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  • What were some of the singers thinking?

    Posted by Mike Mathers

    Ahhh one of my favorite nights for American Idol, is the Beatles songs.  After last night I have even more appreciation for there music.  There are so many songs to pick from yet some of the singers did not pick good songs.  I thought there were lots of very odd choices and thats why I didnt like too many of the performances. My favorites were Crystal and Lee there gonna battle it out for the title.  Every week they impress.  Katie also really surprised me, she showed off an incredible voice.  The scariest performance definately was Andrew, he has completely lost it.  Last week his version of Forever sounded really good, but then he tried to become more of a rocker and it sounds very scary.  Maybe this guy should have performed last night, haha heres a video from the auditions earlier this year, unique version of Come Together!




  • Great to have baseball on again!

    Posted by Mike Mathers

    Well it wasnt the outcome I was looking for with the Brewers yesterday.  Good thing its a long season, but it would be nice to beat the Rockies once.  Im also a huge Basketball fan, and my team is the Bulls.  Big game against the Bucks, I want to watch some playoff basketball so hopefully my team makes it, there playing the Bucks tonight.  If the Bucks win then they make the playoffs so lots of excitement in Milwaukee tonight.  Its amazing some of the plays that happen in baseball, thats why its such a great game.  Yesterday for the White Sox Mark Buehrle had quite possibly the play of the year on opening day so impressive.  You know its an amazing play when the visitor announcers even go nuts for it, see for yourself here!


  • What A Easter weekend!!

    Posted by Mike Mathers

    Nothing like spending time with family and good friends for Easter!!  Not to mention a delicious ham dinner.  Hopefully everyone had a good Easter and got to see some of your family.  Wow what a day today, I left this morning about 8 to go to the Brewer game.  Opening day at Miller Park is always an event, it was so packed that by 1030 the parking lots were already full, keep in mind the game didnt even start till 1, which shows how Wisconites can really party and celebrate opening day.  I went with my family, but had to leave after the 3rd inning to make it back to work.  Talk about hard to do, ive never left a game that early and I think that will be the only time.  So im driving into town and listening to Belky for the drive at 5 and this song starts playing, new Lady GaGa.  It got jammed last week for slam it or jam, and it sounding a lot better.  Check out Alejandro from Miss Lady GaGa!!


  • Monday April 5th!

    Posted by Mike Mathers

    Ahh yes in my opinion the greatest day of the year.  Its like Christmas, birthday and New Years all wrapped up in one day.  Im talking about opening day.  My first love as a kid, was baseball and more importantly the Brewers.  My parents told me I could say the entire Brewers starting lineup when I was 3, I can definately see that.  There was no better feeling then playing baseball with all my buds from school, to me it truly is the greatest game.  The best part about it is there are 162 games, which means almost every day theres a game.  Monday im fortunate enough to get a ticket for opening day!!  It really is one of the hardest tickets to get.  Me and my family are tailgaiting and enjoy a day of baseball.  Check out this video from a few years back, to see what the atmosphere is like in the parking lot for opening day at Miler Park! 






    One more thing GO BREWERS!! 

  • Hello gorgeous weather!

    Posted by Mike Mathers

    Wow today was just amazing.  Hopefully you got a chance to get out and enjoy it.  I was out disc golfing in Weston.  Theres nothing better than going out with your friends play a round, and enjoy nature.  Theres definately a lot of woods on the course, it makes it very challenging.  It was the first time I ever played that course but I will definately be there again soon.  So how about Idol last night, and I really cant beleve it but Tim is staying for another week.  I dont know who is worse Sanjaya or Tim, im gonna vote Sanjaya just cause he annoyed me so much, but Tim is definatly getting on my nerves.  He should be gone next week.  It didnt bother me that Didi got eliminated because I dont think she had any chance of winning the competition.  However Lee has a really good chance of winning and what a soulful performance from Tuesday night.  If you missed it your in for a treat, heres the video. 


