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  • Did I Do That?

    Posted by Mike Mathers

    Yep one line, made so many people laugh, including myself.  Growing up I loved watching TGIF with shows like Full House, Step By Step, and the classic Family Matters.  A very cool interview is happening Thursday morning on Kallaway On The Rise with Jaleel White.  You definately know him better as Steve Urkel.  This guy was an icon to nerds everywhere in the 90's.  So the story is Steve is head over heels in love with Laura and he probably asks her out 5 million times and everytime Laura denies him, but he doesnt quit, find out what happens in one of the last epidsodes of Family Matters, back in 1997.  The show had 9 great seasons and by far the reason is because of the man Steve Urkel, check out this video from a dramatic end to the series!



  • Heres a good lesson dont book a flight from Spirit Airlines lately

    Posted by Mike Mathers

    Its amazing that hard paying customers who have plans to travel now cant because of the pilots striking very crazy stuff, you might enjoy this video at the bottom of the page from one the best Flight movies of all time, well the funniest anyways.

    Spirit Airlines pilot strike forces flight cancellations

    It's day three of the Spirit Airlines pilot strike, which means more flight cancellations, and more stranded passengers.

    Passengers at McCarran are being told all flights today and Tuesday will be grounded.

    Pilots walked off the job late Friday night, fighting for pay that's comparable to that at other low fare airlines. Other carriers here in Las Vegas spent the weekend, trying to get stranded passengers back home. We found a couple at the airport on Sunday, who found out their flight back to Florida on Tuesday was canceled. Spirit's website says passengers will be given a full credit toward another Spirit flight, plus a 100 dollar voucher. But the couple we talked to say that's not what they were offered.

    "All that spirit will refund us is only part of the return trip so we're going to lose a lot of money."

    Spirit says no talks are planned with the picketing pilots right now. But we've heard that as soon as an agreement in reached, planes should be taking off as scheduled.



  • All over the place on Saturday!

    Posted by Mike Mathers

    If theres an event Saturday, chances are ill be there.  Okay so im being a little sarcastic.  Saturday will be quite the day, it starts in Stevens Point from 5-7 at Players Lounge Cruise Inn event me and Belky will be handing out the Dells Season opener cards.  Then im turning Medford upside down with CLUB WIFC at the Thirsty Moose from 10-1.  Ill have Mount Olympus tickets on me so if you see me there ask nice and I might just hook you up with the good stuff :)  Also the X-rated girls will be on hand dishing out shot specials out all night long.  Dont worry about the music, ill be playing all the hits guaranteed to get you on the dance floor, haha you can trust me right?  See you out tomorrow, and enjoy one of my favorite new dance songs from the man David Guetta, and some friends Fergie, Chris Wilis, and LMFAO.  Put it together and you get one hot number, Gettin Over You, heres the video!!




  • Dancing time Saturday night!

    Posted by Mike Mathers

    It seems like Club WIFC at the Thirsty Moose just gets bigger and bigger everytime im there.  Its definately been a running tradition in Medford for the past 5 years.  The second Saturday every other month you better believe the Moose is rocking.  Ill be out Saturday night from 10-1, guranteed to get you on the dance floor and shaking what your momma gave you, haha!  I will also have Mount Olympus Waterpark tickets, so if your looking to go to the Wisconsin Dells in the coming weeks, then im your man on thpe waterpark tickets.  Enjoy some great drink specials compliments of the Thirsty Moose.  Practice up those dance moves like this guy, now this is funny stuff here!  I guess the Holy Ghost reached out to this guy, hahaha!



  • Bringing 80's rock back!

