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4 Year Old Boy Banned From Doughnut Shop For Being Rude

by Susan Kennedy

As a parent, we all get embarrassed at times by the things our children say or questions they ask. However, I have never worried about being thrown out of a store or restaurant because of it.

A mother and her 4 year old boy frequent the same doughnut shop in their Connecticut town and at times the boy has caused a commotion, but nothing that warrants a banning, according to the mother. The main reason for the banning was rudeness. He approached a customer in the shop and asked her if she was pregnant, which she wasn't. The boy apologized and the woman took no offense, but the manager did. The next time the mother and son went into the shop, the manager quickly asked them to leave!

Age has to come into play here. Toddlers (and I consider 4 to still be that) are too young to realize the consequences of everything they say! My daughter is 7 now, if she were to rudely ask another person something, I would apologize for her, and reprimand her on not thinking before she speaks. To ban a child from a doughnut shop, I feel, is not only an inappropriate punishment, but would make me (and I'm hoping other customers with children) reluctant to walk in there.

What do you think? Was this too much?

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