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One Ring Cell Phone Scam Could Cost You Money

by Mike Mathers

Next time you see a missed call from a number you don't recognize, you should think twice about calling back.  You could be a victim of the growing "one ring phone scam."  The scammers let the phone ring once, enough to cause a missed call.  

  The people who call this number back are charged a 19.95 international fee, plus 9 bucks or per minute for the unwanted service.  The calls usually come from outside the United States, including numbers with area codes"  268,809,876, 284, and 473.  If you do feel the need to call back the number.  Put the digits in google first.  Websites like whocalled.us can help too.  If you're thinking this will never happen to you, think again cause my friends wife got this exact call yesterday!  Be safe and don't give these creeps your money!