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Strike A Cure For Kohin

by Belky

Day's Bowl A Dome will host the benefit, with the help from family and friends of Kohin Pasholk, to make it possible for Kohin to see an out of state specialist. The specialist is not covered by insurance and it would otherwise be impossible for Kohin to travel to Texas to get the help he needs.

Three year old Kohin has had health issues since birth. Through many tests, results have discovered that he has "leaky gut syndrome", issues with yeast, bacteria and heavy metals, low cellular energy, low flora and doesn't really absorb anything that he is getting. Recently has also been diagnosed with Enteritis and bilateral kidney reflux. Kohin is extremely deficient in a very large range of areas and he has low, if any digestive enzymes that are working properly and survives some days exclusively on liquids as his system has difficulty digesting anything solid. Kohin has esophogitis and colitis: redness, irritation, swelling and nodules throughout his entire body. A diagnosis has not been found as of yet and we have been told that serious consequences may have occurred and are still occurring due to not receiving the complete diagnosis to help Kohin.
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