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Movie Review: Our Idiot Brother

by Dan Gunderson

Once a week, I review a movie that I had previously not viewed. It could be a new one or an old one. It does not matter. What does matter is that you read and enjoy this simple blog post from a movie geek.

This weekend, I sat down and rifled through My List of instant play movies I had on Netflix. The one that caught my eye was called Our Idiot Brother featuring Paul Rudd as the main character. The premise is that Rudd, who plays the free-spirited Nedrick “Ned” Rochlin, is out of money and a home and turns to his family for help and shelter.

Ned is really gullible and very trusting. He sold weed to a cop in the beginning of the movie because the cop convinced him that he just needed it. The cop, by the way, was in his officer’s uniform. You get the idea behind the title after that opening scene.

Ned has three sisters, played by Elizabeth Banks, Zooey Deschanel and Emily Mortimer. All three come with varying personalities and personal issues. Miranda Rochlin (Banks) is a writer trying to break a huge story. She also has a neighbor she is in love with but can’t tell him as much.

Natalie “Nat” Rochlin (Deschanel) is in love with her partner but still isn’t sure if she is truly in love with women or just loves company. If you understand what I mean. Liz Rochlin Anderson (Mortimer) is married to a cheating husband but doesn’t know it.

All of their issues come to forefront after Ned begins to stay with them. Obviously, they have created their own issues, but because Ned is an easy scapegoat and doesn’t fight back, he becomes the problem. He is the reason that their lives are now ruined.

I really liked this movie not only because Rudd nails the portrayal of his character and is really funny at doing so, but because everybody has been in these situations. People generally don’t want to own up to their problems. They want to blame them on someone else.

Ned has become that someone else in all of his sister’s lives through no fault of his own. It hits home for many of us because we have either blamed someone else for our problems or became someone’s issue because we were in the way that day.

This movie definitely has an Indie vibe to it and actually has a story to tell so that is probably the reason it was a major hit. Also, T.J. Miller plays the stoner buddy Billy Orwin and he pretty much is my new favorite bit actor in all things. Especially this…

Enjoy this movie. It will make you feel warm and fuzzy by the end.