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Washington slope becomes hot area for red wines

by Jeff Flynt

The Pacific Northwest is a tremendous area for culinarians. It's also quite an area for people who thirst (read: beer, wine) for wonderful experiences.

If you're looking for a much more affordable option when it comes to buying quality red wine, Washington State is the place you should start. For example: should a certain Cabernet Sauvignon or Syrah from California happen to blow up your budget, then I would suggest finding one from Washington State.

One area to know is Wahluke in the Columbia Valley.

The inexpensive land prices, coupled with warm and dry growing seasons, allow the fruit to produce a less-tannic, much more approachable wine.

According to Appellation American.com:

"Despite its middle-of-nowhere location, there is a long grape-growing history here, centered on the tiny town of Mattawa. The Wahluke Slope, along with Red Mountain, is Washington’s warmest site, with heat units exceeding 3,000 year in and year out. The desert heat and abundance of water create the right conditions for large-scale production of fine wine grapes.

So look for these wines next time you're in the mood to go red in your glass.