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  • Feel Bad For Aaron...

    Posted by Dave Kallaway


    Packers end their season on a 51-45 OVERTIME lose to the Arizona Cardinals. Packer fans are sad, mad, questioning, stunned...all that. But I feel bad for Aaron Rodgers. This guy has done it all and at one part of the season was even our leading rusher. I think he kicked butt all to end the playoff game with a fumble I HOPE Aaron gets major props from his coaches and fellow players because he deserves it. Now..for a while at least..Packer fans will go through the motions saying "well ya know what I would have done" or lay out a pile of blame with the Packer organization. But bottom line..Packers had a terrific fun to watch season. Thank You Guys! ((Bonus Keyword: "Aaron"))

  • Frostbite is real...

    Posted by Dave Kallaway


    By the time you read this I will have trekked up Rib Mountain for the 39th time. It's my weekly quest, but just a word of caution. Frostbite is real. The way you know you have're cold, AND you're in pain. For example..I shoot a ton of pictures even when it's 10 below zero. When it's that cold and you take your gloves off for just a minute or can start to feel pain in your fingertips. That pain is a sign that you're TOO cold, that frostbite is working on you. Don't leave gloves off for too long and for God sake get a hat on!!! I still see a ton of people that don't understand that 50% of your body heat goes right through your head...hang onto the heat...hang onto your health...But have fun in winter and watch for the little drips along the way...tee hee! Shot this icicle and got the drip by accident. We call that a "happy accident." ((Bonus Keyword: "drip"))

  • Winter Weather NORMAL!!!

    Posted by Dave Kallaway


    HAHA...shot this picture before our snow kicked in! Remember dry roads?? Well that's all gone and now it's (no kidding) SNOWING! And if that weren't enough..the ROADS ARE SLICK!! By the end of the morning today we finally got to the realization with callers that HEY..IT'S WISCONSIN..IT SNOWS HERE AND ROADS GET VERY SLICK! So as to say..this is our with it! Had to laugh... ((Bonus Keyword: "ditch"))

  • Packers know what they're up against...

    Posted by Dave Kallaway


    The question of the week concerning the Packers in the Playoffs.."do they know the Cardinals will be much different than they were last week???" And the answer is YES! I say that because I've heard that question now about a 100 times in interviews with Coach McCarthy, the players, and football experts. The debate that will get answered this weekend is "which game plan works best going into the playoffs??" The Packers last week against the Cardinals decided to play full out..all the through the game with our first string. The Cardinals on the hand decided to lay low, rest their main players and take the loss..because they already knew they were in the playoffs. Who EVER wins this weekend..THAT coach will be certified as a GENIUS! (I shot this picture at our recent PackAttack TV show with guest Packer Jermichael Finley)

    ((Bonus Keyword: "GoPackGo"))

  • Flying Anywhere?

    Posted by Dave Kallaway


    I'm not a paranoid person, but when you hear stories like I heard have to wonder if traveling will EVER be anywhere near safe again. You've heard the TSA body scan story. More and more airports have started doing full body scans. Okay..good idea..privacy issues galore but theres the deal. But have you heard this one yet...The Newark Airport was shut down after a guy had gone through security gates the wrong way. The TSA started searching for the person immediately, but it turns out that no TSA cameras were recording anything AND HADN'T recorded anything for the past week!! So they had no video evidence to look at to identify the person they were looking for. get this...this was the Newark Airport..the very hub that some 911 attackers went through ON 911 !!! I wish I was making this stuff up, but it's disturbing to hear the complete lack of urgency in dealing with terrorists.

    ((Bonus Keyword: "passport"))

  • TV 9's Bryon Graff leaving PackAttack...

