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  • Cutting a watermelon in 20 seconds

    Posted by Tony Waitekus

    cutting a watermelon

    This man can cut a watermelon in 30 seconds or less.  For this one, it took 21 seconds.  I think I'd be a little more careful with that knife.

  • Famous Birthdays for 4/25/13

    Posted by Tony Waitekus

    Al Pacino

    Famous Birthdays for April 25:

    Al Pacino (73)

    Renee Zellweger (44)

    Jason Lee (43)

    Jacob Underwood (33)

    Gina Torres (44)

  • I didn't know I was in this picture

    Posted by Tony Waitekus

    Is this a photo bomb?

    95-5 WIFC's Totally 80's for a Cause happened last Friday.  Two people on staff were taking pictures.  I was one of them.  I got the pictures from the other person yesterday to post on the WIFC web page.  As I was going though these pictures, I noticed this one!  I don't remember it.  Is this a photo bomb?  It's not like I was trying to get in the picture.  Apparently we were both taking pictures of Belky on stage.  See all the pictures here:

  • Famous Birthdays for 4/24/13

    Posted by Tony Waitekus

    Kelly Clarkson

    Famous Birthdays for April 24:

    Kelly Clarkson (31)

    Barbara Streisand (71)

    Cedric the Entertainer (49)

    Shirley Maclaine (79)

    Tyson Ritter (29)

    Danny Gokey (33)

  • Marines visit Boston Marathon victims

    Posted by Tony Waitekus

    Marines visit marathon victims

    Celeste and Sydney get an inspiring visit from the Marines.  Celeste and Sydney where both victims of the bombing at the Boston Marathon.

  • Famous Birthdays for 4/23/13

    Posted by Tony Waitekus

    John Cena

    Famous Birthdays for April 23:

    John Cena (36)

    Shirley Temple (85)

    George Lopez (52)

    Taio Cruz (28)

    Valerie Bertinelli (53)

    Lee Majors (74)

    Michael Moore (59)

    Joyce Dewitt (64)

    Craig Sheffer (53)

    Melina Kanakaredes (46)

    David Tutera (47)

  • WIFC's Totally 80's for a Cause!

    Posted by Tony Waitekus

    group picturecrowdcrowdPrincecrowd

    95-5 WIFC's Totally 80's for a Cause happened last Friday.  Thanks to everyone there, we raised a lot of money for the Kocourek Kids Foundation.  It was a great crowd.  Everyone had fun!  See more pictures here:  See video here:  The next major dance is Disco Cures Cancer, happening October 18th, 7pm-midnight at The Patriot Center.  Tickets go on sale September 9th, 2013.

  • Famous Birthdays for 4/22/13

    Posted by Tony Waitekus

    Mike Mathers

    Famous Birthdays for April 22:

    Mike Mathers (21)

    Jack Nicholson (76)

    Matthew Underwood (23)

    Peter Frampton (63)

    Jeffrey Dean Morgan (47)

    Glen Campbell (77)

    John Waters (67)

    Cassidy Freeman (31)

    Charlotte Rae (87)

    Sheryl Lee (46)

  • Famous Birthdays for 4/19/13

    Posted by Tony Waitekus

    James Franco

    Famous Birthdays for April 19:

    James Franco (35)

    Kate Hudson (34)

    Ashley Judd (45)

    Hayden Christensen (32)

    Tim Curry (67)


  • Chicago sinkhole this morning

    Posted by Tony Waitekus

    Chicago sinkhole

    This sinkhole this morning is from all the rain the Chicago area got.  You see two cars in the hole.  Since this picture was shot, a third car ended up in the hole.