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  • Congrats Lee!

    Posted by Mike Mathers

    So another American Idol is done and a star is born.  Lee Dewyze your American Idol and I think he is here to stay, what a voice.  Definately has the potential to be the next Daughtry.  It was crazy tonight for Slam It Or Jam It I played Beautiful Day from Lee and it sounded better than Bono's version.  Were talking the lead singer from U2, WOW.  So I have a question, what happens when The General joins forces with William Hung, see for yourself!



    Yikes William give it up, not only is he a terrible singer but hes getting so annoying, at least The General has some dance moves.  You know you've made it when your a backup dancer for Larry Platt!

  • Whos winnng tonight?

    Posted by Mike Mathers

    Hmmm so whos it gonna be, Lee or Crystal.  You can make a case for either of the singers to win the competiton.  I really thought Crystal sounded better than Lee last night, but Lee definately is the more marketable star. Im gonna stick with my prediction of Lee to win it all, hope he doesnt let me down.  Its amazing to think that American Idol has been going on for 9 seasons.  Theres been  lot of stars made, and a lot of people that have cashed in there 15 seconds of fame, heres something interesting, the where are they now American Idol addition!


  • Summer of winning

    Posted by Mike Mathers

    How about this for winning!  Coach purses, Ultimate Brewers getaway, and concerts and lots of concerts!  The show you can win tickets for tonight has such a loaded lineup.  Big acts like:  Third Eye Blind, Good Charlotte, Boys Like Girls, LMFAO, All Time Low and Vita Chambers just to name a few heres the full lineup!  http://www.last.fm/festival/1435181+The+Bamboozle+Road+Show


    You know a show that starts at noon, will be a hot ticket, wow just look at all the stars playing in one show.  Tonight I will have your chance to win a pair of tickets to the show, and you can see these guys live too, check out Boys Like Girls's new song Heart Heart Heartbreak, and hear it live on Friday June 11th!!!



  • Leadfoot

    Posted by Mike Mathers
    Grandma clocked at 103 mph works for DMV
    You know sometimes you see a story, and it just makes you go WOW.  So your telling me a Lady at 53 years old, goes 103 mph with her grandkid in the car and is trying to teach her grandkid a lesson on speeding?  What the........  Oh wait and heres the best part she works for the DMV, LOL!!!! 
    Grandma clocked at 103 mph works for DMV

    SALEM, Ore. -- A grandmother who was clocked at over 100 mph in Salem, and who told police she was merely trying to teach her 10-year-old grandson a lesson about speeding, is a 21-year veteran with the Department of Motor Vehicles.

    Sandra Nardi, 53, was arrested Sunday after she whizzed by a deputy on Hylo Road.  According to police, the radar gun showed she was going 103 mph.

    Nardi has been charged with reckless driving and reckless endangering.

    According to DMV, Nardi was already on administrative leave before getting busted.  They said she had showed up late for work too many times.

  • The soundtrack to your summer!

    Posted by Mike Mathers

    Finally I can say the word summer, without having think about another 32 degree day in May with heavy snow.  Can you believe that happened a little over 2 weeks ago?  So looking ahead to the weekend Sunday its 87!  Im thinking of a trip to the Tiki Bar, had some good times there last summer, hopefully you get out and enjoy the weather.  Wow so Monday now there calling for 90, thats gonna feel like 110 to us.  The one thing you need for summer is a hot playlist, look no further its right here, some old school and some new all are good tunes!  http://www.starpulse.com/news/Tiffany_Elle/2010/05/21/hot_hot_hot_your_2010_summer_playlist




  • Thats some kind of talent!

    Posted by Mike Mathers

    Wowzers how about this weather, definately feeling really nice out there.   I ended up getting a round of disc golf in, and man was it hot out.  I really wanted to jump in the lake but the weather is a tad bit dirty at Memorial, the only time i would go in is to try and retrieve a disc cause theres a few holes where you can lose discs.  So how about American Idol last night, not surprised that Casey left, hes good but just cant compete with Crystal and Lee, so that leaves two left.  Its going to be quite the battle on the finale and I really have no idea whos gonna win, my heart says Lee but Crystal is very talented too, its gonna make for some really compelling tv next week.  Talking about the talent, you know Justin Bieber definately gets a lot of criticism, but you really have to give it up to him, the kid can sing.  Ive seen his youtube channel where he first got recognized, but last night he sounded really good.  Debuting his new song and then singing Baby.  Check out this video and just wait for the ending where Justin rocks an instrument, I have to say i was very impressed!




  • No competiton last night!

    Posted by Mike Mathers

    So watching Idol I really thought it was anyones contest to win.  You can make a case for all 3 singers to win the title of American Idol, until last night.  I have to say Casey was easily the worst, his first song was way too boring.  Crystal was just ok, but Lee showed America whos in it to win it dawg (In the words of Randy Jackson)  His song choice was incredible, after Lee said he was gonna sing Simple Man I just had a feeling that it would click.  It did more than click, what an amazing performance, see for yourself here!



