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  • Kocourek Ford Test Drive-2012 Ford Escape

    Posted by Belky

    2012 Ford Escape

    The NEW Escape is stellar! Every feature you could EVER want is in the Escape. It's like an SUV, with a sporty look & feel. Of course, it's spacious inside, and very appealing on the outside. When I jumped inside, I felt like I was driving a toy! Did you know the new Escape has "Park Assist" ? It will automatically parallel park itself, WITHOUT YOU EVEN TOUCHING THE STEERING WHEEL!! No JOKE! It has sensors hooked up all around the entire vehicle. Video coming soon on this amazing feature...

    Right now at Kocourek Ford, get 0% financing on the Ford Escape! Take a test drive, you'll feel like a kid again!

  • Kocourek Ford Test Drive-2011 Ford F-150

    Posted by Belky

    2011 Ford F-150

    I had a chance to drive this F-150 down to Marshfield this past weekend, and all I can say is.. WOW! Ford really did it right! What a smooth ride! And, so controlling on the road. Right now... Kocourek Ford on Wausau's North Side has HUGE deals...

    Place To Be Sales Event,  NEW 2011 Ford Escapes starting at $20,972 OR 0% @
    60 plus $1000 rebate..  Stock #F2892  Plus taxes fees. ect.


    Close out on All remaining 2011 Ford Fusions Starting at $19,981. Stock #
    F3039.  OR just arrived 2012 Fusions with $2000 rebate OR 1.9% @ 60 plus
    $500 rebate.

    So... take some time, and check out their lot! These deals won't last forever!!



  • Kocourek Ford Test Drive-2011 Ford F-150 4X4 Supercab

    Posted by Belky

    2011 Ford F-150 4X4 Supercab at Kocourek Ford

    Ford F-150

    Ford F-150

     This V-8 rides like a dream! It almost felt like I was in my car, but with the power & height of a stylish truck! The 2011 Ford F-150 is a very affordable truck with tons of room and power. Once again, making pulling anything simple. It also includes side steps in the back, so you can load or unload things much easier.

    I just can't get enough of the voice activation either. With the new laws on cell phones, you don't have to worry about dialing your contacts. Just press the voice activation button, and tell it whom to call. You will need to upload your address book, but that's simple! And, the crew at Kocourek Ford will teach you how!

    This red F-150 was super sharp looking, and is as comfortable as any ride I have taken yet! Be sure to stop in at Kocourek Ford on Wausau's North Side and see it for yourself! Remember...

    March is truck month!! 0% for 60 Months, plus $2000 in rebates! Or, a total of up to $7000 off with rebates and incentives! Ford, the BEST SELLING TRUCK 34 YEARS RUNNING...


  • Kocourek Ford Test Drive-2011 Ford F-250

    Posted by Belky

    2011 Ford F-250 King Ranch at Kocourek Ford

    Ford F250

    Ford F250


    The 6.7-liter V-8 is the quietest diesel engine I've driven in a pickup! This F250 offers power I have never felt before! And, I couldn't believe how smooth it is to drive. The steering is so smooth, I felt like I was gliding on the highway! With the Turbo inside, it gives you that extra boost to pull just about anything! Its a comfortable ride inside, and you feel in charge of the open road.

    Again, this Ford F250 includes voice activation. Making phone calls hands-free. Also, it has GPS. Which will locate anything near your active position in the city. Looking for a gym? Perhaps a restaraunt? Tell it where you want to go, and it will lead you there! This is a MUST see! Head to Kocourek Ford on Wausau's North Side and ask to take a test drive! This IS worth your time!!

  • Kocourek Ford Test Drive-2011 Ford F-150

    Posted by Belky

    2011 Ford F-150 at Kocourek Ford

    Ford F-150


    What a beast! The 2011 Ford F-150 will tow just about anything, and rides like a dream. If you want to tow that boat up north this summer, not a problem! Perhaps that camper, or the jet-skis? The Ford F-150 includes the trailer break, for serious towing! It's also loaded with room! The seats in back fold up instantly, giving you all the room you need for a weekend get-away. I took this F-150 up to Three Lakes last weekend, and loaded it with fishing gear, food & clothing. Made things loading and unloading a breeze! FYI, we hammered the Northern!

    Another great feature inside is bluetooth. I was able to sync my cell phone right into the hard drive of the F-150. And, by pressing the voice activation button, I called anyone whom was in my address book. Making calls hands free! You are in total control, and feeling safe on the open road. Be sure to take a test drive, you will love the new F-150! Drive one! Only at Kocourek Ford, on Wausau's North Side!

  • Kocourek Ford Test Drive-2011 Ford Explorer

    Posted by Belky

    2011 Ford Explorer at Kocourek Ford

    2011 Ford Explorer

    It's totally redesigned... and, stunning inside & out. The reborn 2011 Ford Explorer is a three-row SUV. It's totally loaded with room for the entire family & friends. Inside... you will find voice activation. Making decisions on the open road a breeze! You can set the temperature by telling it what degree you want it set to. You can also blue tooth your cell phone, so your hands free! It will download your contacts, including pictures and numbers! The Explorer also has USB ports so you can attach a flash drive to upload your favorite music. Want to bring your laptop? No problem! You can plug it in, in back as well! Do you have a favorite color? The Ford Explorer has an ambience feature, so you can change the colors inside the vehicle. Let's talk safety... when in reverse, it switches to a LIVE camera mode, where you can see what's behind you! And, if you're driving on the open road, and there is someone in your blind spot... your side mirrors will signal someone is there!

    Simply put, the Ford Explorer blew me away! This rides as smooth as a car, and you're in an SUV! It will get your thru just about anything! Take a test drive, and see what I experienced! You will be surprised! Kocourek Ford... on Wausau's North Side!