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Greater Green Bay Restaurant Week Serves Success to Area Eateries

by Jeff Flynt

Greater Green Bay Convention and Visitors Bureau officials are ecstatic about how well the first annual Restaurant Week did this summer. 

“We saw more diners than we expected from the Milwaukee and Chicago markets,” says Brenda Krainik, Convention and Visitors Bureau Marketing Director. “We were pleasantly surprised by the response for our first year. Many of our restaurants were booked solid throughout the week. This was a great economic boost for the month of July.” 

The statistics:

  1. 59 restaurants participated.
  2. 18,000 Restaurant Week menu meals were sold. This does not count any meals ordered from the restaurant’s regular menu.
  3. 96% of the restaurants reported serving NEW customers. 

“We saw more diners than we expected from the Milwaukee and Chicago markets,” says Krainik, who added that the estimated economic impact from the 8-day event was $583,660.

"There's so much more that is spent, whether they're fueling up their car or they're going to attractions, those are some of things we didn't count in that number," says Krainik. "We're very excited to have that as our first number, and we look forward to beating that number in 2014."

So that means, yes, there will be a 2nd annual Greater Green Bay Restaurant Week on July 10-17, 2014.

"We've started to meet with our restaurants again, and talk about what we might do differently to increase the number of people who visit the Green Bay area," says Krainik. "There was a lot of education that happened, whether that was the restaurants themselves because they've never participated in it, or the consumer who didn't know what to expect. We think we'll have an easier road in our second year, because they will understand how it works."

Krainik adds the value of going into a new restaurant and having the value of a $60 meal for $30 is an unbelievable amenity in that place.

Their specially-dedicated website garnered 35,748 visits and 282,917 page views. Krainik says they hope to improve on that number as well, since diners can look at what restaurants are taking part, what's on the menu and can plan their trip accordingly.

(Photo by: UnorthodoxY/Flickr/Creative Commons)