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Burn 300 Calories in 10 Minutes!

by Corey Carter

Getting good exercise may seem like a daunting task - and it requires something that most of us don't have enough of....TIME!

Recently at the gym I work out at, I started going to a group fitness class called "Fit For Life" - which is about an hour-long class in which you do a variety of exercises...

However - this specific routine only takes 10 MINUTES and according to Naomi, my somewhat insane (I say that in the most loving way  - she works us HARD) this routine itself can burn approx. 300 calories, or more:

Do this over the course of 1 minute...with whatever time you have left within that minute, you can use to rest...then start over again for minute 2.  Do this for 10 consecutive minutes.  (If you have  (WARNING - this routine is NOT for beginners!) 

10 Burpees (start standing, then squat, kick both legs back until you end-up in the push-up position, then thrust your knees back up to a squat position and then explode into a jump raising your hands above your head)

8 Oblique knee tucks (push-up position, towel or other 'slidable' object under your feet, bring knees up to chest area on one side...then return to starting position. Repeat on other side.  A rep on each side counts as 1)

6 Clean & Presses (standing - start with dumbells or barbells on floor - choose a medium to medium/heavy weight.  Dead-lift weight - keeping chest 'proud' and not rounding lower back...then leading with the elbows lift the weights to you are holding them on your chest. Continue to thrust them above your head.  Return weights to chest area, then down to the ground as you bend your needs and keep your back straight. This full routine is ONE rep)