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21 Day Cleanse Challenge

by Jess Kelley

You might have heard of some type of cleanse. There are some with just liquid bute. Which I could never or want to do... sorry! 

The one that I recommend and did is the  Well I did the 21 day cleanse back in December and lost 15 pounds and actually kept it off. 

This cleanse was mainly... Fruits, salad, WATER, juice and soup. That's it. No cheese, dessert or meat.  It actually wasn't as hard as I thought it would be. I would love to do it again, and lose a few more. Just hard to get motivated sometimes. 

The beauty of this cleanse is its OKAY to cheat. If you are craving some ice cream its okay to have a little. Just not everyday. 

I think I cheated only once with dessert and once with a small beef sandwich. TRUST me I LOVE my food!! 

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