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Doc Holiday

by Mark Daniels

The longer this goes, the more testy it has become.  Aaron Rodgers practiced again today, took only a couple of snaps with the starters and afterwards, was awfully snappy with the media in an interview session that lasted less than 3 minutes.   Rodgers said it's an "organizational" decision whether he returns Sunday against the Pittsburgh Steelers.   He still hasn't been medically cleared and when asked if another scan was scheduled, he said that was a question for Mike McCarthy.  The head coach said twice during his post-practice media session that Rodgers looked like he's ready to play.  No matter how good he feels, and Rodgers said he's of clear mind and sound body, the decision ultimately belongs to team physcian Dr. Pat McKenzie and in concert with General Manager Ted Thompson.  A final medical meeting will take place tomorrow.   Unless both McCarthy and Rodgers are conducting diversionary exercises to catch the 6-8 Steelers unaware, it looks to me like Matt Flynn will get the call for the 4th straight game and without question, the next in line of the most important games of the season. Even Rodgers admitted he has a sense of what the decision will be.  He wasn't smiling when he said it.

The incredible journey back to the NFL for Johnny Jolly looks like it will end with disappointment.  McCarthy announced today that Jolly suffered a serious shoulder and neck injury against the Dallas Cowboys and has been ruled out of the Pittsburgh game.  Judging from the talk in the locker room by his teammates, Jolly's season could well be over.   Jolly not only made the team but has played in every game this year, providing incalculable energy to the defensive unit.  This after getting run out of the league because of drug issues, doing time in a Texas state prison and being away for three years.  Johnny was upfront about his mistakes, grateful for his second chance and he quickly became a player you could root for even in training camp.  Tough break.

Better bring the muck lucks!   The weather forecast for Sunday sounds like it could make the Philadelphia-Detroit game look like a flurry.  Temperatues are expected to be in the 20's, not bad, but the winds will be whipping a sizeable snowstorm.  Forecasters are calling anywhere from four to eight inches falling Sunday and it cold be even more than that.  Mush!