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  • Famous Birthdays for 4/11/13

    Posted by Tony Waitekus

    Josh Stone

    Famous Birthdays for April 11:

    Joss Stone (26)

    Jennifer Esposito (40)

    Stephanie Pratt (27)

    Tricia Helfer (39)

  • Twins separated at birth find each other

    Posted by Tony Waitekus


    Korean twin sisters separated at birth find each other on Facebook.  They were not looking for each other as they didn't know the other existed.  It's a cool story!

  • Famous Birthdays for 4/10/13

    Posted by Tony Waitekus

    Alex Pettyfer

    Famous Birthdays for April 10:

    Shay Mitchell (26)

    Alex Perryfer (23)

    Mandy Moore (29)

    Steven Seagal (61)

    Haley Joel Osment (25)

    John Madden (77)

    Charlie Hunnam (33)

    Omar Sharif (81)

    Alessandra Ambrosio (32)

    Andrew Dost (30)

    Jamie Chung (30)

    Brian Setzer (54)

  • It's the fake chair prank

    Posted by Tony Waitekus

    Fake chair prank

    This fake chair prank happened at Kreuzberg Cafe in San Louis Obispo, California.  Although something like this could go very wrong today, everyone who was pranked thought it was funny.

  • Famous Birthdays for 4/9/13

    Posted by Tony Waitekus

    Kristen Stewart

    Famous Birthdays for April 9:

    Kristen Stewart (23)

    Jesse Mccartney (26)

    Hugh Hefner (87)

    Gerard Way (36)

    Leighton Meester (27)

    Keshia Knight Pulliam (34)

    Dennis Quaid (59)

    Jay Baruchel (31)

    Austin Peck (42)

  • Guy won't give girlfriend ice cream

    Posted by Tony Waitekus

    ice cream guy

    It's not just this guy won't give his girlfriend ice cream.  The whole situation was given the play-by-play treatment with analysis treatment on TV!

  • Famous Birthdays for 4/8/13

    Posted by Tony Waitekus

    John Schneider

    Famous Birthdays for April 8:

    Julian Lennon (50)

    John Schneider (53)

    Patricia Arquette (45)

    Robin Wright Penn (47)

    Biz Markie (49)

    Brenda Russell (64)

  • This is hallway swimming

    Posted by Tony Waitekus

    hallway swimming

    The floors are waxed in schools, leaving them easy to slide on.  Now there this something called "Hallway swimming".  Why?  I don't know.  I guess this is talent of sorts.

  • Famous Birthdays for 4/5/13

    Posted by Tony Waitekus

    Zak Bagans

    Famous Birthdays for April 5:

    Colin Powell (76)

    Zak Bagans (36)

    Agnetha Foltskog (63)

    Pharrell Williams (40)

    Mike Mccready (47)

    Greg Mathis (53)

  • Famous Birthdays for 4/4/13

    Posted by Tony Waitekus

    Austin Mahone

    Famous Birthdays for April 4:

    Autin Mahone (17)

    Robert Downey Jr (48)

    Jamie Lynn Spears (22)

    Nancy Mckeon (47)

    Clive Davis (81)

    Graham Norton (50)

    Amanda Righetti (30)

    Phil Morris (54)