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  • Snow on May 2nd

    Posted by Tony Waitekus


    Here's video of snow from Western Wisconsin yesterday.  I'm glad it didn't get to Wausau!

  • Famous Birthdays for 5/3/13

    Posted by Tony Waitekus

    Cheryl Burke

    Famous Birthdays for May 3:

    Noah Munck (17)

    Eric Church (36)

    Dule Hill (38)

    Frankie Valli (79)

    Christina Hendricks (38)

    Cheryl Burke (29)

    Christopher Cross (62)

    Kevin Kilner (55)

  • Man spends life savings on dreadlocked banana

    Posted by Tony Waitekus

    dreadlocked banana

    banana man

    It happened at a carnival in Manchester, New Hampshire.  Henry Gribbohm was trying to win an Xbox Kinect worth $100 on a game called Tubs of Fun, involving thowing balls into a tub without them bouncing out.  Henry already spend $300 on the game, then went home and got $2300 more, according to him, his life savings, and proceeded to lose that too on double or nothing chances.  He came back the next day to complain.  The operator of the game gave him $600 back and a giant dreadlocked banana. 

  • Famous Birthdays for 5/2/13

    Posted by Tony Waitekus

    David Beckham

    Famous Birthdays for May 2:

    Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson (41)

    David Beckham (38)

    Lily Allen (28)

    Kyle Busca (28)

    Lesley Gore (67)

    Engelbert Humperdinck (77)

    Jenna Vonoy (36)

    Bianca Jagger (68)

    Lou Gramm (63)

  • Gas Thief

    Posted by Tony Waitekus

    gas thief

    This happened in Australia on April 23rd.  A couple of people were pumping gas when an attendent grew suspicious about the people paying for the gas.  Sure enough, they took off.  The attendent got the plate number of the car.  But as it turned out, the plates were stolen and didn't match the car.  Local news in that city are playing this video hoping someone will recongnize the girl.

  • Famous Birthdays for 5/1/13

    Posted by Tony Waitekus

    Ray Parker Jr

    Famous Birthdays for May 1:

    Tim McGraw (46)

    Wes Welker (32)

    Judy Collins (74)

    Ray Parker Jr (59)

    Jamie Dornan (31)

    Paul John Teutul (64)

  • Baboons invade house!

    Posted by Tony Waitekus


    This is what can happen if you live in South Africa.  Neighbors noticed baboons getting into a house when nobody was home.  They where looking for food and causing a mess.  Here we deal with ants, roaches, bees, bats, racoons, mice and others type of animals.  But baboons????  Don't leave the windows open when you leave the house.

  • Famous Birthdays for 4/30/13

    Posted by Tony Waitekus

    Dianna Agron

    Famous Birthdays for April 30:

    Willie Nelson (80)

    Dianna Agron (27)

    Johnny Galecki (38)

    Kristen Dunst (31)

    Burt Young (73)

    Jeff Timmons (40)

    Baauer (24)

  • Alligator on golf course

    Posted by Tony Waitekus


    It's not unusual to see alligators on the golf course in the south.  Here's a three-legged alligator crossing the fairway at the Zurich Classic in New Orleans.

  • Famous Birthdays for 4/29/13

    Posted by Tony Waitekus

    Jerry Seinfeld

    Famous Birthdays for April 29:

    Jerry Seinfeld (59)

    Master P (46)

    Jay Cutler (30)

    Daniel Day Lewis (56)

    Michelle Pfeiffer (55)

    Uma Thurman (43)

    Eve Plumb (55)

    Andre Agassi (43)

    Amy Heidemann (27)

    Carnie Wilson (45)

    Lane Smith (77)

    Tommy James (66)

  • Duckapalooza!

    Posted by Tony Waitekus


    With spring coming, it's not unusual to see ducks crossing the road.  But have you ever seen anything like this?  This is in Pankhaton, Thailand.

  • Famous Birthdays for 4/26/13

    Posted by Tony Waitekus

    Channing Tatum

    Famous Birthdays for April 26:

    Channing Tatum (33)

    Jason Earles (36)

    Jet Li (50)

    Kevin James (48)

    Carol Burnett (80)

    Tom Welling (36)

    Roger Taylor (53)

    Tionne T. Watkins (43)

    Jordana Brewster (33)

    Duane Eddy (75)

    Bobby Rydell (71)