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Healthy Tailgating for the Border Battle

by Corey Carter

It's the "Frozen Tundra" of Lambeau - literally this weekend with Noontime temps expected to be in the low 20's above zero...it's the Border Battle between 2 of the most Northern teams in the NFL  - the Vikings and Packers! 

So if you're a TRUE tailgater heading to Lambeau and you want to stay HEALTHY and WARM on Sunday, here are some good tips for what to make, from Top Chef Stefan Richter (click HERE for article ). 

(It includes HEALTHY sloppy joes, a HEALTHY option for a warm beverage and even a HEALTHY option for a side-dish!)

Plus, you'll be burning a lot of calories by shiiiivvvering in the cold, right?  Not really.  If you've ever wondering how many extra calories you burn while being cold, I found a good article HERE  courtesy of Ace Fitness and Julia Valentour, MS. 

Skol Vikings!
Go Pack Go!