    So im thinking Casey is going home tonight, leaving a finale of Lee vs Crystal and clearly its Lee's to win.  Speaking of winning, more chances to win some Uncle Kracker tickets for this Saturdays show in Oshkosh on the All Night Party, hopefully you'll get some good luck!!

  • How about opening up for Bon Jovi??

    Posted by Mike Mathers

    Wow how about this oppurtunity, if your in a band and want to have the night of your life then check this out!!  Well not just opening up for Bon Jovi, but Kid Rock, and One Republic if I was in a band I know would send my tape, too bad I cant play a lick of an instrument, can you???

    Bon JoviBon Jovi are offering aspiring musicians a once-in-a-lifetime shot at fame - they're giving up-and-coming bands the chance to open for the rock icons when they take to the stage in London this summer.

    The Livin' On A Prayer hit-makers will perform a 12-date residency at the O2 Arena next month and they want new talent to warm up for them on their five opening dates. Applicants have been invited to upload content about their band online at OpenForBonJovi.com. The information will then be judged by a panel of industry experts, including Bon Jovi's management company, to determine the five finalists.

    A post on the website reads: "If you are in a band, looking for a break - then this is as good as it gets... We are looking for 5 fresh and promising new bands to fill the opening nights at The O2 arena... Start
    uploading videos and content which proves that you're good enough to open for Bon Jovi."
    Entrants have until May 31st to take part in the competition. Bon Jovi kick off their O2 residency on June 7th and will be supported by
    Kid Rock and OneRepublic on their remaining London dates.

    You know ive seen a lot of bands live but never Bon Jovi, there still on my list hopefully ill get to see them soon, im going old school for Bon Jovi!  Check this out!


  • Hello Monday!

    Posted by Mike Mathers

    So last night I went to the Brewer game and they lost again.  Its really getting ugly they have now lost 8 games in a row at home and there manager's job is hanging by a thread.  I really hope the Brewers make a change cause they need something major to shake up.  Ive recently became a fan of the CBS Monday night comedies.  Ive always been a fan of Two And A Half Men, but started to watch How I Met Your Mother, Big Bang Theory, and Rules OF Engagement.  Oh are these shows so funny, and its perfect to make you laugh on a Monday night.  Heres an inside look at the latest season of Rules Of Engagement, im sure you will get hooked on it like I did!



  • Need some mojo here!

    Posted by Mike Mathers

    Hey, always love this time of the week, the weekend around Central Wisconsin.  Thanks for making the All Night Party rock every Friday night.  Its a natural reaction when your out you need to hear your favorite song.  Thats when I come in, nothing like playing your hot jam to get the weekend rolling, so make sure and dial it up tonight when your out.  Back to Mojo, and the Brewers sure need some.  They are now 4-11 at home where they usually play good, its been a trainwreck so far at Miller Park.  HAHA at least the Cubs are doing bad too Zambrano just gave up a 3 run homer in the 8th ining always love seeing that.  So im heading to the good land Sunday, im talking about Miller PArk for Sunday night baseball.  Hopefully the Brewers can play a good game it will actually be my 5th game of the season not a bad start.  Too bad there only 1-3 so far, heres to a win, and this video still gives me goosebumps, take you back to 2008 for the Brewers playoff parade rally in Milwaukee, so awesome!!!



  • Daughtry has a new single!

    Posted by Mike Mathers

    So American Idol is down to the final three.  I gotta say america got it right with Casey, Lee and Crystal.  Should make for some compelling television, and I have no idea who is gonna win.  You can really make a case for any of the final three contestants.  Im gonna go with Lee though to win it all, we'll see if it happens.  Another thing that caught my attention was Daughtry's new song.  I still cant believe that he place 4th in Idol, and I didnt see any of the performances.  I just never got into the show till 3 years ago, so I missed all the good stuff with Daughtry.  One thing is for sure that when Daughtry puts out a song it turns into a hit.  There making a case with Nickelback on who WIFC's #1 artist really is.  I have yet to see Daughtry live, but hopefully ill be seeing them this summer, heres how good they sound live, with Daughtrys new song September!!



  • One of the best plays ever!

    Posted by Mike Mathers

    So you probably by now know how much of a baseball fan I am, and Brewers fan.  There so inconsistent they go in to Arizona and sweep the Diamondbacks, a team that has good offense.  Then get to play the Braves who have struggled big time.  As im writing this the Brewers are down 2-0 in the 6th inning on there way to being swept at home, where they have played terribly.  Im also a basketball fan, and more importantly a Bulls fan.  Growing up in Iowa I would watch Michael Jordan all the time, he was the man.  Everyone wanted to be like Mike.  I remember going to games and trying to put on a show like Jordan would.  I was always good in shooting contests and free throw contests but it didnt result in playing good in games.  I still loved basketball and played up till Junior in high school, at that time Jordan was still doing his thing.  In honor of the NBA playoffs going on right now, I give you one of the best and spectacular plays ever during the NBA finals where Jordan squared off with Magic Johnson, and this was such a jaw dropping play!