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  • Famous Birthdays for 2/22/13

    Posted by Tony Waitekus

    James Blunt

    Famous Birthdays for February 22:

    Drew Barrymore (38)

    James Blunt (39)

    Rachel Dratch (47)

    Miko Hughes (27)

  • Video of gas explosion at Kansas City restaurant

    Posted by Tony Waitekus

    Kansas City restaurant

    Tuesday night, JJ's Restaurant in Kansas City, MO., exploded due to a gas leak.  You can see gas company trucks on the scene before the explosion.  One person was killed, 15 were injured.  The explosion was caught on a surveillance camera across the street.

  • Famous Birthdays for 2/21/13

    Posted by Tony Waitekus

    Ashley Greene

    Famous Birthdays for February 21:

    Ashley Greene (26)

    Corbin Bleu (24)

    Jennifer Love Hewitt (34)

    Alan Rockman (67)

    Kelsey Grammer (58)

    Charlotte Church (27)

    David Geffen (70)

    Christopher Atkins (52)

  • Famous Birthdays for 2/20/13

    Posted by Tony Waitekus

    Brian Littrell

    Famous Birthdays for February 20:

    Rihanna (25)

    Cindy Crawford (47)

    Brian Littrell (38)

    Andrew Shue (46)

    Sandy Duncan (67)

    Jeremy Foley (30)

    Jay Hernandez (35)

  • Famous Birthdays for 2/19/13

    Posted by Tony Waitekus

    Victoria Justice

    Famous Birthdays for February 19:

    Victoria Justice (20)

    Smokey Robinson (73)

    Jeff Daniels (58)

    Seal (50)

    Justine Bateman (47)

    Daniel Adair (38)

  • Frozen Water Hose

    Posted by Tony Waitekus

    frozen water hose

    This is what happens when you turn the water on a frozen water hose.

  • Famous Birthdays for 7/21/12

    Posted by Tony Waitekus

    Matt Dillion

    Famous Birthdays for February 18:

    John Travolta (55)

    Dr. Dre (48)

    Vanna White (56)

    Matt Dillon (49)

    Yoko Ono (80)

    Molly Ringwold (45)

    Cybill Sheperd (63)

    Dennis Deyoung (66)

    George Kennedy (80)

  • Condor goes WILD during Bakersfield Condor game

    Posted by Tony Waitekus


    It's the national anthem.  They bring out the Condor at the Bakersfield Condors game as they get ready to play the Las Vegas Wranglers on Feb 8, 2013.  Things don't go exactly as planned.

  • Famous Birthdays for 2/15/13

    Posted by Tony Waitekus

    Amber Riley

    Famous Birthdays for February 15:

    Jane Seymour (62)

    Amber Riley (27)

    Matt Groening (59)

    Alex Gonzalez (36)