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by Stacy Cole

I guess there is a new "trend" among kids and it's called, "Beezin" and it is DUMB. Kids are putting Burt's Bees Lip Balm on their eyelids because they like the sensation from the peppermint oil. It will cause redness, swelling, itching, and inflammation. MY issue is the blatant abuse of a product I use everyday. If kids want to make their eyes sting and itch because they think it's somehow a great sensation, fine...go ahead. Do you like Pink Eye? That's what it feels like. I can't imagine anyone seeking out that feeling. Poke yourself in the eye and have fun. (I'm being sarcastic, okay? I don't want kids to harm themselves)

What I am fearful of is an overreaction and the product going away. OR, having to show ID and proof of age to buy a LIP BALM!! As an allergy sufferer, I already have to wait in line and sign my life away to buy Sudafed. The meth-heads have made this a necessity. It's annoying but I get it. However, I will be FURIOUS if this causes Burt's Bees to be locked up. A little common sense might be useful here. Putting Burt's Bees on your thin-skinned eyelids is a really stupid idea. Put it on your lips where it belongs. Sheesh!