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  • Dinner option?

    Posted by Mike Mathers

    One thing I need to be better at is cooking.  Lets just say im not the handy chef but I came across this and had to share it with you guys!  Whats for dinner tonight, maybe 5 ingredient pasta, check it out here!  http://www.delish.com/recipes/cooking-recipes/quick-pasta-dishes?GT1=47001

    After looking at that I sure am hungry now, heres a great video to make you laugh its from the pbs cooking show Americas Test Kitchen with bloopers and other practical jokes! 



    Put in alfredo as an extra word as in Chicken Alfredo is my favorite dish!

  • Ke$ha said what to Britney?

    Posted by Mike Mathers

    Ahhh gotta love Mondays, so im always intrigued with the smacktalk going on with other singers.  It looks like there might be a feud brewing with Ke$ha and Britney Spears, check out the details on why Ke$ha slams Britney here!http://www.starpulse.com/news/index.php/2010/03/04/keha_slams_britney_spears_for_miming_

    Well I was looking forward to a possible duet with Britney and Ke$ha guess thats not gonna happen, at least you can look forward too Lady GaGa and Britney teaming up on her new album.   Shes got another hit on her hands heres Ke$ha's new song Your Love Is My Drug




    Put in love as an extra keyword for 95.5 Rewards!


  • Vacation baby!

    Posted by Mike Mathers

    I am on my way to Florida as we speak!  We have a resort in Orlando so im sure il be finding a lot of fun stuff to do.  Sunday im heading to Cocoa Beach and also I got tickets for the Bulls vs Orlando Magic you know which team ill be rooting for!!  I will also be wasting away in Margaritaville ahhhhh what a great place, quoted famously by Jimmy Buffet, heres the video!



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  • Its about that time of the year!

    Posted by Mike Mathers

    Well its official, baseball has begun.  Yes I know the games dont matter yet but it was lots of fun listening to the Brewers today, too bad they lost 5-3 oh well like I said its only Spring Training.  Now if it was up to me I would say opening day could start in a week, but thats just because I want the season to start really bad!  Even Suppan pitched good today, maybe he will have  good year, he owes it to the Brewers with the contract he signed!  Heres my favorite baseball song, check out the live version!



    Put in NATIONAL as an extra word, heres to the greatest game our national pasttime!

  • Rap pioneers making one time comeback!

    Posted by Mike Mathers

    I guess theres a reason why im a radio DJ cause i absolutley love music, definately couldnt live without it.  Im a huge fan of rock, pop music, metal and some rap.  The only genre i dont like is classic country guess im in the right area of dj'ng.  Another genre i like is the rap rock, growing up Limp Bizkit was huge for me but wayyyyy before that was Run DMC.  Unfortuantely Jam Master J was viciously gunned down in early 2000's.  The other 2 members vowed never to perform again as a group but things might be changing, there in the works of plaing a music festival this summer.  Ive seen Rev Run with Kid Rock that was an amazing show, but nothing can top the very first Rap rock song ever made heres the classic video!!



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  • A duo no one ever thought would happen

    Posted by Mike Mathers

    The great thing about music is the possiblilities of Different duets.  Ive always been a fan of Poison and Brett Michaels, and this song definately shows off the old school voice, gotta love it.  Im just wondering when theres another rock of love coming up I was hooked on those shows.  Here is a new song with Brett Mchaels and Miley Cyrus-Nothing To Lose! 



    Put in Brett as an extra keyword, you think this song with Brett Michaels and Miley could be a hit on slam it or jam it, let me know!

  • Mashup Monday!

    Posted by Mike Mathers

    Well all I can say is what a hockey game yesterday!  To go from feeling so excited and just shocked that USA scored a goal with about 20 seconds left in the game to send it into over time.  To then watch Canadas boy Sidney Crosby score a goal, ughhhh anyone but him, haha.  That definately just made me more of a hockey fan watching the olympics the last 2 weeks.  So back to my title of the blog.  Check this real cool video out of Jay Sean singing a song from the Irish band The Script. 



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  • ALERT: Hot song coming your way at 7:10!

    Posted by Mike Mathers

    Ahhhhh my favorite time of the week, welcome to the weekend!  Im ready to play the hot new music tonight for Slam It Or Jam it at 7:10.  Check out Timbaland and Katy Perry-If We Ever Meet Again, and heres the music video for your viewing pleasure!



    Put in Gorgeous as an extra keyword, id say thats a good word to desribe Katy Perry!  Have a great weekend, dont forget if your around the area ill be broadcasting live at Toyota Of Wausau 2900 N. 20th Av from 11am-12pm.  Check out the hot deals and sign up to win some Mt Olympus tickets in the WIsconsin Dells!!

  • Hockey fever?

    Posted by Mike Mathers

    As you all know my favorite sport is baseball, I mean I do talk about the Brewers a lot, so you can probably figure that out.  Im also a big football and basketball fan, but theres one sport growng on me and thats Olympic hockey.  Ive always loved going to live hockey games, but watching it on tv wasnt for me.  Well I have to change that because im really getting into Team USA and there playing in the semifinals this weekend.  Im thinking theres gonna be a rematch of Canada and the US for the gold medal game, be very exciting if that happened.  Also the Womans hockey team is steamrolling there competition and has a gold medal game tonight, so I have to give some props to both Olympic hockey teams!!  I also have to give props to Kevin Rudolph for coming out with such a hot song, check out the behind the scenes of the music video from his song I Made It here! 




    You can also vote for the song on our top 9 page, its been making the countdown lately so we'll see if it does tonight starting at 9.  Put in USA as an extra keyword and have a great night!!

  • Idol fever!

    Posted by Mike Mathers

    Well I was excited to watch Idol last night but the girls definately dissapointed me.  You could tell from Simons voice that he was just getting really frustrated, it made for some entertaining TV cause I was waiting for him to snap on someone.  Hopefully the guys can do a lot better.  Personally I think the girl that sang Landslide, was really bad and should go home, it was kind of painful on my ears.  Heres something to lighten the mood a performance from last year, it ws an original composition. 



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  • We Are The World 2.0

    Posted by Mike Mathers

    Its amazing the power that music posesses.  The first time this song came out if touched the people of the United States and helped raise money for starving nations in Africa 25 years ago.  Unfortunately an earthquake with a magnitude of 7.0 hit Haiti.  Once again music to the rescue, check out the video of We Are The World 25 for Haiti.  Amazing over 80 artists in one song! 



    This song will be battled tonight for Slam It Or Jam It.  If you like what you hear give me a JAM or if you dont like it and want me to smash it , then give me a SLAM.  Il take your votes starting at 7:10-7:45.  Put in POWER as an extra keyword for 95.5 rewards!


  • Gaga and her outfits!

    Posted by Mike Mathers

    Lady GaGa knows 2 things!  How to make number one songs, and to have the most unique outfits.  Well im sure she knows more things than that, but her latest song with Beyonce-Telephone is on her way to number one.  Check out this link and get some fashion tips, GaGa style!http://www.billboard.com/news#/slideshow/307207?decorator=slideshow&confirm=true


    Hard to believe shes already had 30 outrageous outfits, put in UNIQUE as an extra word for 95.5 rewards!