cross..text the word "Haiti" to 90999. It's that simple. A $10 donation will appear on your phone bill. ((Keyword: "broken"))

  • It could not be worse...

    Posted by Dave Kallaway


    There is no way anything could be worse in Haiti right now. Suffering a massive 7.0 Earthquake, several heavy duty aftershock (last count 26 aftershocks). Now check out these numbers. Haiti population is just over 9 million. 45,000 Americans live there. Several thousands are obviously dead now. It's just the biggest mess imaginable. The 2 most incredible stories I've heard are that of families hearing the voices of their loved ones trapped in buildings..trying to get them out. Also..pulling out the dead bodies and stacking them in the street. There's a HUGE effort to coordinate Red Cross and other organizations to get in there and start helping, but we're talking about a very, very big say the least. Much more to come on this story...((Bonus Keyword: "pray"))

  • Packer John Kuhn wants to stay...

    Posted by Dave Kallaway


    Quick pic' of Packer John Kuhn and me. John would love to stay around and be a Packer next year..he made that very clear at our TV show Monday night. ((Bonus Keyword: "stay"))

  • Last PackAttack...

    Posted by Dave Kallaway


    It was CHRISTMAS all over again at the last PackAttack show! We gave away tons of Packer t-shirts, sweatshirts, flags, a FRIDGE, RECLINERS...and to top it off we had awesome guests John Kuhn and Johnnie Gray in the house! On a sad was Bryon Graff's last PackAttack I've mentioned before..Bryon has been anchoring the news for a while now and it's time to pass the torch to TV9's new sports director next season. PACKER FANS...I can't say're always there and you always come to PackAttack. Thanks for coming out and making Monday nights fun!! ((Bonus Keyword: "Thanks"))