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  • Group Photo For Kayleigh Gurzynski's Fundraiser

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    I had a great time this past weekend hanging out for Kayleigh's fundraiser.  They raised a ton of money and they are on their way to Chicago for the Lady GaGa concert.  Kayleigh is the BIGGEST Lady GaGa fan!


  • "Saved By The Bell" Reunion Possible, Mark-Paul Gosselaar (Video)

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    First Boy Meets World coming back now the show that was on from 1989-1993,  Saved By The Bell might be returning.  This new wave of 90's nostalgia is getting good.  Check out this video of Mark.

     If your saying to yourself, "What is Saved By The Bell?"  I recommend you check out Netflix all the episodes are on it!!

  • Hollywood Shorts 1-21: Michael Phelps Hooks Up With Most Notorious Hollywood Waitress

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    Michael Phelps ditched his gorgeous blonde girlfriend Megan Rossee last month and is apparently rebounding with notorious Hollywood groupie Jasmine Waltz.

    She is an aspiring actress and has dated, hooked up with, or has been linked to: David Arquette, Zac Efron, Chris Pine, Ryan Seacrest, Jesse McCartney, Doug Reinhardt and Vinny from “The Jersey Shore.” There are probably more secret hook-ups. But I don't blame them, she's definately a looker.

  • Eastbound & Down Renewed For A 4th Season

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    This means Kenny Powers and his crazy shenanigans are back.  I've watched all 3 seasons  and it is very crude but extremely funny!  HBO has ordered 8 new episodes!


    Are you excited for this show to return?

  • Griffin Peterson From Oconomowoc Is Going To Hollywood!

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    Here's Griffin Peterson's audition.  Nicki Minaj was really liking this guy and not cause of his singing voice.  He really has some big time talent though!  His name sounds like it could be a character on Family Guy!


    Finally a rocker got through to Hollywood, and he's from my hometown state of Iowa.  He reminds me of Jack Black in, School Of Rock.  What do you think?


  • New Taylor Swift Breakup Song Courtesy Of Conan O'Brien

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     The rumor is that Taylor Swift has 5 breakup songs in mind for Harry Styles.  This is not one of them but is definitely the funniest.  I almost lost it when you get to the choose from the following ex boyfriends part, haha enjoy!


  • Jessica Simpson Plots TV Comeback With New Sitcom

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    Jessica Simpson is coming to a TV near you.....again!  The performer just confirmed that she will soon star in a sitcom for NBC based on her life. 

    "I am so excitred to work with Ben Silverman and NBC again, this time on a scripted comedy.  I often find myself thinking that no one could ever make up the things that actually happen in my life.  Between the real life elements and a great team of writers, I think we'll have people laughing!"


    So are you gonna check this show out?




  • Hollywood Shorts 1-15: Edward Furlong Arrested Again

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    Terminator 2 actor Edward Furlong was arrested last weekend on suspicion of attacking his GF.  This is the THIRD time he's been accused of domestic violence in three months.

    Furlong is still in custody. 


    Why doesn't he just punch a pillow or get his frustrations out at the gym??