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ADVENTURES IN ANIMATION: 'Where the Dead Go to Die'

by Eli Kroes

The realm of 'adult' animation is an interesting one. For a lot of people, it begins and ends with the Adult Swim channel or 'The Simpsons.' Some associate the genre with gross-out borderline-porn flicks like 'Fritz the Cat.' To be sure, this is only a small chunk of the animation that's not intended for children. In fact, the earliest cartoons were meant for an adult audience, and there is a lengthy list of terrific animated features you don't have to be twelve to enjoy. 'Adventures in Animation' will feature reviews of such films... 

'Where the Dead Go to Die' - 2012, Directed by Jimmy ScreamerClauz

Okay. NOTHING about this film will sound good. But I assure you it is. For starters, it was created by an ex-horrorcore rapper (his stuff is pretty similar to Insane Clown Posse) on a PlayStation animation program. It also mostly features him and his friends doing the voicework, and the main character is an evil dog named Labby. Oh yeah, and his name is JIMMY SCREAMERCLAUZ. 

It's nothing like what you'd expect, though. There's virtually no humor here, and it's in fact one of the darkest and creepiest things I've ever seen. ScreamerClauz (God, that name...) basically turns death metal lyrics and themes into a movie. The story is kind of half-formed and involves a few short vignettes about troubled kids who meet the evil dog. Labby is obviously supposed to be the devil, and there's a bit of this ham-fisted symbolism throughout, but it doesn't really get in the way of how demented this flick is.

One story is about a kid who begins to think his mother is pregnant with the spawn of Satan. You can guess where that goes, and if you can't, it DEFINITELY involves the mother being disemboweled. There's also a crackhead who steals peoples' thoughts, or something like that. The stories KIND OF go together, but it's mostly just an excuse for Mr. Clauz to show you the most warped scenes he can think of.

Honestly, if you're weak-stomached, you could skip all the plot development and just watch the stunning visuals once they get into the hallucination stuff. It's really creative and well-done, especially considering the technology used.

I'd equate the look of this thing to those really bad early CGI commercials, if they'd been sent to hell and back. Pixar this is NOT, but if you're in the mood for something challenging and you're relatively numb to the horrific, it's worth checking out. Plus, it's completely independent, so help the guy out.

Photo by Animation Stuff.