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  • Shark Attacks Newlyweds in Cage Dive

    Posted by Tony Waitekus

    shark attack

    This was off South Africa.  Newlyweds are in a cage while bait is placed in the water to attract sharks.  Here comes a big Great White Shark.  This shark in hungry and is not interested in bait in the water.  This shark is after a real meal.  It somehow is able to stick its' head between the bars of the cage.  Nobody was hurt.  But I'm glad it wasn't me in the cage.  I don't want to be close enough to a shark to check it for cavitites.

  • Famous Birthdays for 3/16/13

    Posted by Tony Waitekus

    Jay Sean

    Famous Birthdays for March 26:

    Steven Tyler (64)

    Diana Ross (68)

    Kenny Chesney (44)

    Leonard Nimoy (81)

    Jay Sean (31)

    Amy Smart (36)

    Nancy Pelosi (72)

    Martin Short (62)

    Jennifer Grey (52)

    James Caan (72)

    Alan Arkin (78)

    Sandra Day O'Connor (82)

    Bob Woodward (69)

    Michael Imperioli (46)

  • Bowl bought for $3 at garage sale sells for over $2,000,000!

    Posted by Tony Waitekus


    A family in New York bought this bowl for $3 at a garage sale a number of years ago with no idea what it was worth.  After consulting with experts, the owners consigned the bowl for auction.  Sotheby's estimated it would sell for $200,000-$300,000.  But it went for a lot more than that!  London dealer Giuseppe Eskenazi paid $2,225,000 for the Chinese "Ding" bowl.  So what's in your garage?

  • Famous Birthdays for 3/25/13

    Posted by Tony Waitekus

    Sean Faris

    Famous Birthdays for March 25:

    Elton John (66)

    Aretha Franklin (71)

    Sarah Jessica Parker (48)

    Danica Patrick (31)

    Marcia Cross (51)

    Lark Voorhies (39)

    Gloria Steinem (79)

    Katharine Mcphee (29)

    Sean Faris (31)

    Jason Castro (26)

  • Live deer in your trunk?

    Posted by Tony Waitekus

    Deer in trunk

    A man in Kalamazoo hit a deer with his car and thought he killed it.  He put it in the  trunk of his car, and ask police if he could take it home to use the meat.  It turns out the deer was only stunned.  The deer did not end up being dinner.

  • Famous Birthdays for 3/22/13

    Posted by Tony Waitekus

    William Shatner

    Famous Birthdays for March 22:

    Reese Witherspoon (36)

    William Shatner (81)

    Andrew Lloyd Webber (64)

    George Benson (69)

    Stephanie Mills (55)

    Wolf Blitzer (64)

    Bob Costas (60)

  • Famous Birthday for 3/21/13

    Posted by Tony Waitekus

    Matthew Broderick

    Famous Birthdays for March 21:

    Matthew Broderick (50)

    Eddie Money (63)

    Timothy Dalton (68)

    Rosie O'Donnell (50)

    Kevin Federline (33)

  • Pink calms crying child at concert

    Posted by Tony Waitekus


    Pink was performing the song "Who Knew" at her concert in Philadelphia on March 17th, when she noticed a crying child.  Apparently the child was upset over fighting around her.  Pink offered the child a toy frog and a Rice Krispie Treat.  It was a nice moment from Pink.

  • Famous Birthday for 3/20/13

    Posted by Tony Waitekus

    Dean Geyer

    Famous Birthdays for March 20:

    Chester Bennington (37)

    Spike Lee (56)

    Nick Wheeler (31)

    Kathy Ireland (50)

    David Thewlis (50)

    Carl Reiner (91)

    Dean Geyer (27)

    Bianca Lawson (34)

    Hal Linden (82)

  • Famous Birthdays for 3/19/13

    Posted by Tony Waitekus

    Bruce Willis

    Famous Birthdays for March 19:

    Bruce Willis (58)

    Glenn Close (66)

    Josie Loren (26)

    Connor Trinneer (44)