  • Hollywood Shorts 3-31

    Posted by Mike Mathers

    Miley Cyrus To Release Just One More Record Before Focusing On Film


    Miley Cyrus has promised to turn her back on music for good and concentrate on movies - insisting she's "done" with pop once her next album is released in June.
    The singer/actress shot to international stardom playing schoolgirl-turned-secret pop star Hannah Montana, landing the part when she was just 12 years old.
    She announced last year she only has one season of the hit Disney show left, admitting she feels "claustrophobic" because she has "grown out of" the role.
    And it's not only her teen show she has outgrown - the star wants to leave the music industry for good and become a fully fledged Hollywood actress.
    On the red carpet for her new film The Last Song, Cyrus told reporters, "I've got a record coming out in June and then I'm done. I just want to work in movies. That's what I like and that's what I want to be doing."
    Cyrus, daughter of country star Billy Ray Cyrus, has released three albums to date - Meet Miley Cyrus, Breakout, and The Time of Our Lives. Her fourth and final record is titled I Can't Be Tamed.


    Lady Gaga To Record Next Bond Theme?

    Lady GagaLady Gaga is reportedly in negotiations with movie bosses to record the next James Bond theme tune.
    Film chiefs are said to be eager to land the Poker Face hit-maker to perform the lead track for the forthcoming 007 movie, which will be directed by Sam Mendes.
    A source tells Britain's The Sun, "Bond bosses are all huge Gaga fans. Her sound and sense of drama make her the top choice. Gaga has the look as well as the voice to tackle a thundering ballad. She's a great songwriter too. This is perfect on every level."
    Previous stars to record Bond themes include Shirley Bassey and Paul McCartney.


    9021-Oh No! Shannen Doherty Is First To Go In Surprising 'DWTS' Elimination

    Dancing With The Stars

    It's the first "Dancing with the Stars" Results Show of the season. Brooke Burke tells us right off the bat that this will be a "surprising and exciting night" and announces that Buzz Aldrin is safe from elimination and Pamela Anderson is one of the couples in the bottom two. Pam's WTF face shows that she was NOT expecting this.

    Len hosts a pre-produced recap of the performances from the previous night.  Nicole Scherzinger gets the encore dance and I am definitely excited to see more dances from her and Derek this season.

    The next performance comes from Michael Jackson's choreographers and features all the pros in a unique ballroom fusion dance. Decent filler material. As is Adam Carolla's "Between the Mirrorballs" commentary. Buzz does wear A LOT of astronaut/moon shirts.   

    Tom reveals that Aiden & Edyta and Niecy & Louis are both safe from elimination.

    Jesse and the Rippers perform next. Actually it's John Stamos and the Beach Boys… and let's just say, they've sounded better.  

    "The Len Commandments of Ballroom" is a nod to those celebrating Passover while this results show is going on (and those who should be celebrating Passover but are instead watching DWTS) and features the cranky judge who is quickly becoming the star of this episode. And as a star, he's demanding that next week's dances each tell a story.

    Three more safe couples are revealed. Evan & Anna, Jake & Chelsie, and Nicole & Derek will all live to dance another day.

    Macy's Stars of Dance perform a tribute to the victims of the Haiti Earthquake. The segment begins  with a video that features dancers who were personally and directly impacted by the disaster. Forgive me but after that video, "Hips Don't Lie" felt like a weird song choice for their performance. Regardless, there's an opportunity to lend support at www.abettercommunity.com.

    There's still more filler to get through and we see what new co-host Brooke Burke goes through in a day on 'DWTS' right up to announcing that Erin & Maks and Chad & Cheryl are returning next week.

    After the next commercial, we find out that Shannen Doherty is in the bottom two and Kate Gosselin is safe. WHAT?????? And right after that, we find out that Shannen is the first one to go. NO!!!!! Also, it turns out that Mark hurt his knee and would have had to sit out the next six weeks of competition, had they made it through. Shannen's highlight reel plays, and I'm just sad. What happened to all the 90210 fans? Are they all just too busy watching '90210' to see that the zip code's original star was just kicked off this show? Gone before her time yet again… it's The Brenda Years all over again.


    Carrie Underwood Wants Dog To Be Her Ring Bearer

    Singer Carrie Underwood's Chihuahua will be the ring bearer at her nuptials.

    The country star and ice hockey player Mike Fisher became engaged at Christmas and now Underwood is starting to make plans for her wedding.

