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  • Heading to Miller Park Saturday night! Boo Cubs!

    Posted by Mike Mathers

    So I talked about this briefly yesterday, but I wanted to share some staggering numbers on the Brewers record breaking day yesterday.  As im watching the game I was thinking either A.  The Pirates are gonna start throwing at the Brewers players, or B. The Pirates will walk off the field and forfeit.  Im glad neither of those happened.  The Crew outscored the Pirates in a three game series 36-1, the largest in baseball since 1993.  There combined 35 run margin was the highest in the National League in a 3 game series in 109 years.  Yesterdays game was also the first 20-0 in the history of Major League Baseball.  It was the Pirates most lopsided loss in 124 years as a franchise.  Its amazing going through these stats.  It was the most lopsided series in Brewers franchise history.  It was also the largest shut out in Brewers franchise history, just incredible when you look at all that.  It truly was a historical day, so Brewer fans enjoy it, I sure did.  Lets save some runs for the Cubs, cause im rooting on the boys Saturday night, and theres nothin better than the Brewers to beat the Cubs at Miler Park.  ITs gonna be an electric atmosphere, GO BREWERS!!!  Heres one of the songs ill be jamming too on the way to the stadium!!  This video is creative genius from the Peas!!




  • What a day!

    Posted by Mike Mathers

    So its funny I said to my dad man that would be great if the Brewers could sweep the Pirates on my birthday.  They didnt just sweep them they had one of the biggest offensive outbursts in the history of baseball, wow 20-0, not too bad!!  Im going to the game Saturday night so hopefully they can keep it up against the Cubs!  So the more and more I hear and see this girl play guitar, the more im liking her.  Orianthi, wow she was rocking it for idol gives back, check out this video I like to call it Oranthi's greatest hits on the electric guitar, I wouldnt mind if she was my guitar teacher, haha probably be pretty hard to pay attention!



  • How did you enjoy the day today?

    Posted by Mike Mathers

    Nothing like waking up and the sun is shining.  You just have a feeling that its gonna be a good day  Today was definately that for me.  Started it with a long workout at the gym, its amazing how it makes your feel after your done working out.  Theres nothing like it.  After the workout I got a round in of Disc Golf at Machmuller park in Weston.  I like this course a little bit better because theres no water so you dont lose any discs.  Trust me ive lost quite a few discs at memorial park in Wausau, if your gonna play that course you better have discs that float.  If you've never played disc golf, id say try it out this weekend.  Discs are only around 15 bucks and its free to play, you cant beat the price.  I think these guys were having a little too much fun, on the course, check out this disc golf video!




    Classic song too, hope you enjoy it, everyone have a great night!!

  • New song in my head

    Posted by Mike Mathers

    One of the great things about being in radio is trying to find the best new music for you guys.  Believe me we listen to a ton of new songs, hoping to find that next big hit. Im also a club DJ, and to me this song can be a hit on the radio and in the clubs.  It has that perfect combination of funky beats with very catchy lyrics check out The White Tie Affair-You Look Better When Im Drunk, voted in as a JAM by over 90 percent on Slam It Or Jam It last Friday night.






    Double the winning tonight with 2 chances to get some tickets to 3 OH 3 and Cobra Starship in Milwaukee next week!  Listen up for the mix of the 2 bands to try and win!

  • Had a great weekend!

    Posted by Mike Mathers

    So ive realized Medford sure can party!!  Ive been doing Club WIFC for 6 years now at the Thirsty Moose and Satrdays crowd was the best ive ever seen.  It definately put a smile on my face, and made Club such a good time. So for all those people that came out and partied, I say "Thank You"  cant wait to be back there!  Last night was a good time too.  Me, Belky and Tony went out to dinner with Tyler Hlton, his dad and record rep.  The rep took us out to Angelos for some delicious pizza.  I definately reccomend that place, and there garlic cheese bread. Okay so back to Tyler Hilton, he may have left his jacket, and I may or may not have tried it in, haha details to come tomorrow.  Heres Tyler singing a cover of Kings Of Leon-Use Somebody, sounds great!!




  • I am so ready for the weekend!

