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  • Out our studio this morning...

    Posted by Dave Kallaway

    Out our studio this morning...


    Roads completely sucked, schools closed, and still it was time to come do a little radio. Well worth it with this view out our WIFC studio. I took this just after 5am..I call it "snow cake"..because the snow is just cakin' on the trees big time!! So pretty..(photo by Dave Kallaway)

  • Saturday Night Live made the right move...

    Posted by Dave Kallaway

    Saturday Night Live set the right tone this week by having these kids sing first to start the show. We look for buffers all the time when going from one story to the next..this worked well to go from the horrible shooting story in Newtown, CT to doing a show where they're job is to be funny. Good job SNL...

  • Great PackAttack Fun tonight!

    Posted by Dave Kallaway


    Great TV shows start with a great guest..and we had one tonight! Sam Shields had a solid game against the Bears..and the Pack clinched the NFC North Division Title too!! No surprise we had a big crowd at Dales Weston Lanes. I asked Dale to play my copy of "The Bears Still Suck" while I polka danced with Deb of my long time friends from Hardees. What a hoot..the show airs Tuesday night 6:30pm on TV 9...hope you watch!!! (photo by Dave Kallaway)

  • Let's get our geek on!!!

    Posted by Dave Kallaway

    Saw the meteor shower last night!! Went on the back porch with my wife..we were freezin' but diggin' the shower! Here's the geek explanation of what's happening up in the heavens right now. You may not have missed all the meteors..stay tuned!!

  • Rock n' Roll Hall of Fame Inductees 2012!!

    Posted by Dave Kallaway

    I gave up the debate of "who should be allowed in the Rock n' Roll Hall of Fame"..wasn't worth it anymore. But based on their criteria..anybody you can mention in any kind of music should be allowed in the Hall...listen!

  • All I Want for Christmas with Mariah Carey, Jimmy Fallon, and the Roots!

    Posted by Dave Kallaway

    Do yourself a favor..crank your computer speakers and listen to this great version of Mariah's "All I want for Christmas" with Jimmy Fallon on Floor Tom Tom, and the Roots playing everything could find laying around. It's awesome and has the true spirit of Christmas!!

  • The Next Star Trek..Can't Wait!!

    Posted by Dave Kallaway

    They hit the first Star Trek out of the park..the next one is ready for release next year. Heres' a little tease....

  • WIFC's Disco Cures Cancer 2012..time to hand over some moola!!

    Posted by Dave Kallaway

    WIFC's Disco Cures Cancer 2012..time to hand over some moola!


    The best part of doing WIFC's Disco Cures Cancer is handing over the money. Here's the WIFC crew with our check for over $17,000 along with the "keepers of the fund." Aspirus Cancer Care and their staff use the money we raise for people & and their families dealing with cancer. Thanks to Aspirus and all our sponsors for making "Disco" a great event again this year.

  • Will Winter Wonderland add even more lights??

    Posted by Dave Kallaway

    Will Winter Wonderland add even more lights??


    Had to ask the questions everyone is asking..when I broadcasted at Marshfield Rotary's Winter Wonderland this year. First question.."what's your light bill?" The answer.."about $20 per night." The next was about adding lights..and some point will it ever be enough. The answer "we've probably reached the limit for the amount of lights we'll have at Winter Wonderland." THAT IS NO PROBLEM..I mean WOW..they're at over a million Christmas lights in Wildwood Park and it looks fantastic! I hope you go see it with your's lit the rest of the month! (photo by Dave Kallaway)

  • LOVE this video!!

    Posted by Dave Kallaway

    Man...give me more of this..Will-I-Am and Britney!! Great video!!

  • How Many Walks for Mary Will We Need?

    Posted by Dave Kallaway

    How Many Walks for Mary Will We Need?


    Stacy Cole and I went over to the Marathon County Courthouse for the "Walk for Mary"..walk number two. Why? There's a woman who accused of killing her boyfriend's dog slowly with wounds, feeding the dog bleach and then journaling about how she enjoyed the process...truly sick. The woman accused pleaded "Not Guilty" today in court..her trial will start in February.



    People who flat out don't want to see anyone get away with cruelty to animals gathered today with signs..some brought their own dogs..some shedding tears over what had happened to Mary..all participating in the "Walk for Mary" question is..How many walks will it take before there's serious justice for those who commit these crimes against man's best friend?

    (photos by Dave Kallaway)