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  • Northwoods Film...

    Posted by Dave Kallaway

    The writer/director of this film is a senior in high school up in the northwoods. Here's a note from his mom who contacted me originally.

    Hi Dave and Stacy!!
     My name is Tera federighi, My son Jory and some of his friends from Lakeland High in Minocqua have been working on a film project for almost 2 years and are lucky enough to have it premiering at our local theater  Lakeland Cinema 6 on Friday the 18th and it is going to be showing during all regular show times through Tuesday the 22nd. We are having a huge premeire party on friday to thank everyone in the community for supporting their venture. Just thought you guys would be interested in seeing the trailer.  It is amazing!!!!!!!!

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  • Santa's Reindeer!!

    Posted by Dave Kallaway


    Santa has a "special handler" taking care of his reindeer..and he told me that the reindeer will be out at Winter Wonderland in Marshfield Friday night! Ya gotta see them. I saw them last week when I broadcasted there. Bring a bag of food to get through the amazing 300,000+ lights and yes..reindeer! 20 area food pantries and the Marshfield Rotary thank you!

    ((Bonus Keyword: "deer"))

  • Chillin' Fun...

    Posted by Dave Kallaway


    Always take on a ton of gigs during the holidays. I think all the jocks think "yeah..the holidays..that's when it'll slow down a bit.." WRONG! But I have to admit..we do have fun. Just be careful out there. I run into a ton of people all the time. A lot of them are not from around here. I got coffee the other day and the hostess was from California. She said "so this is cold weather huh?" I said "yeah..and it lasts for a while." Soon, if not already, she'll know that you bundle up big time, bring hand warmers, wear fun hats and headlamps and hang in there...this is only the beginning of the cold weather season! ((Bonus Keyword: "chilling"))

  • Winter Wonderland in Marshfield...

    Posted by Dave Kallaway


    Christmas to me is's called "Winter Wonderland." It's essentially Wildwood Park in Marshfield with 300,000+ lights, great christmas music playing, and beautiful christmas scenes for you people to walk or drive through and go.."WOW." I did last year for the first time and went again to broadcast this year. The Marshfield Rotary organizes this event. Takes 4 weekends to put it together. They keep it rockin' from Thanksgiving til the end of December. and the great charity angle...You bring food for 20 area food pantries and they let you see the coolness that is Winter Wonderland. Fair deal! NOW can walk through this, drive through this OR fly over this. Take your can goods to the Marshfield Airport plus $15 and they'll fly you over to see it....Simply Awesome!! (bonus keyword: "beautiful"))

  • Give Me Holiday Attitude Baby...Yeah!

    Posted by Dave Kallaway


    We're doing a commercial right now during Kallaway on the Rise that urges people to send in photos for use in a thing called "Rockwell Moments." I would send this one in. Now's not family, it's not friends, but it's a great moment that we can all get at some point. This, by the way, is the D.C. Everest choir getting ready to perform at the recent "Holidays in Harmony" at the Plaza Hotel. All I did is say "I need to take your picture" and we did one with them all smiling pretty and standing straight. THEN..I said "give me attitude ya'all" and they played along to give me this shot. Loved it! ((Bonus Keyword: "GreatPic"))

  • Pending Weather is a little of both...

    Posted by Dave Kallaway


    So here we go..bad weather season is here! It really is a double edged sword isn't it? We love the snow for recreation, but MAN we hate it for driving and for screwing up our schedules!! The last couple of days have been "getting ready" days on the air.'s storm time. Bring it. Let's go. Time to deal with it. Skiers..wax up. Find the snowmobile. And that thing down! ((Bonus Keyword: "DEEP"))


  • Can You Believe This???

    Posted by Dave Kallaway


    I subscribe to Golf Digest and this issue just showed up. Based on everything that's happening in Tiger's life with allegations galore about Tiger fooling around on his wife..WHY would you put him on the cover of your mag? WHY would anybody want to be associated with him right now (note..the Pres for example here). I checked out Golf Digest's web site and they have several comments coming in from other subscribers. Some say "hey Golf Digest..why are you going political and if it's your plan to keep doing can keep your rag!!" Others noted that Golf Digest is dedicated to the game of golf and to STAY OUT of Tiger's private life. Good point. So if Golf Digest's goal today was to tick off or leave subscribers worked! ((Bonus Keyword: "WHAT"))



  • Nutcracker is a must...

    Posted by Dave Kallaway


    I just can't begin to tell you the beauty and grace that goes with the Nutcracker. This traditional super classic is a must see for everyone in your family. Why?'ll get your kids thinking big. That with hard can come to the stage through dance. That a combo of New York Ballet and Wisconsin Ballet can be truly fantastic. And the other key get a true feeling of Christmas. I went to their rehearsal Thursday evening and shot plenty of pictures. This is one of many favorites. Go to see the Nutcracker this weekend at the Grand Theater-Wausau. You can thank me later! (Bonus Keyword: "toes")

  • Rainbow Casino Created Christmas...

    Posted by Dave Kallaway


    Oh boy..I hosted the coolest thing AGAIN with the Rainbow Casino Super Shopping Spree at the Super WalMart in Wisconsin Rapids. What's very cool about this is that a couple of winners get 8 minutes to shop. As you see here..flat screen tv's, laptops, GPS stuff, power tools, mixers, DVD players, WII's..all are the hot topics. THEN once they tally up how much it all costs..Rainbow Casino writes out a check to local charities. What's not to love!? One shopper scored $4014 worth of stuff and the other got just over $3000. What a haul! Big thanks to Rainbow for letting me do play by play! ((Bonus Keyword: "RAINBOWSHOP"))

  • OH Tiger....

    Posted by Dave Kallaway


    I have gotten in trouble for open letters before. One recently when that guy Brett Favre joined the Vikings and my feelings about him doing that. Listeners, who are big Brett fans, told me that they would never listen to me again because of my comments. Unfortunately, some people think that we're all not intitled to our sad. Now when it comes to Tiger..I am a very big fan. I have his books. When he plays golf..I watch. When he does stuff for his charity I'm inspired. When he does something stupid like this I think...we're not going to be talking about golf with Tiger Woods in the picture anytime soon. He's got a lot to figure out. He's now admitted to affairs, cancelled all the appearances for the next month or so. What I want to know from you is which group are you part of?? The one that says "Tiger should deal with this privately..we don't need to know anymore" OR "he's a very public figure and we should know it all." ((Bonus Keyword: "Voicemail"))