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Massachusetts volleyball player suspended five games for picking up drunk friend from party

by Mike Mathers

A Massachusetts high school volleyball player and honor student has been suspended for five games and stripped of her title as captain after receiving a call from her friend asking her to come pick her up because she was too drunk to drive.  Senior, Erin Cox was cleared by police, who said she had not been drinking and was not in possession of alchohol.  However, the school informed her because she was present at the party, she was in violation of the zero tolerance policy against alcohol.  Her mom says, "She did what she thought was right, and i'm very proud of her."

Okay here's my two cents on this.  She saves her friend from getting in the car when she was intoxicated which could have hurt herself, or someone else, and gets that kind of punishment?  That absolutely stinks.  I totally disagree with it.  How do you feel about this story?