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Goodbye, sweet Monkey, goodbye

by Stacy Cole

Our precious Monkey...his last year of life was less than wonderful due to diabetes and the beginning stages of kidney disease.  We made the painful decision to euthanize him on Wednesday, March 19th.  He was not at death's door but that time would be coming...Had we waited, it was probably a matter of weeks.  He had some skin lesions from a scuffle with my younger cat and diabetics don't heal well.  His lesions were raw and beginning to show signs of infection.  It looked painful and even if money weren't an issue, not sure there was anything a vet could've done.  We decided that he deserved a peaceful passage rather than a painful, slow eventual death.  There is a message in this story...A message to cat owners, especially.  Cats, by nature, hide their pain and illness.  It's for self preservation and a genetic nod to the larger species of wild cats.  A cat in pain or sick will become easy prey in the wild...they mask symptoms and will hide from you when suffering.  As a cat owner, you have to watch for those subtle changes...notice their drinking habits, their eating habits...watch the litter box closely.

If you have a cat over the age of six/seven years and you don't make it a habit of going to the vet until there's an issue, please, reconsider.  Wellness check ups are such a valuable tool to catch illness in its early stages.  We caught his diabetes right away due to wellness exams and attention to detail (excessive water consumption, large amounts of urine in the box, attitude changes).  They deserve this care and in the end, you'll feel that you've done all you could've done for them.  They bring us so much joy...so much so that it's devastating when they leave us.  Rest now my sweet boy...