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And finally today....

by Otto Man

As usual, story in normal type, Otto’s comments in bold

“An amusement park in Mexico has a border crossing attraction. The attraction takes visitors through a fake US-Mexico border complete with fake smugglers and fake border patrol agents. Officials at the amusement park say they hope the attraction dissuades people from crossing the border illegally.” More

So it’s like one of those “hell houses” the church’s put on around Halloween, except illegal immigration instead of Satan? I’m guessing it’s probably on the same level of accuracy (and effectiveness) as well…


“Some 2013 Radford University graduates in Virginia noticed spelling errors in their diplomas. Two misspellings – "Virgina" and "therto" – showed up on 1,481 Radford diplomas. University officials first heard of the errors on Tuesday morning.  New diplomas will be printed and mailed to those affected as soon as possible. A combo of human error and computer technology caused the problems” More

(Photo courtesy Roanoke.com)

At least they admitted it’s a mistake rather than trying to spin it as “Umm… and THERE’S your final exam!” The sad part being: how many students actually noticed? College everybody!


“A New Jersey man was caught driving a Kia from a dealership just after midnight, and told officers that he was just taking a "test drive." An officer was patrolling near the dealership when he spotted the vehicle driving off the lot and pulled the man over. The 44-year-old man claimed that he had only planned to look at the new cars, but he spotted the keys in the ignition and "decided to take the vehicle for a test drive." He was arrested on charges of burglary among other charges.” More

The underrated “WELL DONE!” in this story, would be whatever salesman left the keys in the car to begin with…


“A man ran off without his Crocs and 'wet his pants' after he tried and failed to break into a truck in West Boca, Florida. The 32-year-old man apparently peed on himself after he tried and failed to break into another man's truck, and then tried to flee. The suspect gave up on trying to break into the truck when the truck's 53-year-old owner spotted him and yelled at him. His black Croc shoes fell off and he left them at the scene, running to a nearby shoe store to replace them. Police arrived as he was walking out of the shoe store, barefoot and holding a bag of new sneakers. Officers also noticed the "overwhelmingly strong smell of alcohol" on his breath and took him in on a felony count of burglary.” More

OH FLORIDA! (those of you reading this for the first time, sometimes the sunshine state gives us stories that really, what else can you add for humor sake but “OH FLORIDA!” actually, pretty often the Florida gives us stories of that ilk…)


“A Chinese woman's breast implants exploded after lying on her stomach for four hours playing a game on her iPhone. She had been playing a game in bed when she felt a sharp pain. She was taken to the hospital where doctors said the low quality implant combined with the pressure from lying on it for hours made it rupture.” More

Replace the words “Dragon Summon” in the story (never was a big RPG guy) with the words “Candy Crush” and there but for the grace of God go I… well that and the whole lack of breast implants thing.


And finally today… “A California man got out of a car in the Holland Tunnel (outside New York) and defecated in a toll booth. Police spotted the 21-year-old exit a car and walk inside a tunnel booth where police found him pooping inside. The man told cops he had been in the car with three other passengers when he felt sick and told the driver to let him out as they headed through the tunnel. The incident forced the closure of the north tunnel for 5 to 10 minutes as police conducted a "standardized security sweep." More

And here's video of the "standardized security sweep" if you FFWD to the 1:27 mark... As Forrest Gump once said... it happens.