    Posted by Dave Kallaway


    I've had the good fortune to work on the half hour live TV show called "PackAttack" on TV 9 for quite a few years now. Started out with Ted Stephoniak...remember him?? And now for some years..Bryon Graff has been the host and great one..I think. You talk about smooth and knowing his stuff..that's the key right there. Bryon has made interviews with our Packer guests go great. And a lot of Packers thought it was fun enough that they've returned to do second appearances on PackAttack. I think you attibute that to Bryon Graff and the staffs at TV 9, Dales Weston Lanes, and the Fans. WELL NOW...we're doing PackAttack shows for as long as the Packers are winning..GO PACK!! But for Bryon's time to step aside and make room for a new host. Bryon recently moved over to the "news anchor" positiion on TV 9 and is doing really good there. We're going to miss him big time on PackAttack. Change always sucks at the beginning. On behalf of the fans who watch him on TV and live during the PackAttack show...Thanks for all the great PackAttacks. ((Bonus Keyword: "PackAttack"))

  • Snowshoeing on the coldest day...

    Posted by Dave Kallaway


    Some say I'm brave..some say I'm stupid! So I think somewhere in the middle of that must be the truth, right?? One way or another..I am on a mission weekly and that is to trek up Rib Mountain. I don't know what it is but nothing seems to stop me. If it's raining, snowing, windy, thunderstorms...nothing seems to stop me from walking up there. Take Saturday for example. It was 9 below zero..25 below chill factor..and what am I doing?? I'm layering up big time and getting on snowshoes for the first time and getting my "climb" in. It was my 38th trek up there. My walking buddy, Heather Stone, and I are the only people I know crazy enough to get up to Rib at 7am in the morning..the sun isn't up yet at that time. It's a call of the's something..I just know that I have to go.

  • Blue Moon Watching...

    Posted by Dave Kallaway


    The best camera you can have is the one in your hand! I always tell people that. Put a camera in your bag, your purse..whatever..just be ready! The talk on the show early on this morning was about that very cool "blue moon" outside. I parked, pulled out my camera, shot this right at our broadcast center and went in to do the show. Gonna try and get more shots tonight! Happy New Year!! ((Bonus Keyword: "NewMoon"))

  • Christmas Tree Gone Already??

    Posted by Dave Kallaway


    Asked the other day "if you had taken your Christmas tree down already??" And YES..a few had done that. But for good sounds like. One Dad said that if "he didn't take it down now the kids would have it ripped down!!" He has small kids and that made sense. Also..some listeners just have a short need for Christmas trees. They put 'em up about a week prior to Christmas and have the thing down a few days after the holiday. Just seems facinating to me that people go to all the efffort to get a tree up and then ONLY leave it up for a very short time, but with kids, cats, dogs,...any living thing that could tear down the tree..makes all the sense in the world to take it down NOW!! ((Bonus Keyword: "soon")) **By the way..I hate taking normal pictures. This is my Christmas Tree when you leave the shutter open on the camera and turn the camera slowly before closing the!!**

  • Packer Faithful...

    Posted by Dave Kallaway


    What a blast..the Green Bay Packers are in the Playoffs!!! We had Packer Tight End Jermichael Finley on PackAttack tonight (Monday) out at Dales Weston Lanes and on TV 9. Gotta say that the crowd ROCKED THE HOUSE and they should. Jermichael always has great stories including the most asked question about the new "very tight jersery" he wears and why..(decreases the ability of defenders to grab him..great concept!!). So next week is the last regular season show we do on PackAttack, but as long as the Packers are playing..we'll keep doing shows! Let's keep going Packers!! ((Bonus Keyword: "PlayoffCrowd"))

  • Rib Mountain Coated Trees...

    Posted by Dave Kallaway


    Shot this over the weekend up on Rib Mountain. Made my 36th trip up there. Go every weekend. All the trees are coated with snow from Granite Peak Snow-Making..just beautiful! ((Bonus Keyword: "RIB"))

  • Steven Colbert...My Man!!

    Posted by Dave Kallaway


    Why is my man Stephen Colbert on the cover of Sports Illustrated?? He is doing something different by sponsoring the U.S. Olympic Speed Skating Team. Just think of the merchandise..He has!! The Colbert Report on Comedy Central put up a donation center on their web site and raised $200,000 to help the U.S. Olympic Team stay on the ice and go for the gold. One interesting side note..not all speed skaters on the team care for this kind of sponsorship. One even called Stephen "a jerk." Jerk you say...don't bite the hand that feeds ya buddy. I think it's a great thing and can't wait to see Stephen's logo all over the Olympics!

    ((Bonus Keyword: "skate"))