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Boston Police Help Student With Promposal

by Mike Mathers

There was a high school in Boston holding a contest for students who can give the most creative proposal to prom, and one senior stepped his game to a new level. He got the police involved. He popped the question to a friend he's currently not dating. Last Wednesday police pulled over a girl, and she had no idea why. "I saw the lights go off and just started freaking out. I was like oh my gosh, oh my gosh," she said. Charlie asked Duxbury Police Sergeant Dennis Symmonds he agreed to assist. They followed Megan in the squad car and Charlie was wearing a police jacket to blend in. Dennis said she crossed the center line and that she had a headlight out and I asked her to step out of the car. Then Charlie swooped in and asked her to prom. She said yes and Charlie now has a date and one heck of a story to tell!