    Posted by Mike Mathers

    I keep saying this but man tis week just flew by!  Its gonna be a fun one Saturday night.  Im keeping the tradition of partying in Medford alive wth Club WIFC at the Thirsty Moose!  Stop on by say hey and I might just hook you up with some Mount Olympus Waterpark tickets.  Also the Doctor Mcgilligudy girls will be on hand with shot specials, and other prizes.  Dont worry about the music, i'll be taking care of hot dance jams from 10-1!  It keeps getting bigger and bigger, dont miss it Saturday night in Medford for Club WIFC!!  Everybody have a great weekend, and check out Ill Fletch from the top 9 last night, on my podcast at the bottom of the page!  Look whos back and still dancing, youtube sensation Judson Laipply is back with Evolution Of Dance part 2, get your dance moves ready for CLub WIFC! :)


  • Special guests tonight!

    Posted by Mike Mathers

    Hey how about it the Brewers finally beat the Cubs today!  Im really excited for the top 9 tonight.  The Ill Fletch train keeps rolling, 9 nights in a row as the number one song, and the boys are gonna join me as guest hosts on the countdown.  Find out what they have to say about there big hit This Feeling, and much more on the top 9 tonight!  I also have another chance at winning 3OH3 and Cobra Starship tickets at the Rave in Milwaukee.  Big night for the all night party, ill talk to you at 7!!  You wanna know why everyone keeps requesting the song, well here it is for ya so you be the judge! 


  • Another concert?

    Posted by Mike Mathers

    So im happy baseball is back on but wow the Brewers pitching is not making me feel like that at all.  As im typing this the Cubs just scored 4 runs in the 8th and now lead 7-6.  Come on Brew crew time for a rally!!  The good news is more chances at a really hot concert.  3 OH 3 and Cobra starship playing live in Milwaukee, and I know you want to be there.  Listen up later on tonight for the mix of 3 oh 3 and Cobra Starship live.  By the way you want proof on what kind of show they put on.  See for yourself right here. Ummm Brewers down to there last out, baseball is not very fun right now :(





    Boooo Cubs

  • Worst automobiles?

    Posted by Mike Mathers

    So I came across this list of the worst cars ever!  Some of these you will agree with, others you might be shocked.  The interesting fact is if anyone owned a car on the list.  Now I owned a 89 Ford Escort I thought for sure that would make the list, but it didnt,  Maybe yours did!  http://editorial.autos.msn.com/slideshow.aspx?cp-documentid=1131799&icid=autos_1260&GT1=22010

    So jumping back to my first car, this video brings back some memories.  Some good and some not so good, like the time my car stalled and i had push it back to my house, yeah not fun.




  • Walkoff anyone?

    Posted by Mike Mathers

    Wow what a weekend, it was really busy for me.  So one week of the baseball season is in the books and ive already been to 2 games, so far im 1-1 and last nights game was somethin else.  Me and Belky drove down for the game did some tailgaiting (Well sort of!  We may or may not have forgotten some things, guess were rookies when it comes to that) and enjoyed Brewer baseball.  The game should be called homerun derby, the Brewers had 4 homers the Cardinals with 3.  More importantly they hit a walk off.  That is truly the most exciting thing about baseball, because the home team gets the final shot to end the game, and when it happens well the crowd goes......  Watch this video an see for yourself!!




    For me it was extra special, cause I never had the chance to see a walk off homer, what a special feeling!

  • Amazed by a performance

    Posted by Mike Mathers

    Have you ever seen a performance, and after you just go, "Wow that was amazing"  Well recently I had that reaction to Jason Derulo's mini concert from American Idol on Wednesday.  The vocals sounded really good, but the dancing was even better.  It looked like a young Michael Jackson out there and I really think a star has been born with Jason.  Hopefully he here is to stay for a long time cause I am really enjoying his music!  Check out the performance from Wednesday here!! 



    Everybody have a great weekend, and Go Brewers!!

  • Concert anyone?

    Posted by Mike Mathers

    Theres nothing like the feeling of seeing your favorite band live in concert.  It always sounds good on the radio but hearing it live is like taking it to the next level.  Now I never seen 30 Seconds To Mars live, but a few of my friends did.  They said it was such an amazing show, and Jared Leto the lead singer put on an incredible show.  You can take there word for it, or listen to the All Night Party with myself and experience it live.  Listen up tonight for your chane at a pair of 30 Seconds To Mars tix. I also have 3OH3 and Cobra Starship tickets in the coming weeks.  Heres proof how good 30 Seconds To Mars sounds live!