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Try This Full-Body Circuit Workout!

by Corey Carter

This is a great workout that I do once every couple-of-weeks.  It takes about 40-45minutes and your WHOLE BODY will be exhausted afterwards:

It's a circuit workout, meaning you go from each exercise as quickly as possible without rest.

10-Overhand Lat Raises. (Lie flat on floor underneath sturdy barbell on rack, using overhand grip, pull yourself up so your chest nearly touches bar, hold for 1 second then come back 

40-50 Mountain Climbers (Push-up position, alternate thrusting legs straight up so your knee nearly touches your chest and your toes briefly tap the ground, then alternate legs - as quickly as possible) 40-50 reps (1 rep = 1 of each leg taps)

16-lunge/dumbbell shoulder presses (8 each leg)

10-Axe Chops (dumbbell (or use weighted cables) held by both hands, swinging it from below left knee to above right shoulder, then vice-versa.  10 each side)

8-Burpee jumps to pull-ups.  (squat down, then thrust legs out to get to push-up position, then back to squat position and explode into a jump.  then grab the pull-up bar and do 1 pull-up)

-Push-ups (hands on dumbells) into reverse lunges (20 push-ups - 10 lunges each leg)

Go thru this circuit twice (with as little rest in-between as possible) then get on a cardio machine and do 10 minutes: 1 minute as fast as you can go, followed by 1 minute at roughly 30% until you get to 10 minutes.

A great, full-body workout!!