    Posted by Mike Mathers

    Before I got my gig at WIFC, I was working nights at Y105 in Dubuque, Ia.  Apprantly Dubuque is a fan of rock and the 80's like this area, and I had a show called Friday Night 80's.  Anything I wanted to play from the 80's, it was a blast and I always got tons of requests.  I became a big fan of 80's hair metal.  Im talking Def Leppard, Motley Crue, Poison, Skid Row, and Tesla. (Ive seen all those bands live and they totally rock)  I came across a NEW song from The Scorpions.  Yes the band that said Rock You Lke A Hurricane, and Wind Of Chains, and this song really rocks no pun intended!  Check it out, its called, Raised On Rock.  What do you think play this one for Slam It Or Jam It?  Let me know!





  • Look whos a practical jokester?

    Posted by Mike Mathers

    Okay so everyone knows someone that likes to mess with there friends.  A person that thinks its the perfect prank, but theres one problem the victim of the prank just doesnt think its funny.  Find out what Justin Bieber did to Miley Cyrus, when Miley was overseas. Haha you gotta hand it to Bieber it was pretty funny but the one person that wasnt laughing was Miley!


    Miley Cyrus Wants To Hurt Justin Bieber

    Miley Cyrus was furious with fellow teen star Justin Bieber after he flooded her phone with prank calls during her trip to London.
    The "Hannah Montana" star lost her temper after the 16 year old repeatedly phoned her in the middle of the night, and now she has vowed to get even with the hitmaker.
    She tells U.K. talk show host Graham Norton, "He prank called me, not realizing the time difference yesterday, at like three o'clock in the morning. I was about to kill! He kept ringing! I was yelling because I thought it was someone that got my number; my number gets out. So I changed my number and he kept pranking me. I really did believe it was a kid or something so I was like, 'I can't really yell 'cause I think it's a kid but I'm not really sure.'
    "Finally, I was like (shouting), 'It's three o'clock in the morning!' He was like, 'Ha ha ha ha, it's Bieber. Call me back.' I was like, 'Oh my gosh, I'm going to hurt this kid.' My little sister loves him, but I'm going to kill him."


    See told ya that was a pretty good joke, check out Justins new song with Jaden Smith and the theme to The new karate kid movie.  Look for this song to be tested on Slam It Or Jam It This week.  Heres the music video!




  • Roadtrip anyone?

    Posted by Mike Mathers
    Its the best time of the year to gather all your friends, get your hot songs, and best cold drink all in the name of summer vacation. If you havent planned that trip yet heres some ideas for you with the top ten road trip destinations! http://www.planning-fun-road-trips.com/road-trip-destinations.html In some very happy news in Brewer land, the baseball Gods apparantly do like the Crew. Jeff Suppan even though you were a good guy, and gave to charity, you just werent good at pitching anymore. So I dont feel bad that a guy that gets cut from the team still gets 12.5 million dollars. At least he wont get booed out of Miller Park anymore!
  • First pitch!

    Posted by Mike Mathers

    Well if you missed it, here it is the first pitch from Athletic park for opening night with the Wisconsin Woodchucks ahhh the magic of youtube, enjoy!   Im proud to say it was a strike maybe Jeff Suppan can learn from me haha, now I just need to be paid like him so ill take a 12.5 million dollar raise!


  • Say goodbye to The Kid

    Posted by Mike Mathers

    Wow what a night in sports, first off if not the greatest the top 3 greatest baseball players ever in the game retired last night.  A guy I have been watching for 22 years, what an amazing career.  He literally changed the way centerfield was played.  Not only was he one of the greatest defensive centerfielders, but his swing was so sweet.  The best thing about it he did it the right way.  When I say that I mean, no steroids.  He didnt cheat like Barry Bonds, Sammy Sosa, Mark Mcgwire, Rafael Palmero, or Alex Rodriguez just to name a few. If not for injuries he would have been the homerun king and I dont think anyone would hae been able to tough his record.  Ever since I was a kid playing baseball I always wanted to be like Ken Griffery Jr, why not with his amazing catches, and silky smooth swing.  Check out these jaw dropping catches narrated by the kid himself, simply amazing



    The other part of the night was why baseball should have instant replay for every play.  Amazing Armando Gallaraga for the Detroit Tigers has a chance to get in the record books by throwing a perfect game.  1 out to go grounder by second base throws to Gallaraga covering he was clearly out and the umpire called him safe.  The worst call ever and Gallaraga gets cheated of a perfect game, ive never seen something like this.  I guess thats why baseball is such a great game cause you never know what can happen on a given night.  Go Woodchucks tonight, opening night and im throwing out the first pitch see you at Athletic Park!!

