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Amanda Bynes 5150 Hold

by Rat

Amanda Bynes may have finally gone over the edge. She has now been hospitalized on an involuntary 5150 psychiatric hold. The story starts when she tried to enter a retirement home in Thousand Oaks, outside of Los Angeles. Management told her she was trespassing and needed to leave, you know, since she is not a retired person. After noticing she was clearly intoxicated they called a cab for her. When the cab arrived she told the driver to get out of here and that she didn't have any money. The cab driver then asked her to exit the cab. Later, police were called regarding a fire in a driveway near the retirement home. When law enforcement arrived they found Amanda standing by the "campfire". Police asked her what she was doing and decided to place her under the 5150 hold for mental evaluation. The question is, what happens next? Amanda can be held for 72 hours. We sure are a long way away from the Disney version of Amanda!