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Head to Wisconsin If You're Looking For Romance!

by Vanessa Ryan

According to Redbox you should head to Wisconsin to find romance! Redbox tracked rentals throughout the country and the TOP TEN CITIES who rented the most romantic movies therfore being considered THE MOST ROMANTIC are...

1.  La Crosse, Wisconsin

2.  Green Bay, Wisconsin

3.  Ames, Iowa

4.  Cedar Rapids, Iowa

5.  Sioux Falls, South Dakota

6. Wausau, Wisconsin

7.  Grand Rapids-Kalamazoo, Michigan

8.  Fargo, North Dakota

9.  Madison, Wisconsin

10.  Mankato, Minnesota

The TOP TEN LEAST ROMANTIC cities are...

1.  Laredo, Texas

2.  Midland, Texas

3.  Greenwood, Mississippi

4.  Victoria, Texas

5.  Eureka, California

6.  Odessa, Texas 

7.  Las Vegas, Nevada

8.  Florence, South Carolina

9. Meridian, Mississippi

10.  Tucson, Arizona

I love that the Midwest is representing!