  • Ready for some Woodchucks baseball!

    Posted by Mike Mathers

    Ahhhh theres nothing like taking the family out to the ball game.  Get some cracker jacks and peanuts and hopefully the home team can win.  Dont miss it tomorrow its opening night at Athletic Park as the Wisconsin Woodchucks take on Madison starting at 630.  Something new this year is WIFC will be hanging out at some of the games.  Tomorrow were kicking it off with myself throwing out the first pitch.  I used to play baseball as a kid played outfield and was pitcher but I have never thrown out a first pitch at a game before, its gonna be a great experience.  Hopefully you can come out and cheer me on, im really excited to be at Athletic Park tomorrow night.  So bring the family out and root the Woodchucks on to a victory.  By the way I know for a fact ill do better than this guy throwing out the first pitch, haha see you tomorrow!!


  • It is offically summer, ohhhh yeah!

    Posted by Mike Mathers

    Well I sure had a busy Memorial Day Weekend, hopefully you got out and enjoyed this great weather.  Saturday I was at the Tiki Bar, hanging with friends all day, it was such a blast.  Nothing better than taking a dip in Lake Dubay when its 90 degrees.  Then Sunday I took a trip to Miller Park, I know nothing better than going to a Brewers game but it keeps happening this year to me they lost again.  I had so much fun though, got to meet up with my parents and my brother and his wife tailgaited before the game.  We even got the bean bag game going in the parking lot so much fun.  So about a month ago the WIFC staff got to meet Tyler Hilton, he was such a nice down to earth guy, and his leather jacket fit really nicely!  You can check out our facebook page for the full pictures, and get to know Mr Hilton even more here!  http://www.starpulse.com/news/index.php/2010/06/01/qa_with_authentic_person_musician_tyl


    Just to show you how good he sounds heres a video from him enjoy!!


  • Whos replacing Simon?

    Posted by Mike Mathers


    Soo if you dont know by now, I really cant get enough of Idol.  Its a bummer that the show is done, but its never too early to find out who the front runner is to take Simons job, the person that is in the lead definately makes sense, but he has been through so much the past month health wise.

    Bret Michaels To Replace Simon Cowell On 'Idol?


    Brett Michaels has emerged as the new favorite to replace Simon Cowell as an "American Idol" judge after his triumphant performance on the live finale of the talent show on Wednesday night.
    The Poison singer ignored his doctors' advice and took to the Idol stage for a duet with finalist Casey James.
     he'd be good. He's funny. He's got experience. He'd be a good choice - and you saw the audience reaction to him. They love him."

    The ailing rocker, who is still recovering from a near-fatal brain hemorrhage and a recent stroke, was an instant hit with fans, who gave him a standing ovation as he walked out to sing a rendition of Poison's "
    Every Rose Has Its Thorn."
    And Cowell was left so impressed he's considering handing him his judging seat now that the Brit has quit the show after nine years on the panel.
    He says, "Actually, And Michaels is hopeful he will be handed the job: "I'm sorry he (Cowell) has to go but sometimes things happen. Provided my health holds up, I think I'm taking that chair next year!"
    Other celebrities who have been linked to the role include Quincy Jones, DJ Howard Stern, Madonna's partner and record boss Guy Oseary, Idol host Ryan Seacrest, Harry Connick, Jr. and the show's former judge Paula Abdul.

    About that performance Casey James sounded amazing I really think he can be a star on the radio.  Simply incredible what Brett Michaels did on the stage, im all for him being the judge just hope his health can hold up.  Everyone enjoy Memorial Day weekend, the weather will be gorgeous out!