    The couple has yet to name a date but they've decided on cupcakes instead of a traditional cake - and Underwood also wants her pet Ace to be part of the ceremony.

    She says, "He'll be one of the ring-bearers... but I don't know if I'll give him the actual ring; he would probably run away with it or eat it or something."


    Carrie Underwood

  • An amazing baseball talent!

    Posted by Mike Mathers

    So its official for me anyways, the shorts are coming out well for the next couple of days.  Definately gonna have to get out tomorrow afternoon and play some disc golf, when its 73 and sunny, I just cant resist.  It will be a bit cooler towards the weekend and opening day for the Brewers game, it usually happens like that.  So speaking of baseball, I am completely amazed on what I saw yesterday.  We've all heard of a switch hitter, where you can hit on both sides of the plate, but heres somethng new.  Meet Pat Venditte, he is a switch pitcher.  So lets say hes facing a right handed batter, he would throw right handed, but then the manager puts in a lefty batter to have a better shot of hitting the pitcher.  Normal manager would bring in a lefty pitcher, only this time the pitcher can just switch hands and throw lefty, its truly a remarkable talent.  Check this video out of Pat!


  • Hollywood Shorts 3-30

    Posted by Mike Mathers

    Lady Gaga: 'I Haven't Slept For Three Days'


    Lady GagaLady Gaga is so obsessed with planning out her next career move, she's struggling to sleep.

    The pop star admits she's suffered many sleepless nights since finding fame, but refuses to take any medication because she comes up with some of her best ideas while trying to doze off.

    She tells Britain's OK! magazine, "My passion is so strong I can't sleep - I haven't slept for three days... I lie in bed and try to pray and breathe. I have a very overactive mind. I'm the sort of person who'd never take medication to calm myself. It's maddening. But I love what comes out."
    "If my destiny is to lose my mind because of fame, then that's my destiny. But my passion still means more than anything. For some people, fame kills it and becomes more important than the music or the performance. But for me fame is like rocket fuel. The more my fans like what I'm doing, the more I want to give back to them."

    Leona Lewis Gets Confused, Thinks She’s Lady Gaga

    Leona LewisSplash News

    Is it just us, or did Leona Lewis look like a Lady Gaga copycat at Perez Hilton’s birthday? Sorry, lady, but we prefer your sexy diva look to this new drunken clown thing.

    Matt Damon Turned Down 'Avatar' Because He Was Too Busy

    Matt DamonMatt Damon reveals he almost played the lead in the biggest film of all time: "The biggest role I probably turned down was 'Avatar.' I turned that down because of scheduling reasons." 

    Damon's children are unaware their dad is a famous movie star because they're so used to seeing themselves on screen as a result of new technology. "The Bourne Identity" star wants to keep his children in the dark about his Hollywood status for as long as possible.

    Meanwhile, the actor has branded the concept of marriage "a ridiculous idea" because his wife drives him "crazy." He explained, "She's the best thing that ever happened to me, but if she ever left me, I wouldn't do it again. Because it's crazy - to spend your life with one person and not be totally driven crazy."


    Ke$ha Admires Britney Spears


    Ke$ha regrets criticizing Britney Spears - because she has since learned to respect the Womanizer star.

    The TiK ToK singer hit the headlines earlier this month after she took aim at Spears for lip-synching during her live concerts. Ke$ha even blasted Spears in a track called Styrofoam, in which she sang, "In ten years, Britney Spears... Britney who?"

    However, now the star, real name Kesha Rose Sebert, has retreated, insisting she admires Spears and that the lyric wasn't even her idea.

    She says, "I didn't write that bit. That was from when I was 15. I have to admit now I regret even singing that because I have mad respect for her."

    Celebrity Birthdays - March 30, 2010

    Cream guitarist Eric Clapton (1945)

    Canadian singer Celine Dion (1968)

    Rapper MC Hammer (1962)

    American singer Tracy Chapman (1964)

    90210" actor Ian Ziering (1964)

  • Yesterday was movie night!

    Posted by Mike Mathers

    If your looking to check out the hottest movies around the area, then hit up our movie section.  I have to thank Charter communications for being apart of it and it really is helpful.  It has showtimes, and previews and all sorts of cool stuff to make sure your watching the right movie.  Last night I went to She's Out OF My League last night, such a hillarious movie.  The whole question is can a girl that is a definite 10 date a guy thats a 5, see for yourself in this preview to the movie.  If your looking to laugh really loud then check out this movie. 


