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Annoying passenger gets schooled-HARD.

by Stacy Cole

Most of us can relate to this story.  You're on a plane, seated next to the most annoying person in the world.  You're stuck.  I'm fairly easygoing so I really just deal with it and pray the flight goes quickly. Well, this guy took matters into his own hands and while I am not sure I agree with what he did, I can understand the desire. 

I sat next to a belching, farting, mouth breathing woman that was so rude, I could barely stand it.  She would bump me-hard and never apologize.  Her burps were mini concertos with a small intermission. The farts?  I won't go there.  Obviously, she had issues. I tried to be compassionate but 11 hours of her was a lot to handle.  

The people around us were all finally catching on that I was not the one creating the ruckus and we had a good chuckle while leaving the plane.  Here's a link that will amaze and shock you.  There are a few moments of inappropriate language so consider yourself warned.  Would you have the courage to do what he did?