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5 things to occupy your mind while getting your running miles in

by Dan Cash

Over the past week it's been a disaster getting out to run.  The humidity and overall high temperatures in Southwest Michigan have caused me to either run on the treadmill, use the elliptical or to focus on calisthenics.  All of these options happen while inside the gym as freezing cold air conditioning pours into the room. 

Even as I write that it seems like a great second option to running outside but it's simply not the same. When you run outside it gives you the ability to free your mind and run to different locations.  When you run on a treadmill you can do everything in your power to take your mind off things but at the end of the day you are still running in place. 

Monday however I finally got back into running on the outside.  3.55 miles of pure uphill, downhill, sideways running through Kalamazoo, Michigan.  It should have felt great but instead it felt terrible because of the week I took off during the heat wave.  This inspired me to come up with some things to take my mind off the pain that I was feeling. 

Below is the list:

1.) Run over your phone with the self-timer app on.

2.) Look at road signs and attempt to hop unnecessary speed bumps.

3.) Stop and take random selfie shots while doing the "Blue Steel" look from Zoolander.

4.) Run sprinting away from the local geese population.

5.) Think about how you will lose every bit of the fitness you gained when you can't control your urge to eat six of those cookies your brother bought.

These aren't the only options but they are some of the best for keeping your mind off running...while still running.  

Note: I am trying desperately to become an avid runner and over the next several months I will continue to share my on the road running experiences in an effort to showcase the fun and the struggle of becoming a long distance runner.  For better or worse...here we go!

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