  • Hollywood Shorts 3-29

    Posted by Mike Mathers


    Rapper 50 Cent was laughing all the way to the bank following a guest appearance at a British club on Thursday - he earned $75,000 for uttering one word to clubbers.

    Bosses of the new nightspot Bamboo in Liverpool, England persuaded the In Da Club hitmaker to turn up to the club's opening night by offering him the staggering sum, as well as an array of free champagne and two beautiful girls to stay by his side all night.
    Hundreds of revellers turned out to see the superstar, but they were disappointed after he only left his VIP spot to say "HEY" to the packed club before returning to his entourage, according to Britain's Daily Mirror newspaper.
    A source tells the publication, "It was the most blinging night ever. People though 50 Cent might perform a track or two, given his massive fee, but he just greeted the crowd with 'Hey' and got back to his two personally requested ladies, who were lavishing booze on him."


    Celebs Who May Tie The Knot In 2010



    Chris BrownDisgraced R&B singer Chris Brown is still suffering the after-effects of his attack on Rihanna - he's reportedly struggling to find a venue for his upcoming 21st birthday party.

    The shamed star was handed a community service order and five years probation for repeatedly punching the Umbrella hit-maker during a bust-up after a pre-Grammy Awards party last year.

    His image has taken a battering since the incident - and now Brown is even allegedly struggling to find a plush venue whose owners are happy to host the star's 21st birthday celebrations in May. The singer has reportedly scouted for clubs in New York, Miami, and Las Vegas without success.

    A source tells New York Post gossip column PageSix, "(Some club promoters) don't want to mess up their relationship, or their potential relationship, with Rihanna."


    Mariah Carey Receives Birthday Porsche From Nick Cannon


    Mariah Carey received an extra special 40th birthday present this weekend - her husband Nick Cannon bought her a custom-made pink Porsche to mark the milestone.

    The Hero hit-maker turned the landmark age on Saturday and she was delighted with her gifts from Cannon, who she married in 2008.

    Taking to her Twitter.com blog to reveal the special surprise, she writes, "Thank u (sic) everyone for the anniversary wishes! Today is a 'smash hit wonder' I'm having SO much fun & you guys make everything even better... All the videos and messages I got for my anniversary were incredible. You never cease to amaze me and make me happy and grateful..."

    "Again, thank you so much to all who gave so much time & love... NC (Nick Cannon) shocked me with a custom PINK porsche!!! And a huge trampoline! Yes, pink."


    Mariah Carey


  • What is it like to be Justin Bieber?

    Posted by Mike Mathers

    Had a  great time in Wisconsin Rapids on Saturday.  Petapalooza was quite the event, thanks to all those that stopped out to the Wild Horse Saloon.  The highlight for me was mc'ng the hot dog contest.  The winner ate 5 hot dogs in 3 min and 5 seconds, second place came in a minute later so there was no contest.  The most impressive part of the feat,was the guy that won actually just ate a little bit before the contest.  Hope to get back to Rapids soon, its always good to get around the area to different events.  So back to my title of the blog, have you ever wondered what its like to be Justin Bieber, and how he lives his live.  Heres a clip from an mtv show, The Diary Of Justin Bieber!!



  • Bring on Petapalooza

    Posted by Mike Mathers

    Looking for a fun, family event well I got the perfect thing for you, Petapalooza.  Its an all day event tomorrow at the Wild Horse Saloon in Wisconsin Rapids starting at 7am and it goes till 11pm!  Theres gonna be an Easter Bunny breakfast, hot dog eating contest, tons of prizes and raffles, out of shape olympics(Now that one seems really interesting, haha), kids games and activities and a petting zoo.  Not to mention all the music that will be playing.  Also if you see me around, ask me about Mount Olympus water park tickets, I also have some goodies from McDonalds.  Ill be there from 3-5, hope to see you out at this fun event tomorrow.  All the proceeds benefit Southwood County Humane society, so in honor of that heres a video with the worlds funniest dogs!