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  • Cheese, Beer, Brat Soup..Naturally!

    Posted by Dave Kallaway's like Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory for ALL FOOD! It's called "Holidays in Harmony..we sponsor it every year..easy gig, really. You come, you eat, you find what you'll then cook up for the holidays..while area choirs kick it big in the background. THIS THING you see here is a thing of beauty. It's Cheese soup with beer and brats in the soup!! MAN..does that scream Wisconsin all the way or what???!! I tried it, loved it. And think about're going to eat/drink all those things..cheese, beer, brats ANYWAY!! So why not just get at it all in one bowl!! ((Bonus Keyword: "YumCentral"))soup



    Posted by Dave Kallaway


    Interesting and finally fun night at PackAttack out at Dale's Weston Lanes. Greg Jennings was scheduled to be on the show..and he didn't. Long story of miscues, but bottom line Johnnie Gray and Brian Graff of TV 9 FILLED FOR TIME! And man..I know..that is a tough thing to do. A crowd of Packer fans were expecting to see Greg at 6:30pm. Greg finally showed at 8:15pm. So Johnnie and Brian talked to the crowd..kept them engaged for over an hour. Dale Elliott..I have to say is a "go with the flow" guy and I love him for that. AND ONCE GREG showed was all good! I snapped this pic of Greg Jennings, Johnnie Gray, and me! ((Bonus Keyword: "LovePackers"))

  • Top 5 Turkey Leftover ideas!

    Posted by Dave Kallaway


    All the turkey in the world has now been "for the most part" eaten! have leftovers!! I asked friend of the show super Chef Tommy Gibbons..who lands planes while stirring his fantastic sauces at the Airport come up with the "Top 5 recipes for Leftover Turkey!!! Yeah!!! They are:..1)...Uncle Wally's Hangover Hash (like Corn Beef Hash just substitute with Turkey) 2)...Turkey Panini sandwich (grill your bread..try different kinds of breads and sandwich spreads for a unique change of pace) 3)...Turkey Alfredo Pasta!!! (Heck Yeah!!) 4)...Turkey Soup with Wasabi Dumplings (Tom King would like a gallon of that please..thank you) 5)...Turkey Quesadillas (Go Mexican for a real twist). Great ideas and MAN you will need them cause you could need a variation on turkey for a month! ((Bonus Keyword: "yummy"))


  • Tweet Emotion...

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    Read a great article that talks about "emotion" in Tweeting. How rare is that?? Emotion in your tweets!? If you're saying "watching Grey's Anatomy" emotion there. If you're saying "Somebody needs to tell the Chief to STOP DRINKING!!" Now that's emotion. We're all guilty of punchin' out the "I'm walking my dog" crap just to remain on the screen, but if you think about what you're doing..tweet about what you're feeling. I'll bet you'll be on somebody's favorite list in no time...((bonus keyword: "emotion"))

  • Wave When We Drive By...

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    Took this quick snapshot at the Stevens Point Parade last Friday..a WELL ATTENDED parade every year. They love it. It seems early, but who cares. It's a parade baby and we're going! And just so you know...there's more on the way. We'll be working the WIFC bumpin' blazer in Rapids this Friday, Wausau Dec. 4th, Rudolph, Mosinee, know your holiday parade is coming. Now where did I put that extra duck tape for the lghts?? ((bonus keyword: "wave"))

  • Snow in the Forcast??

    Posted by Dave Kallaway

    Rib Mt Fog

    This is quite the changing mountain! I walked through this Saturday morning..FOG CENTRAL! And along the way..snow guns galore! They're lined up and ready to make "pretty" snow. In fact..they're talking about making snow Monday and Tuesday of THIS WEEK!! Cripes..I thought for sure that it's WAY too warm to do that, but what do I know..If that's the case..I'm heading back with snowshoes! ((Bonus Keyword: "FOGME"))

  • And the winner is....

    Posted by Dave Kallaway

    Dave Kallaway

    Well here we go! The name of the new Dave Kallaway blog is...(drum rolls, tympani, a triangle please,and a side order of cymbals)


    I shot the idea of a new name to tons of people on Facebook, Twitter, texted friends and WIFC staff. NOBODY could agree on what to go I knew I was onto something good! Plus, I needed something that looked, felt, and created a different vibe on for a blog. I'm sorry. I think weird and I needed a name for the blog that reflected that. The name, by the way, came from David "DAK" Colthurst from the Fabulous Beer Pigs..the trivia team that Stacy Cole and I belong to! Thanks was the one that made little lights go off in my head and made me smile.

    Other new parts to this'll be able to comment right here, share this blog on Facebook, and Twitter AND..I'll be posting lots of keywords in each 95-5 Rewards players will love that! So stay for updates galore. SuperkallaBLOGalistic!!

    ((Bonus keywords.."Super, First, Entry"..put in all 3 here on!!))